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Chapter 39

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Alexa heard that President Grand was calling someone to send a photographer, it means he agrees to have a picture taken with her . She was elated, and a wide grin was showing on her face as she rushes toward him .

"Mr . President, I'm sorry! But you don't have to call anybody to take our picture . Nowadays people take a selfie instead . If that fine with you, I have my phone here that we could use . "- Alexa took out her battered old Samsung cell phone, she was so proud of showing it off, it had cost her lots of money to obtain, and it's not even brand new when she got it .

President Grant saw her old battered cell phone and felt a fang of guilt deep inside of him . He wonders what kind of life she had been living in the past, to only have such accessories . He will make sure to remedy all that from now on . . .

President Grant was more than happy to pose and have his picture taken with his new found daughter . He likes the feeling of being near Alexa, if taking a picture would give him that, then let them take a photo all day .

"Sir, rest assured that I will not post it in social media, only my cousin would see this,"- Alexa informs President Grant while turning on her cellphone and poses for the selfie . "Whenever your ready sir?"

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President Grant was so stiff, he stood there like a tree rooted in the ground, while Alexa came a little bit closer, still afraid of being too close to the President . " Here we go!" *click, click, click!*

However, not a second after she's done, she back away from him while continuing to check out the pictures . " Oh, we look good together . See!" She came closer again to point and show where the image of them in the screen then shy away quickly and moved back next to the private investigator who's finding everything funny .

The private investigator decided to intervene and play a part with the happy family reunion . "Mr . President, if I may be bold to offer my service; I could take a picture of both of you using either her phone or if you have a one?"

President Grant loves that Idea, he went to his desk and looked for his personal phone . He has a cell phone that he only uses to call his family and friend . He grabs that one and about to hand over to the private investigator, "make sure it's a pretty one or . . . else . "He jokingly said with a half smile on his stern looking face .

The private investigator understood what the president meant . "I know sir, and I will make sure it's a good one . " He accepted the phone with a wide grin on his face .

When Alexa hasn't made a move yet to have another picture taken, the President took it upon himself to come closer to her and put his hand on her shoulder . "Let's have another picture for me alright?"

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Alexa shyly let him put his arms around her and moved a little closer for a better view . President Grant loving the feeling of finally able to embrace his little girl, his fatherly emotion was high up in the sky and bursting with happiness .

The private investigator just stood there watching and forgot what his supposed to be doing .

"Anytime before Christmas!" Alexa shouted to the private investigator who's still out in space and deep thought .

When the private investigator heard Alexa, he suddenly woke up from a trans and started pointing the cellphone camera to start shooting .

*Click, click, click!* - He then looks at the beautiful picture of the two and smile before handing it to President Grant . "That's one lovely picture if I might say so . " He proudly said with a smile while giving the cell phone back to President Grant .

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President Grant accepted the phone and looked at their picture, then with a sly smile on his face, "Now I have something I can use to blackmail you . Hahaha!"


Alexa took a look at the picture that the private investigator took and was stunned how it came out much better than the one she had made . "Sir, can I have a copy of that picture, please! That one is so beautiful; we look good together, like a father and daughter . " She shyly said, not wanting to sound too proudly .

"Sir, would it be possible for me to send this to my cousin? I want to know if it's alright, but if not I won't . "- She then looks down after the word came out of her mouth .

"Why would you want to send this one instead of the one you had taken earlier?" The President wanted to hear the reason even though he already has an idea of what her answer would be .

"Well, she has no idea that I'm about to meet with my father for the first time . When I tell her, I want to tease her and tell her that you're my father . Hahaha! I want to see how she would react first . Then I will tell her the truth later . " Alexa proudly said, not knowing the person she's talking to is none other than her true father . . .

President Grant and the private investigator started laughing out loud . "Hahaha!" "Hahaha!"

"I will send it to you right now, and you have my permission to tell your cousin that I'm your father . Hahaha!" - President Grant was about to send her the picture when he realized that he doesn't have her number . "Why don't you give me your number so I could send it to you . " He asked casually .

Alexa's eye widened when she heard the President's request . "You want my phone number! Why???" She asked shocked . . .

"Why? Let's put it this way: how am I to send you a copy of the picture if you don't give me your phone number?" Now is the President turn to wonders .

"I know, - I know, but . . . " Alexa was stuttering, unable to find the exact word that she wanted to say . - 'The President of The United States Of America wanted my phone number, and in turn, I would have his cell phone number, hmmm, this is not good at all . What if this old man is perverted and . . . and . . . Oh, no!!!"