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Published at 3rd of September 2019 09:03:25 AM

Chapter 36

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The plane landed at Washington DC International Airport without a hitch . After that little turbulence, everything went smooth, and they reached the destination without hassle . Since they were seating in the Business class, they were the first to embark the plane .

While everyone was preparing to embark, Alexa continued seating quietly in deep thought . The investigator saw that she's in a trans, she seems to be contemplating and hesitating to get up .

"Miss Grant, we have arrived . Are you ready? I could give you a moment to get situated if you needed time?" The investigator asked her kindly .

Alexa seems to be so far away, and she didn't' hear a word that the investigator said . She just continued looking outside the window of the airplane without saying a word .

"Miss Grant!" The investigator was repeatedly calling her attention .

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"Huh?" Alexa turned her attention to the investigator and shyly smiled .

"I-I apologize, what did you say?" She asked as she prepares herself to get up .

"Nothing!-Nothing at all, are you ready?" The investigator asked smiling and shaking his head at the same time .

"As ready as I could be, I guess . Is now or never!" Alexa grabs all the little belongings that she brought with her, then got up to follow the investigator to God knows where .


In the meantime, Ramon was knocking furiously at Alexa's home . He's been banning the door for a while already, and no one was answering . He tried calling Alexa over and over with no luck before deciding to go to her house and check in person . However, it seems that there's no one at home either, all windows were tightly shut, and no matter how hard he knocked, no one answered .

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Ramon was about to turn around and leave when he heard a voice from the next door neighbor .

"Hello! Young man, if you're looking for Alexa and her grandmother, they no longer live there . I saw a truck came yesterday and loaded all their belongings, then a car came for Alexa and grandma Santos and took them away . " Inday gladly informs Ramon .

"I'm sorry! What did you say? Could you repeat that, please!" Ramon couldn't believe what Inday was telling him . How could they move in a matter of a day, and where did they move to?

Inday deliberately repeated word for word, what she just told him to ensure he understands everything . "So, to make a long story short . . . I don't know where they run off to . "

When Inday was about to go back inside her home, Ramon asked if she has Andrea's phone number . Unfortunately, she doesn't so Ramon has no choice but to go to RRWP where Andrea work to try his luck . . .

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When Ramon arrives at RRWP, he found out that he's not the only one looking for Alexa . Pierre was there having a conversation with Andrea who also has no idea where Alexa went . All she knows is that grandmother Santos moved to Pangasinan Province, while Alexa had some personal matter to attend and that's all .

Pierre gave his card to Andrea and asked her to contact him as soon as she heard from Alexa . He then bid her goodbye and made a call as he was walking out of the building to report everything to his Highness Prince Alexander . . .

Ramon was devastated to find out that Alexa had left to God knows where . He also gave his contact information to Andrea and asked the same to be contacted once she heard from Alexa . He bid Andrea goodbye and went back to the hotel to check out .

Ramon has no choice but to face the consequences, and he needs to go back home and face reality . A woman has been chosen for him to marry whether he likes it or not . His mother was kind enough to give him a chance to bring home a fiancee, but he failed . . . 'He just lost the only woman that he wanted to spend the rest of his life . . . ' Ramon thought while tears started to form in his eyes . . .


Meanwhile, in the Castle of Stonasia Prince Alexander just received a phone call from Pierre .

"What did you just said? She's gone! What do you mean gone? You better find her, even if you have to turn the whole Philippines upside down . Let me warn you for the last time . . . If you don't find her, you might as well never come back! You hear me!!!" Prince Alexander was so mad after hearing that Alexa was missing .

He's so mad that he threw his cellphone towards the door of his room just in time for someone to come in and get hit at the same time .

"WTF!!!" The King of Stonasia shouted to Prince Alexander . . .


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