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Chapter 71

Chapter 71: Anger of a white lotus flower


The next day .

In the afternoon, Yun Na got her Audition Letter .

But she receives a call from Brother Qiang .

When she answered the call, she heard the furious question on the other end .

“Yun Na, ah! You evil miserable wretch! You let me got hurt and you fucking know a big man?”

She got confused and can’t understand him: “Brother Qiang, what’s wrong?”

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“Last night, you let me touch your sister, but what was the result ah? Your sister looks young and harmless, but have a powerful backing! I haven’t laid a finger on her, but it almost causes me to annoy the most untouchable Gold Master in the capital! I almost lose my life … … ”

Yun Na really doesn’t understand a thing:”Brother Qiang, what do you mean? I can’t understand!”

“You can’t understand?” angered rushed in his head and he shouted at her:”You and I clearly planned that to your sister . But your sister is under the care of Gold master! And as who is that Gold Master? Not any ordinary citizens are qualified to inquire about that!”

When Yun Na heard that she got surprised, but laugh: “Brother Qiang, you must be joking, right? My sister is also an ordinary citizen if she is truly under that Gold Master that you are saying, she wouldn’t have a financial crisis, right? So what so special about that Gold Master? You must be kidding . ”

Thinking about Yun Shishi, Yun Na felt disgusted .

This Brother Qiang wants to joke with her?

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“Don’t say anything! This time you still owe me two hundred thousand and I will add more interest for harming me! You need to pay me within two days, or else you will see me in front of your door to collect your debt!”

Brother Qiang mercilessly said and hang up the phone call .

“Don’t do that, Brother Qiang … …”

Yun Na got startled, clearly, she got pressured .


At night, Yun Shishi and Youyou went to Yun Family Home .

Yun Shishi just entered the door . But when she passed around Yun Na’s side, Yun Na saw her and mercilessly hit her face .

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Yun Shishi almost fell on the floor . Unlike in the past, she turned and look at her with a pair of cold eyes .

Yun Na looked at her face with disdain: “Don’t look at me with your cheap eyes!”

But unexpectedly,


Yun Shishi sneers and throws a powerful slap on her face .

Yun Na stares at her blankly, she actually hit her!?

She felt a burning fire in her heart, she immediately shouted at her: “You hit me?”

Yun Shishi calmly stood in front of her and said: “Shouldn’t I hit someone like you?”

Yun Na was stunned, she can’t believe that the timid and cowardly Yun Shishi dare to do go against her now . “This cheap whore, you still have a backbone ha? Now that father is not at home, you dare to look down on me!”

“I have to” Yun Shishi pulled a smile on her lips .

Yun Na got furious and raised her hand . “You cheap whore, I will kill you!”

Her slap fell on the air because Yun Shishi was able to avoid her hand on time .

Yun Shishi sneered, she grabbed Yun Na’s clothes and suddenly pushed her into the wall, a “Pa-” sounds could be heard .

And she slaps Yun Na’s face ten times more .