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Picked Up In Winter - Chapter 17

Published at 18th of September 2018 12:00:55 PM

Chapter 17

Picked Up in Winter <17>

As the white, big clumps of snow(雪) continued to fall, wrapping the surroundings around us, Jun Hyung pulled back his lips . And slowly opened his eyes(目) . His eyelids that had been tightly shut slowly lifted and revealed the pupils behind them . A deep light was being reflected in those eyes(目) as he gazed at me . In the dark streets, the freshly fallen snow(雪) appeared to be very white . The cold air continued to touch my lips .


“…… . ”

“…… . ”


He stared at me silently for a while . And facing his eyes, I also couldn’t say anything . I had fallen into confusion once again because of his unreasonable actions and my questions regarding it . If the action the other day was ‘reward’, then what should we name this one? Was this kiss only a ‘reward’? If previously, he gave me a ‘reward’, then this time was this ‘reward’ by me? Was that it?


In fact, he also said it before kissing .
─I want it, too . Reward .
Just like that .

…… But Jun Hyung, common sense tells me that no person kisses a pet .

I was filled with anxiety and confusion regarding this act, which I couldn’t interpret . I really didn’t have any idea . What kind of existence was Happy to him? With which meaning does he approach? I realize that Happy wasn’t simply a pet that he cared about . But, but nevertheless, was Happy’s existence so dear to him, enough to become a lover?

…… If only I was a woman . If I were different from him in sex (性), I wouldn’t have felt this confused .

Looking at me in silence, he suddenly lowered his face towards mine . I stiffened as his face gradually approached me .


“What are you…”


Slightly brushing my face, he leaned his forehead against my shoulder . An odd warmth came from that brush on the cheek . He grabbed my shoulder, not moving his face as he held me .


“Are you shaking, Happy…?”


It was a voice full of playfulness .

Ah…… .

The moment I heard that voice, from my body which was stiffened with tension, strength left me with a snap . My pulse picked up . Though the question about the kiss remained unsolved, I felt a strange sense of security .

That was probably because of the shift in his mood that created an unknown tension . It was the usual Jun Hyung . Only that thought filled my mind . And at that moment, I felt relieved . The tension slowly left my stiffened body . Maybe he felt me relaxing my back to the wall1, so with his face buried in my shoulder, he laughed .


“It’s snowing . ”

“… hmm . ”

“I received a good Christmas gift, Happy . ”

“…… . ”

“…… yeah . ”


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I lightly answered . Every time he opened his mouth to speak, I felt the vibrations pass from my shoulders I thought… they felt good regardless . After all, this warmth was real, and… I found comfort in this warmth .






“Arf arf~~”


At the same time the door opened, two figures jumped at me . The identity of one of them was Min Hyung and the other was Patrasche . Min Hyung came quickly and hugged my leg suddenly . Patrasche laid on the dirty floor and exposed her stomach . At their behaviour, I smiled awkwardly and sat down, pet Min Hyung’s hair and rubbed Patrasche’s belly .


“Come on, everybody . ”

“Isn’t it very cold outside?”

“Wow, that’s a really explosive reaction . Evidently Happy is the most popular one in our family . ”

“… Came back a little early, huh . ”


Starting from Jun Hyung’s parents, following Seon Hyung-nuna then to Dae Hyung, everyone spoke . I got up with Min Hyung, who didn’t want to separate and pondered about my next words . At that time, Jun Hyung who was standing behind me took my hand and pulled me inside, muttering like it was habitual .

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“I’m home . ”

“…… . ”


That… usual mumble……
Why that did feel so awkward to me .

Yes, it was natural to say that when coming back home, it was a courtesy . It was an ordinary greeting said everywhere .


I’m home, I’m home…  The word(s)2 that I wasn’t even given the opportunity to say to my mother who was never at home when I came back . My mother, who, worried that I would wake up or she’d disturb my studies, used to enter the house carefully at dawn when everyone was asleep, evidently tired from her work . I was a shy kid who couldn’t even properly say a simple greeting like ‘Welcome back’ to his mother .

Somehow, I felt my whole face heat up and slowly greeted his family .


“I’m… ho… me . ”


It was a line, way more awkward than the Christmas greetings . But it was a touching sentence .


“Welcome . ”

“Welcome, Happy~”

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However, they smiled brightly and accepted my greetings, which I was ashamed of and had such a hard time saying . It has always been a leisure for those who use such greetings .


“Uwa, it’s snowing~!!”

“Wow, really . It’s a White Christmas this year . ”


When they spotted the snow falling, they exclaimed with joy . Min Hyung came down from my arms and ran out to the snow, Seon Hyung-nuna followed . Dae Hyung also soon exclaimed ‘Hoo’ and watched the snow falling from the sky .


“This year it’s really a Merry Christmas . ”


Suddenly, I heard his mother mumble . The voice, full of happiness, strangely struck my chest, and I suddenly had difficulty breathing . With a stuffed chest I looked at the snow falling endlessly from the sky .

Next Christmas, what would I be doing…… .
And even then, would this happiness come by…?

I took a deep breath . Still, my heart didn’t feel comfortable .

Like that,
at the age of 18, my Christmas went by .

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