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Picked Up In Winter - Chapter 27

Published at 6th of February 2020 09:24:50 PM

Chapter 27

Picked Up In Winter – <27>


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When the door shut, the silence descended very naturally . For a while, I stood there blankly staring at the door .  

It was a chaotic just a few moments ago . Min Hyung, who burst into tears, refused to let me go and continued to hold me tightly . All his family members were flustered and tried hard to placate him .   

What’s wrong, Min Hyung? You’ll see him soon . It’s not like you’ll never see him again . Min Hyung, please listen…… .

His family were constantly trying to persuade him, but Min Hyung continued to cling to me tightly, while furiously shaking his head .

By this time, I was starting to feel embarrassed . His family’s faces were also turning red in embarrassment as they turned to me, not knowing what to do . Just as the situation was turning more and more embarrassing, Jun Hyung came up next to me .

Will you fight here? I felt unsettled as I looked at him .  

At that time, Dae Hyung who was silently watching the scene from the back opened his mouth .


‘Min Hyung . ’

‘…… . ’

‘You’re troubling Happy . ’

‘…… . ’

‘Stop crying and come here . ’

‘…… . ’


Min Hyung’s small shoulders quivered at his tone . He then slowly raised his head and looked at me .


‘Happy…… . ’

‘…… . ’


My heart pained seeing his tear-filled eyes .  


‘Happy, then……’

‘…… . ’

‘If I sleep for two nights… I’ll see you……? Right?’



When Min Hyung asked that in a desperate voice, my eyes widened in surprise .

Aaa .

Why was this child so sensitive? How can this little child sense the change in my emotions more clearly than anyone else?

But I couldn’t say no . I forced my head to move, nodding slowly . Min Hyung was solemnly verifying my facial expression as if I had made a pinky promise . After I nodded a few times, only then did Min Hyung turn around to leave, and said ‘See you again . ’

-Click .

I kept standing absentmindedly in front of the closed door .


“…… Happy?”


I returned to my senses after I heard Jun Hyung calling me . I turned to the direction from which the voice came, and saw him looking at me weirdly .


“… Ah . ”


I let out a small sound while looking at him . It wasn’t until I saw him standing alone in the spacious living room that I realized .

For the next three days, he and I were left alone in this house .

No, to be exact, two and one . From his point of view, he may just be with his second pet .

Anyway just like this, before I leave the house .

Me and him . Life with us two had just started .





…… I thought it wouldn’t be much different .  

But only now did I realize that Min Hyung occupied a larger space than I had thought . When the existence of the space that Min Hyung had always occupied in our relationship disappeared, the emptiness began to be filled with <awkwardness> . Even though it wasn’t the first time I was alone with him, the atmosphere was as awkward as ever . Was I at the edge due to us two being alone? I felt restless and Jun Hyung, who for some reason wasn’t speaking, only encouraged that feeling .

Of course, it wasn’t anything new if he kept quiet . Since he and I rarely chatted, it was safe to assume that there was always silence between us, unless there was anything special to do . However, the problem was that he was frowning as if troubled, which was different from the usual .

…… Was he also nervous?

Highly unlikely, I thought as I glanced at him . Patrasche followed me around since Min Hyung, who had always cared for her, wasn’t here . As I sat on the sofa watching TV, she leapt on my knees and sat down . I ended up soothing my uneasy feelings by stroking the innocent Patrasche’s fur .  

In such an oddly tensed atmosphere, we finished our meal and sat down watching TV—as usual . On the surface, it didn’t look any different from the normal . Nevertheless, the tension stretched taut between us . I felt strangely pressurized to not even let out a breath for the fear that it would be too loud .

I tried to calm down by thinking of when to leave . At the very least, I don’t think I should leave during these three days because then he would end staying here all alone . Thinking how traumatic he would feel, I couldn’t leave him alone and disappear .   

Just before his family comes back, I’ll leave then .

Having decided so, I decided to relax in this tensed atmosphere and enjoy living with him .





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When I came out of the bathroom after having a bath, I could feel his stares on me from the sofa where he must have been sitting . I tried to ignore him as I wiped my hair with the towel .


“Happy . ”


Then a voice came from right behind me . I turned around in surprise . Before I knew it, Jun Hyung had appeared behind me and was staring at me absentmindedly .


“Happy, I’ll go to the convenience store for a bit .



Convenience store? When I looked at him curiously he explained .


“To buy something to eat . ”

“…… . ”


I was a bit hungry… Thinking that I nodded . He then went to his room and came out with a thick overcoat, I also picked my coat .


“Together…… . ”

“… huh?”


Carrying his overcoat, he said in somewhat flustered voice when he saw me accompanying him till the front door .


“No, Happy . You stay at home . ”

“…… . ”

“You just took a bath and your hair is all wet, it might freeze if you come out . ”

“…… . ”


Ah, okay…… .


“Besides, one person needs to watch the house . Ok, Happy? I’ll be right back . ”

“…… . ”


Hearing his coaxing, I felt a little embarrassed . I seemed to have acted like how Min Hyung did this morning . I felt a bit nervous about staying alone in the house but I somehow nodded and saw him off .

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He returned much later . It felt so lonely being left alone in a large house where previously I lived with a large family . I’ll be alone when I return back anyway . I shouldn’t feel so down, thinking that, I tried to cheer myself up . I felt comforted by the warmth of Patrasche in my arms and hugged her while I sat down to watch TV . Even if it would be hard, I would also raise a dog when I return back home…was what I was thinking . And I would name it Jun Hyung . Pfft… . Imagining that silly thought, I couldn’t help laughing . At that moment, the front door opened and that ‘Jun Hyung’ entered .

Jun Hyung entered with a bunch of bags, which made a rattling noise as if something was crammed in, and sat down next to me . I wanted to know what took him so long to buy so I watched as he took out the contents of the bag . Finally, Jun Hyung took out the items from the bag which turned out to be 4 cans of beer and dried snacks which are served with alcoholic beverages like crackers etc .  


“…… . ”


So, he went to buy…alcohol? No, that was secondary, first; how the hell did he get it? He was still a minor . …… I looked at him suspiciously, but he just picked up a can of beer with a nonchalant face, popped it open and gulped it down . Then he held it out to me .


“Wanna drink?”

“…… . ”


…… When we were together, the tension seemed to thicken .  When I accepted the beer in silence, he grinned . For some reason, embarrassed by his expression, I quickly turned my head towards the TV . Jun Hyung opened another one for his share . I could feel him moving up to sit on the sofa . I let my body relax and leaned against the footrest of the sofa .  


“…… . ”


As we sat down and savoured the fizzy carbonated drink, the conversation naturally disappeared, only the sounds of eating and TV filled the living room .


“…… . ”


After a while, I unconsciously ended up directing all my attention to the TV screen . A drama was being aired now, but it wasn’t the program in which I was interested—but rather what was being shown in it . The reason why I was watching it with such concentration was because the situation of the heroine seemed somehow similar to my own .  

It seems to be in the middle of the drama series, the heroine was dating that man . My interest was piqued when the boyfriend, in daily life, called her by another woman’s name without realizing . Apparently, it was the name of the boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend, who had died .

And that man was trying to find traces of his dead lover in the heroine who resembled her . The heroine felt sad and very confused on seeing this . This was how the storyline was progressing in the drama .

Was there any other drama that could bring out emotions so well?

Amazed, I became totally immersed in the drama . Her anguish, confusion, sadness; I could feel myself sympathising with her, I felt a pang of pain in my heart . When the person you love doesn’t look at you, the despair it brings when that person calls you kindly with a name that isn’t yours, I knew it better than anyone .  

Look, at least you’re the dead ex-girlfriend . I was a dog…… .

I felt like ranting and raving for a while .  

Suddenly, a cold and damp sensation on my shoulders made me return to reality .  




When I turned around in surprise, I could see a can of beer rolling on the ground, the smell of alcohol permeating the air .


“…… Sorry, Happy . ”

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“…… . ”

“It was a mistake . ”

“…… . ”


I quietly watched as he apologised a lot . I felt my body shiver due to the cold sensation on my shoulder . For some time, I was in a daze as I felt overwhelmed by the bitterness of the beer .


“…… . ”


I couldn’t be angry with him, and moreover, I wasn’t angry with him . I blinked as I tried to wake up . Looking down at me, whose consciousness went back and forth, he suggested the next step .


“You’ll have to change your clothes . ”

“…… . ”


Right…… .  

I quietly nodded and got up . The beer that had splashed on my shoulders, trickled down to my pants, soaking them . I entered his room, where the lights were switched off, and turned on the tube light . I opened the drawer and found the clothes .


“…… . ”


When I took off the top and hung it on one side, the sudden ‘woof woof’ of Patrasche surprised me .




No one came at this time, so why was she barking all of a sudden? I was feeling puzzled when I paused for a moment to look at the closed door of the room .  




Suddenly, I had another strange thought and began to question Jun Hyung’s behaviour from a while ago . I didn’t realise it before because I was out of sorts but now that I thought about it, I was definitely sitting below him, at his left side . He was definitely right-handed . It was almost impossible to drop the can of beer on my right arm…I slowly began to ponder .    

Unless it was dropped on purpose . Yes, he did it on purpose .

I had just thought that when-

Creak, the closed door easily opened .

And the one who entered was Jun Hyung .


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