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Published at 28th of December 2018 01:41:43 PM

Chapter 137

Instead of leaving when Lu AnLing had answered her phone, Kang Jun had been waiting at the side for Lu AnLing to finish her call .

Realizing this, Lu AnLing felt a soft smile tug on her lips .

Lu AnLing: "You don't need to drop me off there . You can ask Rong Xin to do it . I might take a lot of time to get dressed anyways . "

Kang Jun shrugged .

"Take as much time as you need, I'll just push my meetings back and, as for Rong Xin, he is busy today . "

Noticing she couldn't win this battled Lu AnLing went up to change . Once she was out of earshot, Kang Mingyu spoke .

"I'm coming too . "

Kang Jun gave the boy a quizzical look . "You can't go with her to the hospital, you know that, right?"

Kang Mingyu didn't answer Kang Jun . instead, he repeated what he had previously said .

Kang Jun quickly assessed that the conversation was going nowhere so he sighed and immediately called Mr . Long .

When Mr . Long had heard he would need to pick Lu AnLing up and the hospital and then be free for the rest of the day, he jumped for joy . He couldn't wait until Kang Jun hung up so he could tell his wife that they could have a movie date that night, but then, Kang Jun dropped a bomb on him that depressed his spirits,

Kang Jun: "I'll leave Lu AnLing and Kang Mingyu in your care . "

Despite the utter dejectedness that spread through his entire body, Mr . Long said, "yes sir . "

Hearing their conversation caused Kang Mingyu's face to brighten but the boy didn't say a word or move an inch .

Kang Jun looked st the boy and frowned, "What are you still doing here? Go change . Or else I'm leaving you here . "

Now it was Kang Mingyu's turn to frown .

Quickly the boy ran up the stairs as he screamed, "Second uncle, you're so mean!"

Hearing this, Kang Jun had no choice but to laugh .


It didn't take long for Kang Jun to arrive at the hospital . Once they arrived Lu AnLing said her goodbyes to both Kang Jun and Kang Mingyu, making sure to give Kang Mingyu a big kiss .

Before she left, Kang Jun lowered the window and said, "Mr . Long will pick you up when you're ready . Just give him a call . "

Lu AnLing cocked her head . "I don't have his number . "

"You do . I sent it to you before we left the house . "

In front of him, Lu AnLing checked her phone and once she saw the message from Kang Jun, Lu AnLing couldn't help but smile .

Her husband was really the proactive type .

"Thank you . See you tonight . "

Lu AnLing began to leave but then she was stopped by Kang Jun's call, "wait!"

Lu AnLing immediately turned around to look at Kang Jun .

The man gestured for Lu AnLing to come closer and she did .

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Every time she came closer, Kang Jun would tell her to come even closer and she did so until she was so close that she could feel his breath . Expecting something, Lu AnLing began to blush . Seeing this, Kang Jun smiled before he kissed her gently on the lips .

Feeling this, Lu AnLing pulled away . As she stared at him red-faced with her mouth wide open, Lu AnLing internally screamed, 'this sky fox!'

Licking his lips Kang Jun smiled .

"See you tonight,"

To this, Lu AnLing could only nod as Kang Jun sped away from her .


As Lu AnLing walked into the hospital, she was still blushing hard .

She tried her best to hide her face but at the same time, she really didn't think anyone would notice her . Today she was wearing a pair of light ripped jeans and a white shirt accompanied by a light pink trench coat .

The girl stopped at the receptionist,

"Hi there," Lu AnLing said sweetly to the woman .

The woman greeted her back just as sweetly . "What can I help you with?"

"Yes . . . well I'm looking for the room number for Lu Lili?"

Hearing the name, the receptionist typed the name into her computer before she told Lu AnLing where do go .

"Thank you very much,"

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"I assure you, the pleasure is all mine It's such a joy to meet polite children such as yourself . "

My AnLing wanted to tell the girl that she was 26 but believing it might take some time, Lu AnLing smiled at the woman and left instead .

Walking towards the elevator her ponytail swung from side to side . Once at the elevator, the door opened and she entered along with a few other people . A couple of them were doctors, she knew this by what they wore but Lu AnLing didn't look up to see their faces . She never did .

Beside her, there was a man, he looked down to see the girls face to no avail but once he saw her playing with her right he spoke, "Lu AnLing?"

Hearing her name being called Lu AnLing looked up to need the eyes of Chong Feng .

Unlike how he was the night of Grandma Lu's pastry, the man looked more shaggy .

When Chong Feng saw Lu AnLings face change slightly, he smiled .

"You're here to see your grandmother?"

My AnLing nodded .

With that, the door opened and the pair moved to the side and spoke a bit .

"I've been keeping an eye on your grandmother just in case anything happens, so far she's pretty healthy for a person who had been hospitalized three times in the last six months . "

Lu AnLing listened to Chong Feng but she didn't say anything .

Seeing this, Chong Feng turned to Lu AnLing and asked, "Do you have anything you'd like the enquire about?"

"How long will it take for her to be completely fine?"

"If she takes good care of herself and listens to the doctors she should be out in no time,"

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Hearing this, Lu AnLing breathed a sigh of relief .

Lu AnLing enquires snout a few more things before she felt satisfied . Hearing Chong Feng explain certain things to her calmed Lu AnLing down .

By what she understood, it was a miracle they had been able to get to the hospital on time . A few more minutes and the woman could have ended up in a coma .

"Let me accompany you to your grandmother's room . "

At first Lu AnLing was going to reject his offer but due to her being on an unfamiliar floor, Lu AnLing accepted his kindness but she kept her distance from him .

As they walked Lu AnLing examines her surroundings . It seemed like this area of the hospital was the newest .

"Everything here is so . . . clean and white . " Lu AnLing muttered .

Hearing this aching Feng nodded with a blank expression . "Yes . From what I've heard, there was a fire of some sort . Mind you, I don't know much about the subject but my dad was here when it happened . He always refuses to talk about it though . . . maybe it's PTSD . "

Lu AnLing: "Going to a therapist helps with that kind of stuff . "

Chong Feng laughed dryly, "yes I agree but you know how old people are, they like avoiding their problems rather than fixing them . "

"I guess it's normal to avoid something traumatic when you've seen it with your own eyes," Lu AnLing's voice was low .

Lu AnLing had a faraway look in her eye . She understood this with all her heart and soul . Her mind filled with memories of the car accident that killed her father .

Her heart began to sink, so she tried to think of something else .

"I would understand that but for my father it isn't the case . He wasn't there that day, he was doing a house call, he only found out about the fire when he came back to the hospital and by then the fire was almost put out . "Please download our sponsor's game to support us!