OverPowered System - Chapter 46

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Chapter 46: 46

Lin Fan is currently enjoying the delicacies of Yrrah Plaza in Five Elements Continent with her wives Xuan Yunxian and Fire Empress, who were praising Stonexia as if Lin Fan is not their husband at all . First thing that pissed off this man was this behavior of his girls, but he is helpless and can't do anything regarding this as Stonexia is really an undisputed king in every aspect . Second he was still jealous of Stonexia for having fairy like Maya Yrrah at his side, he planned on cheating a descendant of Yrrahs but immediately kicked this thought bubble knowing how horrifying Stonexia is . Third he was unhappy that he is not legend here unlike his Strongest Cosmos, where he enjoyed his days like king under Creator Lin Fan's cheat code story, but he can become legend for sure so he decided to try for this . Fourth there is some Xu Que in this universe that is famous like hell as if he is MC of this universe . Moreover he is even more shameless than Lin Fan in opinion of general masses . Lin Fan wanted to be more popular than this fella at any cost .

To his surprise Yrrahs are business kings in this cosmos, but Stonexia is not famous at all among common masses, and even Yrrahs are not any sort of dictators . They destroy only those who mess with them and doesn't provoke anybody on their own .

Lin Fan saw Onies here and now know about the One Almighty God and their religion . He roamed around whole continent as strongest being at least in Five Elements Continent . He started raising his cultivation too by killing haughty people who dared to mess with him, and as he was still having strongest system integrated in him only way to raise his cultivation is experience points . He has reached Infant Transformation stage Level 4 now just like Xu Que, and made name for himself just like Xu Que there with his power, mischief and shamelessness . But he was not satisfied with half popularity, he wanted to defeat this Xu Que to become legend in Strongest vs . Scheming Cosmos too . Finally he reaches Water Nation and luckily located army of Xu Que left in Water Nation . Lin Fan wanted to destroy this army of Xu Que too but that will make him villain in this nation, so he still wanted to be popular as hero only, that's why he left after knowing whereabouts of Xu Que (who was in East Continent), without causing extra troubles in Water Nation . Moreover this army (future members of Exploding Heavens Faction of Xu Que) was being trained by Zi Xuan (a harem member of Xu Que) who was very beautiful and Lin Fan can't become heartless towards such a beautiful woman . Also there was one Yrrah Plaza in this city which is paying this army Almightoronian dollars for its security, so this army has connection with Yrrahs too .

Although he had been heartless towards women in strongest cosmos but in this cosmos he is afraid of many things . Currently after merging with Creator Lin Fan's consciousness he is aware that no matter what he can't challenge Stonexia or Yrrahs, so he is not reckless as before and behave as totally different person whenever inside any plaza or if someone from Yrrahs family is passing through .


Lightning bolt struck right next to Xu Que's foot . Ice Empress was surprised too . She had hardly spoken about misfortune from Water Empress and this happened . As an unfortunate person can die by choking from drinking water, however here even lightning bolt missed him, which signifies he is fortunate instead . That's why Xu Que was calm . Moreover he has even scared Heavenly Tribulations Lightnings in past so what's there to be afraid of a tiny bolt?? He was about to brag this to Ice Empress, but another thicker bolt of lightning shoot from the heavens and this time it's target was his head and not the foot . . . . He evaded it and warned heavens not to repeat this or he will take action this time . Ice Empress was dumbfounded to see the haughtiness of this man who is challenging heavens itself . And after this heavens really didn't shoot bolts on him as direct target . It was targeting nearby cultivators instead after Xu Que's warning .

Ice Empress warned him again against rocky fate of Hongyan, that he will suffer a fate similar to fate of parents of Jiang Hongyan (Water Empress) . Xu Que asked what happened to her parents?

When Yi Qing'er, mother of Jiang Hongyan was young she never experienced any unfortunate event, but after marrying with Jiang Shanhe and getting impregnated, bad luck came knocking at their door . Jiang Shanhe was the one who was already having unfortunate constitution and thus Jiang Hongyan inherited this type of constitution which bring bad luck on others that are close to her . An old man from Heaven Secret Pavilion who practices divination was helpless in this matter and suggested that this problem can only be resolved by fate changing . Both of her parents and even sect invested lots of resources to ultimately find two parts of the 'One Turning into Three Pure Pellucid Ones' cultivation skill to change fate . But before they have the time to practice the skill, misfortune fell on them and they died . After this incident another bad thing happened, the patriarch of Jiang Clan was heartbroken by this and got possessed by Inner demons . He started cultivating in seclusion since then and thus was forced to withdraw himself from worldly affairs . Even Jiang clan started facing business problems after that . Everyone blamed Jiang Hongyan for this . Nobody became friend of hers . When Hongyan reached Golden Core Cultivation she left this place . And after her going business of Jiang started flourishing again, to eventually become number one family of East Continent .

Xu Que was speechless as he earlier thought the former owner of his body (before his crossover rebirth in this universe) had been quite miserable . He was adopted by the Emperor as a lonely and helpless child . Then, he was treated as elixir and his spiritual root was harvested . After that, he was killed and his body had been dumped in wilderness . Ice Empress was happy to see Xu Que's expression but she was surprised to hear him say, he is not terrified by a haunted fortune at all . Meanwhile Buttface pressed play button of stereo as he was bored by this conversation . . . . Song was praising invincibility of Xu Que too . . . . . The sound moved Ice Empress but this somehow helped Xu Que achieve free act tough points . After this Xu Que flew into sky and Ice Empress murmured to herself, "Jiang Hongyan,", "I tried my best to stop him! If something bad happens to him, I can't save him! I'm sorry!"

[Stonexia who was watching all this conversation was stunned . Earlier he has saved Jiang Hongyan from committing suicide by claiming that all this lucky unlucky stuff is nonsense, but seems he was wrong, One Almighty God has produced such stuff actually in this cosmos . Maybe Hongyan agreed to Stonexia for not committing suicide just to delay her death as she knew that she will die for sure under her hell like tribulations . His doubts were further cleared by the system, and upcoming events . ]

Then, she forced out a smile . "I used to pity you quite a lot! But this time, Hongyan, I envy you . You've got a man who would risk his life to be near you!"

During their flight they encountered various troubles like stones throwing on them from nowhere, lighting bolts strikes, moreover if those bolts or stones are dodged by them, they hit some random cultivator who thought that Xu Que has attacked them, and thus they are chasing him . And Buttface's tape recorder was playing a provocative lyrics which further enraged the attacking cultivators . Xu Que was pissed off and he threatened the doggie to turn off the tape recorder or he will smash into pieces . Buttface was afraid to lose his precious tape recorder so he immediately turned it off but as modern songs come on tongues of listeners he started singing song from his own tongue, and he exactly used those provocative words which enraged the attackers again . But speed of Xu Que was faster so he was able to get rid of chasing cultivators .

Ice Empress pointed out a fact that this place shouldn't have these many cultivators as Water Empress chose this place for her hiding from crowd only . There is something wrong with current situation . After pondering only two possibilities are made out of this, first some treasure has popped up in this area, and second possibility is that they are after Jiang Hongyang's life .

Meanwhile deeds of Xu Que were spreading that a shameless scoundrel throws lighting bolts on cultivators and then runs away, after singing some provocative words . All the cultivators from three big families were hit by Xu Que in the previous chase, irrespective of their age . This shameless, unscrupulous and arrogant boy must be erased from this world . So soon more and more cultivators started moving towards this 'Desolate City' which was a deserted city in the past and now a barren land . This is the place where Xu Que and his party is currently located .

Xu Que also found out that reason of so many cultivators here is actually to kill Jiang Hongyan only . They knew her location through the old man of the Heaven Secret Pavilion who predicted her location through his divination techniques . They also know that Jiang Hongyan is going to cross her Heavenly Tribulation at this place . Now Liu Jingning (Ice empress) also was determined to save Jiang Hongyan, instead of persuading Xu Que to leave . Xu Que was serious too as he know that 'One Turning into Three Pure Pellucid Ones', cultivated by her, was a Star Rank skill . The Ancient Five Elemental Arts, cultivated by Xu Que, was just a High-Grade skill . As a result, his Heavenly Tribulations were much more difficult than others . Therefore, Jiang Hongyan, who was cultivating a Star Rank skill, had to overcome unimaginable difficulties to cross her Heavenly Tribulation . Not only this it is fate changing skill thus making it enemy of heavens itself . To add to trouble now countless small families and even three big families want her dead too, even her own Jiang Family doesn't support her, who will throw hurdles during her heavenly tribulation . The opponents will include Void Training Stage Powerhouses too . But even bigger trouble is the difficulty level of Heavenly Tribulation which itself is capable of killing Jiang Hongyan . Xu Que showed his intentions of helping her during tribulation . But Liu Jingning warned that he is a weakling of Infant Transformation stage only and thus incapable of helping her in 69 heavently tribulation . But Xu Que was happy inside that he can absorb the lightning to train cultivation of the Heavenly Thunder Seal of his Great Ultimate Derivation Dragon & Elephant Seal! Liu Jingning was still unconvinced as she has already gone through 69 heavenly tribulation and knows its might . And her tribulation was just ordinary one, however Jiang Hongyan's tribulation will be real hell . Even with her ordinary tribulation she barely managed to survive the last bolt 'Heavenly Thunder of a Purple Cloud' .

Xu Que however wanted tribulations to be more strong so he surprised her by saying, "The Heavenly Tribulation Hongyan will face won't be that simple . However, I do hope powerful Heavenly Tribulations will come . I just hope they don't drop those rubbish Heavenly Thunder of Purple Cloud or Ancient Catastrophe . They are not challenging at all!" Liu Jingning now was convinced that this man is not simple as Ancient Catastrophe is something that she hadn't even seen, yet this guy has experienced it and claim it as rubbish . After bragging he threw his shoe again with lucky aura, and got southeast direction . They started moving . But Liu Jingning stopped, "Southeast, it means she has gone to that place that she shouldn't go?"

Southeast of Desolation City is Celestial Burial Valley which is one of the nine Deathtraps . Hearing this Buttface proudly spoke that he has been there at least seven times and yet he is unharmed . There is no need to be afraid of that place . Xu Que pushed him aside thinking him boasting as Xu Que remembered 'Heavens Dragon Cave' from where the cutting stones were dug out by three big families from the borders only, as they don't dare to enter that deathtrap place . Countless people lose their lives even at borders too just for this purpose .

Jiang Hongyan chose this place for tribulation to actually save Xu Que, and even her family (which is her enemy) and others as air of misfortune will permeate before tribulation . If someone attacks her she will be bound back to fight back, and if someone dies under the air of misfortune then his entire family and later generations will suffer with same fate as her . This secret is known to only few and that's why those idiot cultivators are still trying to kill . However Jiang Hongyan is so pure hearted that she wants their welfare too that's why she put herself in such dangerous place so that nobody can approach her during her tribulations .

Xu Que laughed after knowing this, as if he was in place of Jiang Hongyang he would have chosen some place where all his enemies have gathered to reap most benefits .

Apparently Nine Deathtraps are ancient places where countless ancient and modern powerhouses have lost their lives . There were rumors too regarding such places like an ancient ferocious dragon had passed away in the Heaven Dragon Cave . A celestial was also apparently buried in the Celestial Burial Valley . Buttface was listening them and denied the rumors, but Xu Que through his cunning found out a loophole in his story and cursed the stupid dog for his bragging . Then a little war of words of Liu Jingning and Buttface broke out because of stupid dog disrespectful words towards Liu Jingning . They continued and journey again was filled with lightning thunders showering on the passing cultivators making them his enemy . They are aware of deeds of this man too, and named him 'Lightning Rogue', which made Liu Jingning laugh at him . Xu Que became angry and used his Dark Buster Sword to blow away all attacking cultivators at once . After three days, they had to stop at a place several hundred kilometers from Celestial Burial Valley, as this area was packed with tens of thousands of cultivators . Even Void Training stage cultivators were present here .

Xu Que, "What the hell? How can they be faster than us?"

Liu Jingning thought that Old man of Heaven Secret Pavilion must have foretold precise location of Jiang Hongyang to others .

Xu Que cursed old man and decided to destroy this Heaven Secret Pavilion once this business is done here . Liu Jingning warned that although Old Man of Heaven Secret himself is not unbeatable but even Form Synthesis realm experts come to ask his help or advice .

But Xu Que retorted shamelessly, "Oh, really?! If he is really that powerful, why on earth hasn't he predicted the consequences of offending me?!"

Liu Jingning took it as nonsense spouted by Xu Que as she is not really familiar with Xu Que or his methods .

This old man charged expensive life enhancing elixirs that can raise his life by double for divination as his own life is shortened whenever he predicts something, so anybody can have idea how much these cultivators had spend for his service . This also shows the power and popularity of the old man . Also these cultivators spending so much clearly means they are hell bent on killing Jiang Hongyan . Suddenly a young man in black appeared in the sky . He was holy son (something like young nobles, just like holy virgin Liu Jingning) of Heavenly Demon Sect, 'Xiao Munan' . And soon lots of others influential holy sons and virgins popped up among the crowd . Xu Que and Liu Jingning were disguised so no one could recognize them . Xu Que wished to attack so many preys for his leveling up, but was stopped by Liu Jingning who warned him that he can't even beat her let alone all those strong powerhouses of Void Training Realm because they have some Taoist Connotation . But before Xu Que can ask her about this connotation, an announcement was made by Jiang Family head, 'Jiang Yushu' to cooperate with each other through alliance to destroy the future threat Jiang Hongyan or entire East Continent will be cursed . Even at infant transformation stage she is such a big threat, but once she overcomes this tribulation she will be like a walking bomb of bad luck on this continent .

Xu Que was surprised to see the alliance of all three families even after the troubles he created among them earlier . Maybe Jiang family compromised with other families by paying them huge price or benefits . But Xu Que sneered as he will surely break this alliance with his evil mind . But Liu Jingning reminded him that most important matter at hand is finding Jiang Hongyang first . Xu Que understood that and agreed but smiled as in his eyes all the crowd here is prey in his eyes, he won't leave a single one alive and convert them into experience points . They easily mixed up in crowd, but that doggie Buttface was eye catching to crowd, and they suspected this trio . Around 100 cultivators recognized Buttface as his butt was bald and formed a group to attack on them .

Other big families were interested to know about identity of this guy too, but knowing that he is just a backstabber known as Lightning Rogue they lost their interest, as their main purpose was something else . Jiang Family worried that Jiang Hongyan might seize the power back after becoming stronger . Other two families were worried that Jiang Family which was already number one might be strengthened further if Jiang Hongyan crosses her tribulation and, they won't have any chance to compete with it anymore . Holy Sons and Virgins had an agreement where whomsoever gonna kill Jiang Hongyan will become number 1 Holy Son or Virgin in East Continent .

Xiao Munan claimed that he will be the one to kill Jiang Hongyan . Bai Lingrui who was holy virgin of Bai Family mocked him by revealing that once he had tried courting Jiang Hongyan but was rejected . Xiao Munan took his revenge by revealing that even Bai Lingrui was copycat who called Hongyan as 'Sister Hongyan' to get elixirs from her .

A newcomer arrived at scene who was named as Huang Zaitian, and his identity is guardian of Carefree Building which was not a big power in East Continent but none of the big families dared to provoke it, as Carefree Building is established by a group of young genius cultivators . Although currently they are not having any Form Synthesis Stage Cultivator but in future when even a single one of them reach that stage then it will be no less than any big family out there . Carefree Building was recently discovered by other big families when these geniuses have grown to Void Training Stage or otherwise if they were weaker then the 3 big families would've eliminated them early . Dong Genji was the head of this Carefree Building . If Jiang Hongyang is said as Number 1 among peers then this Dong Genji was number 2 in ranks . He had also courted Jiang Hongyan and faced rejection just like Xiao Munan .

Later Huang Zaitian declared that its ok if others interrupt in heavenly tribulation to destroy cultivation of Jiang Hongyang but if anybody dared to kill her then he will become enemy of Carefree Building .


Meanwhile in Slaughter Cosmos, Shi Yan was about to go crazy . Everybody was worried, but Shi Yan came forward and told them his negative aura will burst soon as he has not refined even Gan Fu's energy let alone others . He presented his idea, that he and Mei Ji will separate from the group to stabilize his condition and others will go towards entrance of desolate territory killing anything that comes their way . Moreover killings taking place in different places from different parties will confuse the enemies about exact location . And everybody is aware about identity of Shi Yan and Mei Ji only and rest are just strangers for anybody that's why it is the perfect grouping for them . Audrey wanted to go with Shi Yan's group too but she was the strongest descendant of Dark Tribe, that's why Ming Hao and Ming Hong were against this idea, and thus Shi Yan's idea was approved by all in the end . Shi Yan asked Ming Hong to carve path towards desolate territory entrance on his compass too, so that if they can't reunite along their paths even then he can make it back to his homeland without any support .

Mei Ji was secretly happy as he chose her over Audrey . They were in remote sea area . Mei Ji expressed her will to go to Phantom Clan's headquarters as they will be safe there . But Shi Yan retorted her that he's currently only at First Sky of Immortal Realm that's why their clan members will target him and can even kill him to acquire tower for themselves as he is not from their clan .

Shi Yan eyes were getting redder now, he has to soon vent out his negative feelings either on this woman or some other random one . And finally after not finding anybody he pinned down Mei Ji only after making a secret shelter in hollow of a tree . To vent out his negative energy he must do this due to his strange devouring cultivation techniques . Moreover this can help in quick growth in cultivation of Mei Ji too, he explained himself this way . He also made her happy by saying that she is better than Audrey or other woman that's why he has chosen her as his target .

Moaning sounds echoed from the hollowed tree . **Censored**

[Stonexia was somehow effected by this scene too . He left and went to Cultivation Cosmos to find Maya Yrrah and pin her down as well . . . **Censored**]

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