Published at 3rd of September 2019 09:03:29 AM
Chapter 32

Alexa ran out of the room like the devil was right behind her, chasing her . She bumped into Andrea as she was leaving, "Cuz, is everything alright? Why are you crying? What's going on with grandma? Please, tell me so I could help . Is grandma okay? Is she sick? Where are you going? Alexa, don't leave me like this, please . Come on!" Andrea was questioning Alexa while running after her as she left the building and tears were flowing down her beautiful face .

Ramon was leaning by the side of the car while waiting for Alexa to finish speaking with her grandmother . At the same time was in deep thought of how he should approach Alexa with his dilemma and proposal . Suddenly he saw Alexa run out of the building toward the bus stop being chased by Andrea . From what Ramon could see from a distance, Alexa was crying while Andrea was anxiously chasing after her screaming something at her .

Ramon rushed to get inside the car and drove toward the direction of the bus stop . He stopped at a distance and parked the car before getting out to see what was going on with Alexa and Andrea . He did not want to intrude and decided to watch the two from afar .

From what Ramon could see, Alexa was pretty upset about something . He was wondering what could have happened in there and where grandmother Santos was . 'Why is Alexa crying and why is grandmother Santos not with her? What's going on . . . ?' Ramon became very curious but he knew that there was nothing he could do but wait . . .

Andrea finally caught up with Alexa at the bus stop . "Girl, you better tell me what's going or-or-or I would cry like you . *huh, huh, huh* you see!" Andrea tried to lighten the mood in hopes that Alexa would stop crying .

Alexa tried her best to fake a smile, but it was hard which made her end up crying more . 'Oh, how can I tell you that we are not related to each other? That I don't have an ounce of Santos blood in me . ' Alexa was thinking to herself as she looked at her cousin who was trying her best to cheer her up .

"It is nothing . I just got upset at grandma for making me worry so much . Also for not wanting to come home, that's all . " Alexa was hoping that her cousin would believe her by buying her story . This was going to be the first time that she was lying to her face .

"B-but, why are you leaving? Why are you letting her stay and not taking her along? Why don't you try to persuade her to come home?" Andrea curiously asked .

The bus arrived, and Alexa rushed to get on board . "I'll tell you everything later alright? Take care of her for now . I'll see you at home . Bye!" She was waving happily as she got on board the bus . However, deep down inside her, she felt so much pain after finding out the truth, and the heartache was giving her a massive headache as well . Alexa went toward the end of the bus, sat down and closed her eyes . . . She wanted to clear her mind of all the worries she was having at that moment .

"Oh gosh! I totally forgot about Ramon!" She turned around and looked out the clear glass behind her, and she was stunned to see Ramon's car was following the bus . . . "Stop!!!" Alexa shouted as loud as she could, the driver heard her and suddenly stepped down on the brakes . "Skreeeeeeeeech . . . . " the bus stopped in the middle of the highway . Some passengers fell off their seats, while others were pushed forward and almost hit their heads .

Then a loud bang was heard from behind the bus . . . An accident just happened .