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Picked Up In Winter - Chapter 21

Published at 3rd of November 2018 06:50:16 PM

Chapter 21

Picked Up In Winter <21>

…… I didn’t understand .

I thought as I glanced at him from the corner of my eyes while watching the television . As he turned to look at the television, Jun Hyung’s indifferent expression returned .  Below him, Min Hyung, who finally got hold of Patrasche, kept on teasing her while the rest of the family were sitting around watching television or reading books .

Lost in thoughts, I again glanced at him .

A sharp nose and jawline . A face seemingly void of emotions .  At first glance, he looked very brusque and cold . Moreover, he was a man of few words and when you get to know his somewhat dogmatic actions and the way he talks, that feeling gets worse .

But what’s interesting was that his smiling face breaks them all in an instant . When he smiles, that gruff and cold first impression gets instantly overturned . His smiling face was like that of a naïve child . Anyone who sees that smiling face gets frozen solid, so much that you’ll clearly think ‘Ah’, his smiling face completely changes his previous impression .

Because of my flaws, personally, I don’t really like dating people but…… If someone asked me ‘What type of person do you like?’, I would like to reply with ‘A person whose smile leaves a good impression and also possesses a friendly voice . ’ That fellow was the one who had all of those .

And because the gap between the usual and that was even greater, I might have fallen in love with him .

…… What were you thinking about now… . I didn’t need this futile thought . Why did I fall for this guy… Could analyse reasons, but now it doesn’t mean anything .

While I was lost in thoughts, Jun Hyung slowly turned his eyes to me . And met my eyes which were looking at him since before . He stared at me with composed eyes . There was a slight disturbance in my heart .
…… Just now, did he realize I had been looking at him?


“…… . ”


Du-guen! Du-geun!
My heart began to pound rapidly again . His gaze became even deeper .  Having him staring at me intensely, I tried to remember the past days . This guy…… What did he do when he was staring at me like this?


“Let’s go to the room now, Happy . ”

“…… . ”


He abruptly said while looking at me . Contrary to the me who was very nervous, his voice was calm . Go to the room? Was it already time to sleep? Looking at the clock, it showed only 9 PM . I felt a bit uncomfortable this time .  Whenever the two of us are left alone, because there is no dialogue, I tend to stay in the living room until it’s time to sleep .

…… Why?

Why would he want to go to the room? I thought looking at him sideways . The reason why he wanted to go into the room, if it was the same as what I was thinking about…… if that was the case, what to do then? While I was hesitating between replying or not, upon hearing Jun Hyung’s voice, the whole family turned to us .


“Already going to sleep?”


At Seon Hyung-nuna’s question, Jun Hyung slowly nodded and got up from the sofa . At that moment, it felt as if my heart nosedived . Curiosity and fear pressed me down .




He called me . Before I knew it, he stood in front of me and looked at me .




I willed to calm my quivering gaze and slowly lifted my head . When his eyes met mine, at that moment, I once again felt my heart fall down with my feelings .

…… How come he hadn’t realized yet?

The way he looked at me, that piercing stare, the reason why it seemed so deep…… When he looked at me like that I couldn’t help but wonder why did I feel such restlessness……

What those eyes possessed was desire .

Come to think of it, it was like that from the beginning . When our lips met for the very first time under the guise of ‘Reward’, even when I kissed him, he was always looking at me with those eyes .

……… But why?

Towards me who is nothing but a pet, why do you look at me with such eyes?

Why is that……?





I slowly got up and followed him . After entering the room he closed the door, which resonated quite loudly . While I stood in a daze, he walked over without hesitation and climbed the bed as usual .

I was a little disappointed .

…… Was I mistaken? Did his eyes not contain desire? Looking at him, it seemed like he really did come early to sleep, then, was I deluding myself? Feeling pathetic I could only stand still for a while . As a matter of fact, as soon as he entered the room, he had climbed over the bed and lied down . Locking the door, he didn’t even glance my way . It seemed to be truly skillfully thought out .

…… It’s a good thing that I only thought that within . I was terribly embarrassed at my delusion, but since I was the only one who knew about it anyway, so I’d just bury it . With a sigh of relief, I slowly walked towards the bed and grabbed the ladder . The moment I lifted my leg to climb up the bed, suddenly while lying still on the bed with his eyes closed he opened his mouth .


“Come here, Happy . ”



I was startled . It was a really low pitched voice .  His voice quietly split from his mouth as he slowly sat up, and stared at me who was standing in front of his bed .

…… Go, he’ll just ask you to sleep with him .  It’s not like it only happened once or twice, anyway .

Trying to calm myself down that way, I approached him as if possessed while he watched me . One step, two steps, three steps… I carefully climbed into his bed and was laying next to him when he suddenly moved . And slammed both of his hands on the sides of my head with a soft thud, startling me .  Before I knew it I found him looking down on me with his body above me .




I nearly fainted, but I tried hard to push him away . I was overwhelmed with anxiety and confusion . No one would be able to keep their composure in this situation . He opened his mouth to explain .


“I gave Patrasche her reward……”


“I should also give Happy his… reward . ”

“…… . ”


…… Again… reward . This jerk’s damn reward .

The moment I heard it, I felt very offended . I was angry with him who demanded lovers’ behaviour whenever the reward was mentioned . Maybe this guy was really weird hence he really didn’t know the concept of giving a reward . But I still hated it . Maybe…… this was hopeless, just hearing the word <reward> made me frustrated .  Being the only one whose heart was pounding, I felt like an idiot .

And, though it’s impossible, I felt like he was teasing me . But since the olden times, don’t you give a reward when something pleases you? Then this guy, whenever he got excited, he kissed me- and then named it as ‘giving reward’? — kwa-chak, I heard the sound of my pride getting squashed somewhere .


“……nothing . ”


“I’ve not done anything deserving of a reward…… . ”


At the feeble words I spat out, Jun Hyung looked at me with a slightly startled look . I felt a sigh escaping my mouth as I turned my head sideways . I could see his strong arms right next to me .


“With respect to the treatment of Patrasche . ”

“…… . ”


He answered as if I was the only person who came to mind .


“…… . ”

“…… . ”


For a moment, there was a heavy silence .

Even his comforting stare felt as hot as fire .  I endured his gaze and while staring at his arms I recalled his gaze before .  Then my heart started to beat like crazy again . Say it…… Say it…… Just spit it out!

Ask .
You’re curious .
Ask quickly .

It seemed like someone was commanding me in my head . I bit my lips and asked with a suppressed voice .


“Min Hyung……”

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“Then I also…from… Min Hyung……”

“…… . ”

“Receive…… reward…… . ”

“…… . ”


The atmosphere became still again . I think he’s somewhat angry . There was a somewhat frosty silence…… I slowly looked up, and he was looking at me with narrowed eyes .

His dark pupils were right in front of me .


“From Min Hyung…?”


“You want to get it from Min Hyung……?”


The moment he spoke, I was startled and trembled a bit . He whispered right next to my ear! Unfamiliar with the warm breath of another person coming next to my ears, I shuddered unconsciously . I loosened my hand that was holding the bedsheet and tried to push away his shoulder . However, as if that action made him angrier, he whispered beside my ear .


“But you said you like me more than Min Hyung . ”


“Liar . ”



…… Damn it . Such childish complaints, don’t say it near my ear!!!!

I wanted to scream that as I writhed my body . I was turning insane . Talking about such childish subject, his husky voice filled with desire, turned my mind into a mess .

Let go…! Please . What are you doing now, please let me go…… .

I struggled desperately to escape . And as if my fierce defiance was too strong for him, so to comfort me, Jun Hyung started to press down my lower body with his own .




… Ju…… Jun Hyung……?

I was completely frozen with shock . Well, even if I hadn’t, I’d be unable to move .


“…… . ”


I looked at him with my eyes wide open . He had a blank face . For an instant, it looked like he was angry .

What exactly was…… this position……? What do you want to do now…… .


“Happy…… . ”


When he saw my pupils trembling with anxiety, he called me with a hoarse voice and tilted my face a bit . I closed my eyes in a spite of myself . His hot lips touched my forehead . That instant, I felt like I was on fire, my whole body recoiled again and my eyes opened .  And met with his eyes . He stared at me deeply in silence .




Suddenly, a sad voice escaped from my lips . That question that had been repeated for a long time in solitude .  Upon hearing my voice, his eyes contained a strange glint . I didn’t have the courage to face his eyes so I closed mine once again .


“Why… To Patrasche…… you did not give her a reward personally……?

“…… . ”

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…… Why do you kiss me?

That was what I really wanted to ask…… But a different question came out of my mouth .

You…… Why were you kissing me……? Aren’t I your pet? To you, I am, only just a little more special than a pet…… .



“…… . ”

“Reward… Only for…… Happy . ”



Only for Happy……?

At Jun Hyung’s answer, I slowly opened my eyes . He had given yet another vague reply that was hard to interpret . It’s a reward only to Happy . Did that mean me? Or the existence with the name Happy? When you had that dog named Happy, did you also give him a deep kiss as a reward?

…… sigh .

I don’t know where this outrageous thought came from . This guy was really a little kid at that time .


“…… . ”

“…… . ”


There was another brief silence, it was Jun Hyung who opened his mouth first .



“…… . ”

“Because it was me who picked you up……”

“…… . ”

“You can’t accept any reward from other guys…… . ”



As if to warn, Jun Hyung glared at me and growled .  That remark threw me further into confusion .

What did that mean…? What do you mean by that?

Not giving any time to organize my thoughts, he inched his face closer to mine . This time our lips touched slowly . I could feel his hot breath through our overlapping lips . I grabbed his shoulders tightly with my trembling hands . At that moment, Jun Hyung’s body faintly shuddered and the kiss turned intense .

“Eub… haaaa……”

I couldn’t breathe…… .

I thought absentmindedly in a chaotic state of mind . He was kissing me so fiercely that even he had no time to breathe .

No, not anymore…… Stop now already, please…… .

The moment I thought that I had reached my limit, his lips slowly parted from mine . Haa-haa, he breathed heavily . I also tried frantically to inhale the air . After that kiss, he once again buried his face in my neck . This time, because I was wearing only thin indoor clothes, it felt as if his soft lips were blanketing my defenceless skin . His breath brushed and spread at that area on my neck .





And when he called me, I was startled . And the little movements of his lips while he said the word ‘Happy’, I felt the vibrations of his word very vividly on my neck .  My whole body stiffened as I put strength into my hands grabbing his shoulders . Then, Jun Hyung also seemed to stiffen from surprise, and suddenly bit my neck .





At that moment, I let out a startled scream involuntarily .

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He started to suck my neck more forcefully .

What were you doing, you’re the owner, not the dog…! Neither are you a Dracula!!! Why did you bite into someone else’s neck and attack in a frenzy!! Let me go, please…! I can’t anymore!!




When I tried to call out his name, he put up his hand and blocked my mouth . My eyes widened in astonishment once again .

What are you planning on doing…… Now, you to me, what are you trying to do……

I was filled with anxiety and struggled to escape from his hands .  Suddenly, I thought I looked exactly like a woman that was on the verge of being assaulted . Jun Hyung suddenly stopped sucking my neck and Haahaa-ed as he breathed roughly . Then a hoarse voice, with hidden subtle emotions, came from his mouth .


“Be quiet, Happy……”


“Since there are other people outside……”


“You can’t be loud . … . ”



At that moment, I remembered his family which I forgot about . Right, right now, his family was all sitting around in the living room watching TV…!

This was outrageous .

I was so shocked that I let out a silent scream .

As I calmed down, he slowly went near my neck and buried his lips there again . It seemed like he would continue doing what he has been before . I was being unreasonable, his movements were by no means hard to resist .  When I had calmed down, Jun Hyung poured fierce kisses on my neck and slid his other hand which wasn’t blocking my mouth in my T-shirt .




Don’t be loud?! But, the door wasn’t locked…!

Without knowing my worries, his hand that entered the T-shirt started to slowly stroke my side . I was surprised as if I was on fire . His skilful movements sent goose bumps up from the tips of my toes . I tried to raise my body several times without realizing, my lower body was trapped tightly between his legs, only my waist slightly moved up .




The moan reached my throat and almost came out . I desperately tried to bite my lips and hold back the sound . His hand, that had been stroking my side, was now stroking my chest . His lips that were sucking my neck now began to gradually move down .


“Ha… hiss…!”

“Shh . Be quiet, Happy…… It’s okay . ”

“…… u…… uhh……”

“Yes, good boy…… . ”


He was talking as if he was soothing a child, who’s treating who as a kid now! Even though I thought so…… just, I couldn’t move a bit, my head went blank . Only the fact that ‘His family is outside, so you can’t be loud . ’ came across my blank mind clearly as if it had been engraved in it .

And when his hand finally touched the zipper on my pants, I’ve come to the point where I couldn’t stand it anymore . At the important part that swelled, his hand touched there .  Surprised at the unexpected sensation, I writhed my waist violently and struggled .


“Wait, no…… do… not……!”


…… And then……

Forgetting that his family was outside, I screamed loudly .


“…… What was that sound…?”


From the living room came a questioning voice . And when the footsteps grew nearer and nearer, I wanted to just evaporate like this .

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