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Chapter 206
Without the Strength to Truss a Chicken

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“Without the strength to truss a chicken? Fourth brother, you are learning to be like Qian DuoDuo – speaking false words with your eyes open…She is so uncivilized that she couldn’t help to wish to tear the WangFu down . If she was a young lady, there is no women within the entire Shen Cheng Country then…” Long YuTian exclaimed this, snorting disdainfully .

Long MuChen had been focusing on the two brothers fighting verbally, not interrupting .

Thinking of Qian DuoDuo’s valiant and irritable attitude, he couldn’t help to be worried .

It’s just this type of reckless personality of getting in trouble and not being afraid of the power that will lead her to branch many enemies .

The Empress, Senior Concubine Lin, prime minister, which one of them is someone easy to deal with?

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Despite that every day, she walked horizontally as though a crab . She made threatening gestures which made it so people didn’t dare to offend her .

However, in the end, in her bones, she was just a woman .

When she is bullied, her eyes would be red and purse her lips . A look as though a little wife had suffered and understood to beg for protection and act cute .

It’s this type of woman that made it necessary for a powerful man to support the sky up for her, letting her do as she wished to, whatever she wanted…

On the other hand, third had overlooked this point .

Thinking about how Qian DuoDuo had only revealed her gentle side to him, Long MuChen couldn’t help to feel happy . He felt that the faint tea holding no scent now turned sweet-smelling and concentrated .

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He relaxed his heart and started to discuss the plan for the next few days with them .

After midnight, the three Wangyes returned back to their own WangFus .

After Long YuTian brought them out, he went to Ning Hui Yuan .

“Did the WangFei sleep yet?” Long YuTian inquired in a low voice towards the two guards standing in front of the door .

“WangFei…WangFei…She . ” The guard stammered, lowering his head as though it was something too embarrassing to mention .

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It’s just that their words weren’t finished yet when within the room came a burst of clammers and sound of objects falling . Looking through the window, a small figure was standing on the bed having a fit as though the entire person was poured with chicken blood . She was gesturing with her hands and dancing .

Long YuTian touched his nose, embarrassed . He pushed the door .

Behind, the two guards just reacted and raised their heads to see their masters heading into the room . They just mumbled the words that weren’t finished right now: “WangFei snatched our swords and said she will chop up Wangye, you…”

Then he looked at the two guards . Each of them sported bruises and the corner of their eyes held some remains of tears . The crotch of the underpants was ripped and don’t mention how upset they looked and battered .

Therefore, the moment Long YuTian walked into the door, he stared at Qian DuoDuo who held a sword in one hand and remained in a combating position . She looked down upon him from a position higher .

“Long YuTian, if you dare to walk another step, this great aunt – I will chop you up . ”

Long YuTian was stunned for a second due to the roar of the lioness from Hedong . Then, the corner of his lips raised into a disdainful smile . He walked in lazy strides, slowly moving closer…

“Just based on your jack of all trades skills, what can you do to me?”

Qian DuoDuo’s face was a little red due to his mockery . The pitch in her voice turned higher, not accepting this: “I’m telling you, as long as you dare to come over, do you believe that I will beat you to the point you will be rolling on the ground, unable to even nibble on the dog shit!”

The two guards who were outside the door eavesdropping were dumbstruck . The third WangFei is valiant ah . She was even able to say these kinds of vulgar insults and able to make a move towards the Wangye?

Don’t mention how much imposing manner was contained in this sentence that she yelled, what a model . However, just after a second, the sword in her hand had ‘pia, pia’ fallen on the ground and flat on her back .