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Paragon of Destruction - Chapter 42

Published at 12th of August 2019 08:29:23 PM

Chapter 42

"You killed them…" Magistrate Huang looked at the two bodies with an expression of sheer terror .

"It would seem that way . " Lord Jiang brushed some of Elder Redstone's blood off his hand . Turning to Magistrate Huang, he said, "I want you to spread word that any members of the Redstone branch left in the city by sundown will be hanged . "

Magistrate Huang gaped in shock . "What if they cause trouble?" he said in a small voice .

"If any of them cause trouble for your men," Lord Jiang said, "they will face a fate far worse than hanging . "

"Yes, Lord Jiang," the old man said, his voice thick with anxiety . After a deep bow to Lord Jiang he left quickly, seeming anxious to be away from the violent scene in the hall .

"We should leave as well," Lord Jiang said . "There are matters to discuss, but we had best do so at the estate, far away from prying ears . "

When they left the City Hall, Arran saw that a large crowd had gathered outside . They must have found out that Lord Jiang had left the estate, he thought . From what he knew, catching even a glimpse of Lord Jiang was a rare occasion for most of the townsfolk .

Upon seeing Lord Jiang emerge from the building, most of the people in the crowd fell to their knees, pressing their heads to the ground in veneration . Lord Jiang nodded in acknowledgment, but Arran could see that he was uncomfortable .

They made their way back to the estate, bystanders bowing and kneeling wherever Lord Jiang passed .

Previously Arran had known that Lord Jiang held a sacred position in the Jiang Clan, but he had not truly understood what it meant . Now that he saw the treatment the man received, he could not help but feel sympathy for him — it was clear that Lord Jiang did not enjoy the attention in the least . No wonder that he chose to spend most of his time locked away, hiding from the masses .

It did not take them long to reach the estate, and as soon as they entered, Lord Jiang breathed a sigh of relief .

"I don't think I'll ever get used to that," he said, shaking his head . "Come, let's have a meal . We will talk while we eat . " He gestured for Arran and Jiang Fei to follow him .

"That sword of yours," Lord Jiang said to Arran as they walked toward the dining hall . "Where did you get it?"

"I found it at a small store in the city," Arran replied honestly .

"You got a starmetal sword from a store?! Here in Silvermere?!" Lord Jiang stared at Arran in disbelief . Then, he burst into laughter . "Young man, you may have used up several lifetimes worth of luck, just with that . "

A short while later they were sitting in the dining hall, a dozen plates filled with freshly cooked meat, fruits, and vegetables in front of them . It seemed the morning's violence had not diminished Lord Jiang's appetite in the slightest .

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"Now, there are matters for us to discuss," Lord Jiang announced . "Two weeks from today, I will travel to the Council of Elders . "

"You're leaving us behind?!" The words took Arran by surprise . Although he knew that Lord Jiang would be visiting the Council of Elders, he had not expected that the man would leave so soon .

Lord Jiang shook his head, then gave Arran a somber look . "Little Fei will be traveling with me," he said . "As for you… you must leave for the Shadowflame Society . "

"What?!" Arran was stunned at what he heard . "Why?!"

"When I arrive at the Council, I intend to seize control and remove those Elders who have allowed the clan to sink to its current state," Lord Jiang said . "Once they are gone, it will fall on me to prepare a new generation to lead the clan . "

Lord Jiang looked toward Jiang Fei, and a smile appeared on his lips . "Little Fei will be part of that new generation of leaders . "

While Lord Jiang's words astonished Arran, what truly baffled him was that Jiang Fei did not seem shocked in the least .

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"You don't seem surprised," he said, frowning in thought . Did she already know about this?

"I'm not," she replied . "Not much, anyway . In the clan, the Body Refinement techniques are only taught to future leaders . When Uncle Bear decided to teach me, I had some idea of what he intended . "

"But you taught me those techniques as well," Arran said with a look at Lord Jiang . "If only the future leaders of the clan can learn them, then why did you teach them to me?"

"After your battle with the Academy mages, it was the only way I could help you survive your own power," Lord Jiang said . "And I had promised a friend to lend you my help on your way to the Shadowflame Society, if you needed it . "

"That friend… was it Master Fireheart?" Jiang Fei asked .

"He goes by many names," Lord Jiang said, "but yes, he is the one who made the request . About a week before your big battle, he visited and said his apprentice would pass through the region, asking me to provide help if needed . " With a laugh, he added, "Although I doubt he knew just how much help would be needed . "

"So it was true, then…" Jiang Fei looked as if she had just learned the answer to a question that had long bothered her .

"What was true?" Arran asked . He was starting to feel annoyed at being the only one who didn't know what was going on .

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"Master Fireheart promised to introduce me to Uncle Bear if I protected you at the Shadowflame Society," she replied . "That was why I joined you . At least, at first . " An uncomfortable look crossed her face at the last part .

"It looks like I'll have to do without your protection," Arran said bitterly . While he could not blame Jiang Fei for joining Lord Jiang in his travels, it still felt as if he was being abandoned .

"You don't need her protection anymore," Lord Jiang cut in . "I will unseal your Realms tomorrow . After that, you should be able to hold your own against most adepts, and even defeat some outright . "

Hearing this, Arran instantly felt less gloomy . "I'll be able to defeat adepts?" He could not help but feel a touch of excitement at the thought .

"Your body is on par with that of a Master, and although you still lack control, you should have more Essence than even the strongest adepts," Lord Jiang said . With a broad grin, he added, "Among the other initiates at the Shadowflame Society, you'll be an absolute monster . "

Just as Arran felt his spirits lift, he glanced at Jiang Fei, and immediately his mood fell once more . With a start, he realized that he was going to miss her .

"No need to be dejected," Lord Jiang said, looking at Arran . "The two of you will meet again soon enough . Your training at the Shadowflame Society should take a few decades at most . "

Arran's face fell, and he let out a deep sigh .