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Picked Up In Winter - Chapter 22

Published at 18th of February 2019 06:43:50 AM

Chapter 22

Picked Up In Winter <22>

Clack… Clack… Clack .

Hearing the gradually approaching footsteps, I felt hopeless .

What to do…… What should I do?

I felt my mind slowly clearing up . Reason began to return to my brain which had gone blank moments ago . With Jun Hyung laying atop me and my shirt rolled up . A face and body covered in saliva, and most importantly, a very excited body . …… It was a dire crisis . Jun Hyung was also surprised, but he remained still .

Ba-thump, ba-thump…… .

My heart was seriously beating like crazy .


“Damn it…… . ”


I was startled to hear him curse near my ear . Jun Hyung relaxed the strength in his arms that was supporting him and just lied atop of me . I was surprised at the sudden closeness between our bodies . But above all, the reason I was surprised was the hot and hard feeling I felt from in between my thighs . I was rooted to the spot .


“As expected, that was pushing it…… . ”


He mumbled once again . I still hadn’t moved . This brief moment felt like an eternity . In the meantime, the footsteps got closer .

What to do…… .

We cannot show this image . If his family saw this scene, how shocked would they be? They might even faint . But what can you do, when you can’t even move your own body…… .


“It’s okay, Happy . ”


He murmured as if he had felt the slight tremor from my body . Then with a great force, he pulled out the blanket underneath . He held me in his arms and covered us with the blanket just as the approaching footsteps stopped at the door . As the door opened, Jun Hyung whispered .


“… Pretend to sleep . ”


I closed my eyes in a hurry .


“What is going on, Jun Hyung? It seemed like Happy yelled just now… . …”


At last, the voice of the main character entered my ears, it was Seon Hyung-nuna . I buried my face in his chest and closed my eyes tightly . Fortunately, the blanket which Jun Hyung covered us with, just reached till our eyes .  My eyelashes quivered a bit due to nervousness but they were probably hidden by Jun Hyung’s body and couldn’t be seen .


“It’s nothing . ”


Jun Hyung replied in a calm voice . But then, thanks to me, what is that hard and hot thing I am feeling on my thighs right now…… I wanted to question .


“Really? Happy is…… sleeping?”

“Yep . ”

“That’s weird . Didn’t Happy just yell “Stop”?

“…… . ”


……… .

In that instant my heart sank, I wanted to appeal my existence .

I gripped his arm tightly with a trembling hand under the blanket . Due to the tension, my body began to shiver more and more noticeably . He wriggled his arm that wasn’t gripped by me and stealthily grabbed my hand . It was probably to reassure me, but I got scared out of my wits because of it . Fortunately, I was so surprised by that move that I turned stiff .


“Sleep-talking . ”


“Happy was sleep-talking . ”

“…… Ho… Really? What a surprise… . Normally it’s so quiet that it’s scary…… You mean he sleep-talks that loudly?”

“Sometimes . ”

“That’s interesting…… . ”


Soon, I could feel a stinging gaze on my forehead . I was ashamed but closed my eyes tightly and diligently pretended to be asleep . If possible, I would’ve turned around and “woof”-ed in a loud voice .

I was impressed with Jun Hyung’s composure and guts…… .


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“Okay, sorry to interrupt your sleep . I was just wondering if something happened…… But Jun Hyung, stop accompanying Happy to bed .  We even bought the bunk bed . If you continue to annoy him, Happy won’t be able to sleep well . ”

“I’m not annoying him . ”

“Alright, I get it . I’ll go . … Huh? But why are you sleeping with lights on?”

“…… . ”


I was frightened once again . But as expected, Jun Hyung brazenly responded with a calm voice .


“Nuna, please turn it off when you go out . ”

“All right…… Good night . ”

“Ok . ”

“…… . ”


─Bang .

As the door closed, my body simultaneously relaxed . And at once, I sighed ‘Haaa’ in relief . The tension had prevented me from breathing properly . He snickered when he felt me breathe loudly in his embrace .


“…… . ”


Suddenly it got dark in the room so I couldn’t see anything at all . When vision fails you, other senses become more sensitive . For example, the thing I could feel on my thighs, his low laugh next to my ears…… .


“You are really bad . ”


He suddenly muttered . I was shocked inwardly but didn’t display any sign outside .


“I’m still hard, Happy isn’t .



He seemed to be talking about the other me which was completely cooled down by the tension and fright .  But his was still firmly erect, I could feel it on my thighs .

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“So, help me…… a little, Happy…… . ”

“…… . ”



I cried inside but didn’t let anything show on the outside .


“…… . ”


However, to ask for help in this situation could only mean one thing . My body once again tensed . While I was inwardly grumbling about not being able to be at ease even a bit, his hand slowly reached out and grabbed my wrist . And unsurprisingly, he put my hand on his jeans, over his penis .




I was startled, but the unpleasant incident a while ago made it impossible to let out any sound .


“Haa… . ”


A sluggish sigh escaped from his lips . That sound which entered my ears was overly faint in the darkness .  As if in a dream, I couldn’t distinguish it from reality . Another question arose in my mind . From the beginning till the end, there was only one word that came to mind .  ─Why…… . Only that word replayed in my mind indefinitely .


“Happy…… . ”


He whispered again as if he was calling the name of the loveliest thing in the world . However, my heart hurt the moment I heard that name . The name that was yet wasn’t mine . When I heard that name, it was as if the object he was lusting after, wasn’t me, but rather some other who wasn’t here .   


Slowly patting over, he finally unzipped his jeans . The sound resonated very clearly in the dark room . I was a little scared and amazed .


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“Eus…… haaa . ”


In the end, his jeans and underwear went down and his hot bare skin touched my hand . At the same time, he let out a short cry and buried his face into my neck . I had become rock stiff, too stunned to move . I just stayed unmoving as he continued his moves .


“Haaa…… Ha… ppy… . . Uu…uh……”


When he slowly began to move my hand, a low moan flowed from his mouth . Maybe because he was conscious of the people outside, his restrained moans were unbearably erotic . I was completely stiffened by the sounds ringing right beside my ear . I closed my eyes shut and just waited for this deed to end . Every time he groaned, his breath that spread on my neck was so hot that it felt like that place was being burned .


“Haaa…… Oh!”


He climaxed and hugged me at the same time . Soon the slippery liquid spilt on my hand . I didn’t know what to do with the awkwardness of getting someone else off by my hand . Jun Hyung soon roughly breathed, ‘haa haa’, then got up to get tissue papers . I didn’t know when my eyes opened in the darkness, as I stared at him from the bed .



“Come on, Happy… Hand . ”


Jun Hyung came next to me, who was unmoving, and while grumbling about my stubborn attitude, he took my hand .  He then thoroughly wiped even between my fingers, and also cleaned himself appropriately and then changed his pants . I was still stuck in the same position when Jun Hyung climbed into the bed again and lied down next to me .


“Let’s sleep now . ”

“…… . ”


With that said and all the desire satisfied, Jun Hyung soon really fell asleep . Looking at him falling asleep in a blink of an eye, I couldn’t help but be aggravated . Even my eyes wouldn’t close .  The leftover scent of semen bewildered me even more .


‘Sleep, Happy…… . ’


His last murmur suddenly came to mind .

… That’s not it .
…… I was not Happy .

That night, like a child playing with fire, I had to suffer from anxiety and excitement throughout .

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