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Published at 11th of May 2019 06:16:08 PM

Chapter 185
Pulling Fourteen to a Side

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However, this was not the main point…The main point is…the Empress’s fox tail finally revealed itself!

Qian DuoDuo harshly pinched her own waist . She was in so much pain that tears immediately fell out of her face . Her face also turned pale white . The entire person looked to be frightful and resentful…

“What the Empress is saying is right . It’s just that if the Emperor wants to give the throne to Long YuTian, what ideas do I have to stop that ah . Wu, wu…Empress, save me . I don’t want to go to the cold palace ah…Wu, wu…”

Disgusting . Her own tone was like a little sheep sitting and waiting for death . Qian DuoDuo thought that she was disgusting, herself .

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The Empress turned her head to look at Qian DuoDuo: “The person who can save you is not me but yourself…Duo Er, by not letting three or four take the Emperor’s throne then you will have a chance to remove yourself from the marriage…If this is the case, I promise to fulfill all your wishes!”

Yo…Trying to bait her now!

Although the Empress’s words weren’t finished, the meaning was quite obvious . Besides three and four, isn’t that Long Chao Han?

Qian DuoDuo’s eyes spun around and with a face, less capable than desirable: “But Duo Er is just a woman who can’t even truss a chicken . This type of huge matter within the nation, I am unable to intervene . ”

Empress stared at Qian DuoDuo’s expression and thought there was a chance to become closer to this girl . Therefore, she slowly let down her guard, the face gentle: “Duo Er, who the throne will be passed down to, is not just the Emperor’s decision . The reason why the Emperor liked three and four that much is because they had the support of Cheng Wang . If you are able to convince Cheng Wang and let him interact more with Chao Han then the throne in the future…”

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The Empress though that by saying the words to this point, she had revealed her motive . Next, she waited for Qian DuoDuo’s attitude .

Going around for half a day, the plan in which the Empress had within her heart was for fourteen to secretly support Long Chao Han ah…

Qian DuoDuo shrugged her shoulders, a little discouraged: “What ability do I have to convince Cheng Wang ah!”

“Third WangFei doesn’t need to be unduly humble . From the first look, I can tell that the way Cheng Wang cherishes you can’t be compared to others . If there is someone in this world who can influence Cheng Wang’s decision then it is you!”

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The Empress exclaimed this sentence with certainty .

On the front hall, Senior Concubine Lin had the intentions of marrying Zhao Yang to Cheng Wang, the Empress had noticed his reaction .

Just as expected, his look, although was faint, it never left Qian DuoDuo .

Plus, add onto the matter of the Crown Prince Tuo Ba, this led the Empress who was astute as though a fox, to immediately see Qian DuoDuo’s extraordinary position in Long MuChen’s heart .

When Qian DuoDuo heard the words, she was a little shocked . The little person inside her heart beat the drums and gongs . The little tail was about to rise to the sky .

This Empress, she had some good taste…Not bad…Not bad…This sentence said made her happier than when she was given two golden dangling ornaments .

Qian DuoDuo didn’t know why she was so happy but she was very happy…

It’s just that although Long YuTian wasn’t someone good but since he was quite like ‘him,’ plus she was eating and living in his place as well as her 200,000 banknotes in the future, she can’t pull Long YuTian off the throne without that much integrity right?

However, at this time, she watched the Empress’s gaze filled with expectation and this led Qian DuoDuo to think of another important matter .

“Empress, I think that pulling Cheng Wang to our side, this idea is a little passive . Plus, whether Cheng Wang will agree or not, we are not certain . In order for me to not be brought to the cold palace in the future, I think it’s better to find a group of assassins and directly eliminate the roots, placing his corpse in the wilderness . ”

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