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Published at 3rd of September 2019 09:03:21 AM

Chapter 40

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Alexa's eyes were showing precisely what she's thinking — horrified with the thought of President Grant as a dirty old man . "Nah! No, way! He couldn't be that is he?" She mumbles out loud, and the private investigator and President Grant both have a shocked looked their faces .

President Grant was the first to speak,-"are you thinking of what I'm thinking?"- He asked the private investigator curiously .

"Miss Grant,"-The investigator emphasized her last name a little louder . "Are you thinking that The President might be a dirty old man and prey on a young girl like you? Is that why you have that horrified look on your face and hesitating to give your phone number? Tell me, am I wrong with what I'm saying?"

Alexa looked at both of them embarrassingly . She started wringing the hem of her shirt while unable to reply to the investigator's question . When she couldn't find her voice to utter a word, she looked down on her shoe and started swinging her right foot back and forth like a little child being scolded .

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*Ding!* A thought suddenly came, and she looked up to President Grant and about to say something when a knock on the door was heard .

"Come in!" President Grant shouted to the person on the other side .

The door opens, and a young woman came dress in an impeccable body-hugging black suit . The same style as Logan and Lucas were wearing . 'Must be a uniform of some kind . ' Alexa thought to herself as she looks at the woman that just entered .

"Good afternoon Mr . President, Miss, and Sir?" Ria Flora greeted with respect while standing tall and proper .

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President Grant acknowledges her greeting and motioned to everyone to take a seat .

"It's good that you are here, I wanted to make this introduction in one go, I have a lot of appointments coming up, and I need to settle things first beforehand . " President Grant called for Logan and Lucas to come in as well .

The twins came in and positioned themselves behind Alexa's chair standing tall and handsome . While Ria Flora sat on the chair next to Alexa and the private investigator sat next to her . President Grant took the seat in front of Alexa looking magnificent .

Alexa's bewildered from what's happening right before her eyes . 'Why do all these people gathering like this, two behind her, two to the left of her and the President directly in front of her? What's going on? Is not like she's planning on running away . " She thought, and it's visible on her face what she's thinking without uttering a word .

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"Now that everyone is here let's start the introductions . "-President Grant started-" First is this young lady next to you Alexa . You heard her name, and it's Miss . Flora of special task force . She will be your assistant and bodyguard . "

He then looked at the twins, "behind you are Lucas and Logan, who will be your secret service detail and will always be with you at all time . Do you have any question?" President Grant asked Alexa with the understanding that she would just accept everything and thanked him with gratitude . [Wrong!]

Alexa who's been listening to President Grant the whole time and trying to comprehend what's going on has nothing to say for the moment . She's still trying to decipher the entire conversation . Nothing is sinking in, and she needs a moment to breathe . . . She excused herself and got up, went towards the window to look outside . Her back is facing everyone, and no one could tell what she's doing or thinking at the moment . . .

Suddenly, Alexa's body started shaking . . . Everyone from behind doesn't know the reason and why?


To All my readers,

I try my best to fulfill my promise no matter where I am . Right now, I'm out having dinner with friends and family . However, since I promised you a chapter, here it is . . . Same time as always .

Thank you for your understanding . . .

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