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Published at 19th of December 2017 02:58:14 PM

Chapter 232
Inside the Painting of the Nine Immortals .

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Feng Qing Ming stood in an exceptionally heavenly stance .
Ling Xian saluted him with a smile . "You must know why I am here . "
"Certainly," Feng Qing Ming grinned lightly . "That phoenix… I was the one who dragged its soul into the Painting of the Nine Immortals . "
Hearing this, the rock that was stuck in Ling Xian’s heart finally dropped . He feared that the phoenix entered the painting through brute force . Now that Feng Qing Ming confirmed that he was the one who dragged it in, naturally Ling Xian felt more at ease .
However, he was still curious as to why Feng Qing Ming would want the phoenix inside the Painting of the Nine Immortals .
Realizing Ling Xian’s curiosity, Feng Qing Ming smiled kindly and said, "There really isn’t that much to be curious about . Blood of the phoenix is very precious, and they are very rare beasts . To have it just die like that is a little pitiful . "
"I see, so you want to save its life . " Ling Xian nodded, finally understanding his intentions .
To put it simply, Feng Qing Ming saw a prey and didn’t want it to just die like that . Therefore, by manipulating his own Qi, he converged the soul of the phoenix and brought it into the Painting of the Nine Immortals .
"Saving its life isn’t my end goal . The real intention of this is to benefit you . " Feng Qing Ming smiled mysteriously .
Ling Xian frowned and asked, "What do you mean by that?"
"I know of this array that tames beasts . If you can come to an agreement with the phoenix, I can cast an array so that it will listen to your orders all its life without any desire of rebelling . " Feng Qing Ming stared at the shocked Ling Xian and chuckled . "If it ever tries to defy you, you can agonize it with the power of your mind . "

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"I’ve heard of this array . It was created just to tame beasts . " Ling Xian nodded . After thinking about it for a while, he said, "You want me to possess the phoenix?"
"That’s right . The phoenix is a very rare and very strong beast . If you can exert influence over it, it can be a great support in your cultivation journey," Feng Qing Ming whispered .
"That is true . " Ling Xian’s heart was wavering . This was the legendary phoenix . Other than its potential in terms of capabilities and its beautiful exterior, if he could ride the phoenix and travel the world, how wonderful would that be?"
Noticing Ling Xian’s heated gaze, Feng Qing Ming mischievously smiled . "What do you think? You are considering it, aren’t you? It is very weak right now, an opportunity that is hard to come by . You better hold onto it . "
"But, all it is now is its soul . Even if I do own it, it won’t be too much use to me," Ling Xian frowned and spoke his biggest concern .
"There is no need to worry . The purity of this phoenix’s blood is very high, and it was naturally born with the ability to regenerate," Feng Qing Ming softly smiled and explained . "Of course, regular flames cannot help a phoenix regain its life, only the Godly Fires can help . "
"The Godly Fire?"
Ling Xian beamed, now he thoroughly understood Feng Qing Ming’s plan .
First, Feng Qing Ming converged the phoenix’s soul, then he asked Ling Xian to use the Flame of Purity to help the phoenix regain its life, then finally, he will cast the taming array so it would obey Ling Xian all its life .
This was Feng Qing Ming’s plan .
One has to admit that in order for Ling Xian to get stronger faster, the Pioneer of the Ancient Arrays has put in a lot of effort .

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"Yes, the Godly Fire is not commonly owned . Many want it, but few have it . But you happen to be one of the few who has it," Feng Qing Ming nodded, "What do you say? Do want to save its life? If you don’t, I won’t force you . Save it or kill it, it’s all up to you . "
"I… Let me think about it…" Ling Xian frowned . Of course, he wanted to have his own phoenix . It was a legendary beast that is rarely found . Who doesn’t want one?
But Ling Xian had his principles and didn’t want to break them .
This was why he was so hesitant .
Feng Qing Ming seemed to have guessed what Ling Xian was thinking . His adoration towards Ling Xian intensified . "If you don’t want to force the phoenix, then why don’t you ask it yourself . If it doesn’t want to, then we can end this discussion . "
"That is a good idea . Though the phoenix is powerful, I do not want to force anyone to do anything . Even without the possession of a beast, I can climb up to the peak of this world . " Ling Xian faintly smiled . His tone was full of confidence .
"Haha, I admire your confidence . " Feng Qing Ming laughed brightly . "Ok, why don’t you talk to it yourself . "
Then, he waved his sleeve, and a very weak phoenix appeared in thin air .
Its appearance was no different from before . However, without its physical body, it appeared even more fragile . The moment it emerged, it glanced around before finally fixating its gaze onto Ling Xian .
Immediately, its red pupils shone with hatred . It remembered Ling Xian, the young man whom it had a short battle with .
To the phoenix, all those who tried to stop it from leaving the House of Zi Yang were enemies .

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This explained its hated stare on Ling Xian .
"Stop looking at me like that," Ling Xian shook his head and decided to overlook the aggression displayed by the phoenix, "If it weren’t for me . Your soul would be dispersed all over the world right now . In ways, I saved your life . "
The phoenix sneered . It was a rare beast with high intelligence, therefore, it very quickly noticed its surroundings and deduced what had happened . It understood that Ling Xian really did save its life .
After all, since its soul was undamaged, it was alive .
"Good . I fought against you in order to stop you, and now I saved your life . We are even now . " Ling Xian displayed a grin . "I have something to ask of you . It concerns your life or death . Do you want to hear it?"
"Life or death?"
The phoenix froze as its eyes exploded with excitement and it shouted, "Speak! Quickly!"
"What’s the rush? I have to first ask you, do you have the ability to be reborn?" Ling Xian asked .
The phoenix’s eyes flashed with proudness . "Of course . I have very pure blood . I was born with the ability to be reborn as long as there is fire . "
"Good, now take a look at this . " Ling Xian nodded, satisfied, and extended his right hand . A sliver of white, grey, and innocent-looking flame surged out of his palm, emitting a terrifyingly high temperature .
Immediately, the temperature of the surrounding air increased by a few degrees .
"This is…"
The phoenix widened its eyes . Staring at the highly heated flame, its eyes were full of shock .
A Godly Fire!
A fire that could restore its physical body!
Though it didn’t know which fire in particular it was, it didn’t need to know . Any type of Godly Fire could give its life back . That was what was most important .
"It seems like you already know . That’s right, this is one of the Godly Fires, the Flame of Purity," Ling Xian explained with a smile .
The phoenix’s eyes were glowing with hope as it gazed at the lively flame .
It thought that it had reached its end and never expected that Feng Qing Ming would’ve gathered its soul . With real hope right before it, it was almost crying from joy .
"You… you are willing to restore my life with a Godly Fire?"
The phoenix fluttered its wings and asked excitedly .

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