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Chapter 1

Chapter 1: One Piece world .

“Where I am??”

A boy tries to open his eyes and try to stand up, but his body feels so painful when he tried to move . He tries to open his eyes but he just can’t .

The last thing he remembers is that he has gone to a college class and slept on the computer desk, when his teacher starts to teach him a really boring topic .

After he woke, he found himself in this condition . Sudden condition really makes him filled with fear . He tried everything but just he can’t do this . First he thought he is dead or is in hospital but he found that his body is shaking like he is in some car or truck which is driving at a very fast speed . He also heard a little girl sobbing around him .

Suddenly his brain starts to hurt and some different memories start to wake up . After some time he tries to understand his condition but suddenly a voice came into his mind .

[Ting! The system starts to download… . 1%…5%…]

“What the hell is going on??”

“Do I really transferred into a different world??”

After half an hour… .

[98%… 100%… . System download complete… Do host want to install it??? You only have 10 Seconds to decide or else system operating system will crash… . ]

In half an hour, Raj clearly understands his condition .

So, he directly ordered: “Install, definitely Install!”

[System doesn’t have ‘definitely’ software… . So by default it installs its operating system . . 1%… 5%… 9%…]

This system is really a fool, I think God should provide some better AI system through which at least I can communicate when I got bored .

In the meantime, Raj understands his situation that he and parents in this world are merchants, they are carrying goods to from Ohara to other Island to sell .

But this time something happened, when they are returning from the Island to Ohara, they saw that whole island is burning .

Suddenly a lava fist (Admiral Akainu) came towards their ship and burn down the whole ship, because he was just near the side of the window, shock let him fall into the sea and maybe he died in the sea or this little girl who is sobbing has saved my life .

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Hey, wait, Island Ohara, lava fist… Do I really enter into the One Piece World? Hahahahaha… . Maybe it’s a good thing, I really get bored with that boring life . And with this system, maybe just like the novels writers say, I will be the King of the world, Every beautiful girl will be on my lap… . Hahahahahaha .

[99%… . . 100%… . System cra . . crash… . . The database has been deleted… Task system has been deleted… . Devil Fruit Lottery system has been deleted… . Starting to install the most basic system for the Host……Ting . . Ting… Installed… . . Thank you host… . Goodbye… We will never meet again… Hopefully]

“What, fucking useless… where are you going??”

“Hey, system . ”

“Hey . ”

“At least give me few Logia devil fruit, so I can survive, Please… . System . ”

“System… . . ”


In anger and pleading, he woke up from he slumber and shouted…… . . “System, Give me back my devil fruit… . ”

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A sudden shout from the almost dead boy let the little girl frightened . She also starts to cry .

Raj heard the voice and look towards her . He found a little girl, wearing a tattered dress and crying on the boat .

Raj comes back to his senses and tries to appease this little girl, at least she tried to save the previous owner of the body . It also indirectly helps him as well .

“Hey, little girl, don’t cry… . Hey, don’t cry, see I can show you my teeth . ”

“Uhhhhh, Ahhhh . ”

She starts to cry with more rigorously .

Any college boy doesn’t know how to make a little girl happy, so in tension, he hugs her tightly .

He read on an internet blog that ‘best to way to stop girl cry is – Hug her!’

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I don’t know, it true or not, but after 2 minutes a little girl really stopped crying and only sobbing a little bit .

When he looked at his hands, he found that he really turns into a 10 years old boy .

He let go off the little girl and try to appease her while holding the hand .

Just as he caught her hand, everything stops . No air flowing, No ship moving . Everything stops . Suddenly a voice enters into his mind .

[Ting! Connecting to the surrounding computer… . 1% . . 9% . . 100%… Connected to Robin system]

[Ting! Download information… !%… . . 7%… . . 100%]

“My loving God, you really didn’t leave me before . ”

Raj almost cries just like a little girl .

“System, tell me your functions?”