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Published at 28th of December 2018 01:42:46 PM

Chapter 99

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It was a Friday, so the Celestial Fox was packed .

Unlike other clubs, the Celestial Fox was not ordinary, because it was one beloved by the rich and famous . It was also the best place to go if you wanted to have a wild night .

The men and women who frequented the place were completely and utterly crazy . By crazy Lu AnLing didn't only mean crazy rich, but also crazy partiers .

Looking around, Lu AnLing couldn't believe the number of celebrities she saw, if she were to compare it to the Starlight Event, the people were not as high profile but they were celebrities nonetheless . A part of her even felt like she would see Kang Liang walk up to greet her . Though that would never happen because Kang Liang avoided clubs .

Because it was September the sun had begun to go down much earlier, so by 9 pm, it was already pitch black out .

Before going to the Celestial Fox, the girls had gone to dinner . There, many of them had drunk but Xiao Mian had stopped the one's she thought were going overboard .

"Girls, you don't want to get drunk too early . We're in for a wild ride . " Xiao Mian purred .

Sometimes the girl turned into a different person . Mostly when it came to having fun . Sometimes Lu AnLing wondered if the girl was a hedonist .

She would never ask that though .

When they got to the club, the darkness had intensified, though because of the shiny clothing some people wore and the glow sticks they used as accessories, the club looked like a neon dreamscape .

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Today, for Xiao Mian's birthday, a friend of her's or a friend of her fiancé's —Lu AnLing had barely been listening to the girl— had somehow arranged for Xiao Mian and her group to enter the club for free .

In a daze, Lu AnLing let Xiao Mian lead her into the club .

Walking in, Lu AnLing felt strange that she didn't need to pay but she said nothing . As she walked in, arm in arm with Xiao Mian, every man undressed the girls with their eyes .

The two beautiful girls wore sequin . Xiao Mian's was long and golden, she exuded elegance and that was how Xiao Mian liked it . Meanwhile, Lu AnLing's was short and white, so it caught the eye of a great many men who wanted to have their way with the girl .

When they reached a small area, Xiao Mian sat Lu AnLing down, and then turned to the girls,

"All drinks are on me and my fiancé!" Xiao Mian cheered .

The group of girls reciprocated .

Xiao Mian: "Now, before we all start having fun, let's take a commemorative photo . "

Xiao Mian handed her phone to a passing waitress .

The girls all gathered around .

Because Lu Shuya and Lu AnLing were the closes to Xiao Mian, they were also the closes to her in the photo . Feeling her breast press up against Xiao Mian, Lu AnLing felt incredibly uncomfortable, but she had to suck it up .

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Once the waitress was finished taking the photo, Xiao Mian sent it to everyone who had come to her bachelorette party and also her fiancé .

Finally free to do as they wished, sitting down in a group, the girl's began to drink and dance like there was no tomorrow . As the night went on the group lost a couple of girls; some to the dance floor and some to some rich men .

Seeing this, Lu AnLing couldn't help but frown .

This really wasn't her scene, but she couldn't just leave . Looking at her phone, seeing that it was almost 1 am, she sighed .

It was early, but she wanted to leave .

The place looked more packed than how it had been when they had first come in .

At some point, Xiao Mian had also disappeared into the crowd leaving Lu AnLing sitting in a corner alone . The girl felt a headache coming . Though she was glad that the majority of the girls were scatted around the club . Even Lu Shuya was gone and for some reason, Wang Tingting wasn't approaching the girl .

Taking a sip of her mojito and then taking another sip of her water, Lu AnLing felt a little bit buzzed though she was sure that it was due to her headache .

Holding her head between her hands, Lu AnLing groaned . She was a moment away from finding Xiao Mian and telling her she was leaving but then suddenly, she felt a weight at her side .

Looking up Lu AnLing saw a face she hadn't seen in a while sitting beside her .

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"I see it's true . You are back . " Zhao Fei said calmly .

Zhao Fei was someone Lu AnLing had always avoided . Unlike how many treated Lu AnLing with obvious dislike and spite, Zhao Fei was the passive aggressive type, but this only applied to Lu AnLing . To many others, she had heard horror stories about the abuse they suffered under this woman .

"Yes . I am . " Lu AnLing said unsure of what to answer .

Zhao Fei leaned back into her seat . "How were your studies abroad?"

In the girl's voice, there was something strange, but Lu AnLing couldn't pinpoint what it was .

"She wasn't studying . " Wang Tingting said loudly .

Hearing this, Lu AnLing felt her blood run cold . Was Wang Tingting crazy? Was she going to reveal her secret here? And to all the people, she wanted to reveal it to Zhao Fei .

The woman would have a field day .

Though, lucky for Lu AnLing, Zhao Fei wasn't interested in listening to Wang Tingting's nonsense .

Zhao Fei glared at Wang Tingting, "Was I talking to you, fatty?"

Hearing Zhao Fei's reply, Wang Tingting's face went pale and she almost receded into the leather sofa .

"W-who are you calling fatty, you…"

Zhao Fei's eye's narrowed .

Not wanting to hear anymore, Lu AnLing chugged her mojito and left the two girls to their own devices .

A huge smirk appeared on Zhao Fei's face, as she turned her whole body towards Wang Tingting . "I see my little mule has learned how to talk back . Should I re-educate you?"

Wang Tingting shuttered . She remembered the days when Zhao Fei used to lock her inside the fourth stall in the girl's bathroom and poor expired milk and dirty water on her or how when she would walk in the halls, the woman would trip her .

She never wanted to experience that again .

"Who are you to re-educate me? This isn't high school anymore, honey . I'm a changed woman, but I guess you're the same old two-faced bitch you were back then when—"

Before Wang Tingting could finish her sentence, a slap was thrown across her face .

Teary-eyed, Wang Tingting clutched at her burning red cheek . By how much her face began to swell, Wang Tingting understood that Zhao Fei had used a fair amount of force .

"Don't talk back to me . Dog . "

With those words spoken, Zhao Fe disappeared onto the dance floor .

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