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Picked up a Demon King to be a Maid - Volume 1 - Chapter 92

Published at 25th of April 2019 09:58:12 PM

Chapter 92

Chapter 92 – She’s Very Quick!

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Winterless City

In a certain bar

Next to the bar counter, a rowdy group of people surrounded a barrel of alcohol, and were running their mouths while pouring piss into their mouths . In a dimly lit corner, four men surrounded a table, they took large gulps from their cups, then slammed it onto the table, no one said a word .

The wooden table vibrated until creaking . After a while, the male leader spoke .

“The selection competition is almost beginning, yet you guys are causing me trouble!”

The man suppressing his anger was called Sam, it was the “Boss Sam” that the three brothers were referring to .

He wasn’t tall, neither was he very sturdy, he just had especially tanned skin . But his strength wasn’t fake, “Hurricane Swordsman Sam” was the nickname he obtained .

Like Caesar, he also had the special privilege of getting an S in a previous year’s actual combat drill .

Sam of the warrior department, and Caesar of the magic department, they each represented the strongest in their respective fields, they could be said to be destined rivals .

On the other side of the table, the three brothers were full of smiles and responded fearfully .

“Boss Sam, don’t get mad, we didn’t do it on purpose… it’s all because of that bastard, Lin Xiao!” Harrison spoke first .

“Right, that Lin Xiao is damn terrible! He just kept coming at us, we had no choice . ” Harden complained .

“Also, Boss Sam, I’ve checked it out, Lin Xiao doesn’t have any relations with Caesar… We don’t need to be afraid of him!” Hart said while grinning .

“Scared! Afraid of Caesar? Hmph!” Sam angrily slapped the table, but quickly followed up, “… Are you sure they have no relation?”

“Positive! It’s Rosie that’s always approaching Lin Xiao, Caesar has a normal relation with him!”

“Miss Rosie from the Childe family? I see . ” Hearing that, Sam was able to relax more, “Alright then, tell me what happened . Don’t hide anything and tell me honestly!”

Hearing the boss’s orders, the three brothers didn’t dare lie and honestly spoke of what had transpired .

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That day, they met Elena by herself in the alleyway . Seeing that her face was flushed, they thought she was fed a love potion, so they wanted to satisfy her needs, but suddenly Lin Xiao came out . Not only did he curse at them, he even used fireballs . It pissed them off to the point where they almost couldn’t hold back and offed him!

“Ridiculous! You didn’t even do anything, why was Lin Xiao making it difficult for you guys?” Sam sternly asked .

“Boss, we’re innocent! We just touched his maid’s chest, is all…”

“Maid? Chest?” Sam paused, and asked with surprise, “Is it that silver-haired, red-eyed, huge breasted maid, Elena?”

“Right, that’s her!”

“Then were you guys really able to touch it?” What Sam focused on was extremely strange .

“No… almost . ” Harden awkwardly replied, he raised his hand at the same time and extended his fingers, “Boss, thank god I was quick to react that day, if not I would’ve lost this finger!”

That day, Lin Xiao used an exceptionally fast and concealed wind blade to stop him from touching her chest . Good thing Harden had a quick reaction and retracted his hand, so he was able to save his finger and only a bit off his fingernail was shaved off .

“So it was like that… . you guys can only blame yourselves for that . ” Sam disdainfully curled his lips, “So, did you guys want to me to get back at him?”

“No, no, no, boss, how could we bother you with that . We’re enough to teach that bastard a lesson . ” Harden cheerfully said, “You said that we shouldn’t bother Lin Xiao before, but we can’t hold back anymore!”

“… However, the intramural selection competition is starting soon . ” It seemed like Sam had a hidden meaning .

“Boss, are you afraid of us being injured so we can’t participate?” Harden laughed out loud .

Looking over the confident brothers, Sam hesitated . Although he was called the boss of the three, in reality, he didn’t like the way they worked either .

Also, Sam felt like something wasn’t quite right . Lin Xiao wasn’t an idiot, why would he provoke the three? Did Lin Xiao have a strong helper?

Additionally, Loran Academy has always forbade private battles . If they really wanted to, they should do it openly in a competition . If something happened during a private fight, it would be hard to clean up .

“Boss, don’t worry, we’re just teaching him a lesson! Nothing big will happen!”

Harrison expressed himself first, then the other two also followed along expressing that they won’t put his life in danger, they’ll just give him a beating .

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Because of the three brother’s insistence, Sam couldn’t say anymore and just drank in silence .

The next day

Loran Academy

The registration for the Intramural Selection Competition was completely over, Lin Xiao obtained an A in the actual combat drill so he was able to sign up . Similarly, Rosie and Caesar also signed up .

For Ceasar, signing up, winning and getting an important spot all meant nothing to him, his only goal was “Champion” . That’s why he has been practicing everyday with Shen DaiYing, to the point of neglecting sleep and food .

What was strange was that every time he went to the practice range with a clean set of clothes, but when he left he was always in tatters and filled with bruises like he received a beating from someone .

It’s not wrong to say he was viciously beaten by someone, namely his fiancée, Shen DaiYing .

Every time they practiced, Caesar was covered with dirt from head to toe, but Shen DaiYing on the other hand always wore her high heels, her sexy black silk stockings, carrying her beautiful Tachi . She walked elegantly into the practice range with him and then walked out elegantly, without a single wound, or damage to her clothing . Not even her thin silk stockings have any sign of being torn .

It was unimaginable .

The number one genius in the magic department, the magic swordsman Caesar, was viciously beat in practice by a woman, and couldn’t even fight back, he couldn’t even touch her clothes!

How was Shen DaiYing able to do it?

One time, Lin Xiao couldn’t hold it in anymore, so he secretly met with Rosie, then the two went to ask Caesar .

“Caesar, is Shen DaiYing that strong? How come you’re the only one getting hurt?” Under Lin Xiao’s instigation, Rosie bravely asked those possible offensive words .

But Caesar didn’t mind, he sighed and responded with three words .

“She’s very quick . ”

Yes, Shen DaiYing was very fast, she was clearly wearing high heels and stockings that made it hard to move, yet her speed was still as fast as lightning!

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Sprinting, unsheathing, brandishing, sheathing, the entire set of actions flowed like water, it was simply outrageous, her speed even more so!

As for practice, the two never got too serious, Caesar never used his full strength, but he felt that even if he did, he might not be able to beat her .

Shen DaiYing also signed up for the Intramural Selection Competition, and it was under the magic department . It even raised some commotion, but it was at most discussing it in private, no one was brave enough to object .

After the sign up was over, the news of Caesar and Shen DaiYing’s engagement was going to be made public .

Shen DaiYing was Caesar’s fiancée, was there anything wrong with her joining the magic department with him and signing up with him?

“Sigh . ”

After the signups were over, Lin Xiao received a slip of paper from the office and left the academy with a miserable expression .

The slip contained all the information about Lin Xiao’s group in the competition, there was also an even larger notice stuck on the Academy’s gates . It detailed the information of all the groups . The intramural selection competition was split into two stages, the first one was a group competition and the second was a knockout competition . Then, the top two will be decided and obtain the right to participate in the competition later on .

“Thankfully I’m not in the same group a Caesar . ” That was what Lin Xiao was worrying about the most, “But, I can’t believe Shen DaiYing is also participating? What should I do if I have to face her?”

The competition hasn’t even began yet Lin Xiao was already worried .

The sun had already went down by the time he left the campus, Lin Xiao and Elena left the campus side by side along with the afterglow of the sunset .

Today, Caesar was as usual and went to practice with Shen DaiYing, Lin Xiao, on the other hand, didn’t need to practice, he had the gift of accumulating magic through sleep . Stayingcooped at home and sleeping was the best way to practice .

“Lin Xiao…”

“Call me master . ”

“… Master . ” Elena suffered every time she was corrected by Lin Xiao, “Did you become friends with those three brothers that harassed me the other day?”

“Of course not… why do you ask?”

“There’s two people hiding at the end of this street and one next to a carriage behind us, they should be those three . ”

The humanoid magic detection radar has been activated .

“If you guys aren’t friends, I think it’s better if you greet them ahead of time . ” Elena’s tone was abnormally cold .

“Sigh… them again . ” Lin Xiao helplessly sighed .

He doesn’t even need to think to know it’s them . They were never anyone good, after they got “bullied” by Lin Xiao, it would be strange if they never came back looking for trouble .

It’s always been hoodlums picking on others, when has it been the other way around?

“Hey, stop hiding and come one out!” Lin Xiao shouted .

“Not bad ya brat, you actually noticed us . ”

Harrison walked around the corner while grinning, the other two also surrounded Lin Xiao, two in front and one behind, leaving no room for him to escape .

“We originally wanted to wait until you turned into the alley, but since you saw us, here is also fine . ” Harden was also grinning .

“Is that so?”

Lin Xiao would never think that they came to chat with him, since they were all holding swords .

It seems like the three came prepared .

What should he do? Fight with them?

If it was a couple of days ago, he would be all for it, but he didn’t feel like it right now, he just wanted to go home and sleep .

“Sigh… the competition is imminent, I don’t want anything else happening . ” Lin Xiao sighed again .

He was just about to think of a way to escape, but when he looked down at the slip of paper in his hand, he suddenly noticed something .

“The other contestants in his group are… eh?”

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