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Picked Up In Winter - Chapter 7

Published at 18th of March 2018 08:52:36 PM

Chapter 7

Translator: Ranka

Editor/TLC: Miri

Picked Up In Winter – <7>


We were all surprised by the sudden appearance of Jun Hyung . The ambiance was extremely tense, we just stared blankly at Jun Hyung who was muttering in a dazed voice . I could not figure out how he would understand this situation . For a moment, like he could not grasp the situation, he looked at me but soon raised my face to gaze at his two brothers and repeated it . Gently, gently . He slowly walked towards me . The sound of stepping on snow was exceptionally clear . I was openly staring at his approaching feet which were quite big in comparisond to his height . He knelt down and sat before me .

"Why are you outside in this cold?"

A kind voice…… . I relaxed when I heard that voice . Without realising, I might have been too fixated on the existence of Dae Hyung who dislikes me . Seeing how that voice alone was able to make me feel at ease, it was obvious . Those warm eyes and the sweet-sounding voice seemed to melt my hardened heart for a moment . So I naturally leaned my head into his outstretched hand .

"Happy…… . "

He affectionately called out that name . And then he slowly lowered his hand and caressed my cold cheek . The warm temperature felt good on my face that was almost frozen from cold . At that moment, another cough burst out .


He asked with furrowed eyebrows . However, I laughed because it was not any different to the expression of Min Hyung, who looked at me a while ago . As expected, brothers resemble each other…… . No, in Jun Hyung's case, rather than them resembling each other, it might be more likely that his mental age was similar to Min Hyung’s . He very carefully helped me stand up and tried to go inside . But there stood Dae Hyung with two legs firmly glued to the ground and glaring at us .


Jun Hyung questioningly looked at his younger brother . He probably did not think deeply about why I was sitting with my bottom on the ground a moment ago . He now had no idea about the situation at all .

"What . Move, Jo Dae Hyung . "

He 'ordered' in a low voice . Yes, that definitely was an order . With just these few words, I could guess what their relationship was like . Although I could not know the details, one thing was clear . These two were not very close .

"Can't come in!"

Dae Hyung now turned into a child refusing to yield, shouting at his hyung . No matter how cold and confident he looked, it seemed like in front of his older brother even he became infinitely small . Somehow seeing him looking frightened was pitiful .

"What can't come in?"

Jun Hyung blurted out with a dumbfounded expression, shaking his brother off as if he was a nuisance . Just like that, Dae Hyung fell down the stairs . Because he was pushed while standing in front of the entrance, in a way, this was an expected result . The stairs were not very high and the floor was buried under snow, so there was no fear of injury . It should be simply painful . Ironically enough, Dae Hyung, looking the same as me when I fell on my butt just a moment ago, raised his head and looked at us . I did not particularly have any thougths of accusing him, but I found the current situation somewhat funny .

"Small hyung!!"

Min Hyung hurriedly ran towards Dae Hyung in surprise . By the way, the youngest in this house really was nice . It was a wonder how a child could grow up like that in the presence of his two older brothers who had nasty tempers .

"…… . "

While Min Hyung ran towards Dae Hyung, Jun Hyung stood completely still for a moment . While grabbing the doorknob, he seemed to ponder over something . What could it be…? With strange thoughts entering my mind, I wanted to examine his face, but Jun Hyung soon slowly turned his face to Dae Hyung who fell down and glared at him . And then he stared at me .


His expression was calm to the point of being scary which surprised me a little . He once again turned to look at Dae Hyung .

"Earlier, did you push Happy to the ground……?"

…… He seemed to have finally figured out that this exact posture was the oppressive posture used when pushing someone . Jun Hyung asked in a voice that gave off coldness . His force was quite incredible, it could even be said that the atmosphere from Dae Hyung a while ago was just a rehearsal, this seemed like a good way to express it . The situation was now reversed, it was my turn to look down from the entrance and it was Dae Hyung who had to look upwards with his bottom stuck to the ground .

"Who cares if I push that guy or not . "1

Dae Hyung replied . It was not something to say to an older brother .

"Who cares…?"

Jun Hyung arched his eyebrow . Rather than paying attention to the fact that his younger brother used informal language, it looked like the words 'who cares' got on his nerves more . Dae Hyung twisted one side of his mouth up and spoke with a sneer on his face .

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"You're saying you want to raise him in our house, that bastard…? I’m quite honored that I get to raise a pet human thanks to having a crazy hyung . So I pushed him once, that bastard human . To see if even a human pet would bark . "

It was terribly harsh . So much that I could hardly believe it came out of middle-schooler's mouth . How could such a child come out from such kind parents…? I had now even started to question other’s family affairs . This was an overly crooked child . That cruel attitude could only come from a child who somehow lacked affection . I could now see the reason why he hated me . It seemed like Jun Hyung and Dae Hyung were on an extremely bad terms . No, rather than being on a bad terms, Jun Hyung entirely stopped paying attention to him, and Dae Hyung always had a grudge against him . Such a one-sided relationship . I thought that due to him having a brother who was different from normal people, it might not be so weird for him to feel defiance . Jun Hyung said nothing for a while . Because he was looking at Dae Hyung, I could only see the back of his head . I was curious what kind of face he was making .

"So . Did he bark?"

Jun Hyung spoke . Unbefitting of the current situation, his tone of voice was overly monotonous . Looking like someone who was prepared to go all the way, Dae Hyung replied . With vigor seeming like he was about to burst into a laughing fit .

"Yeah, he did!! Cough, cough, like this…… Ugh!"

He was not able to finish his words . Not being able to hold it any longer, Jun Hyung jumped down from the stairs just like that and kicked his chin with his leg . Kicked in his chin, Dae Hyung staggered back before falling down . At the same time, the surprised Min Hyung fell flat on his bottom . Jun Hyung started to mercilessly kick Dae Hyung who was unable to catch his balance . Smack, smack, smack . The sound of constant kicking filled the surroundings .

I opened my eyes wide and watched the scene . I felt chills all over my body . Dae Hyung spitting out chilling, not childlike words was one thing but Jun Hyung beating up his younger brother without mercy also was not any better . Furthermore, it happened too quickly . I could not do anything . Standing next to me, Min Hyung was also watching the scene with a stupefied expression……

"Big hyung, stop!! Stop!!!"

A long while later, Min Hyung came to his senses while crying . Min Hyung screamed loudly and burst into tears . Spiritlessly getting kicked in face, Dae Hyung groaned once again . On top the white snow, scarlet red blood spread out . This sight felt just like a scene from a manhwa, so I watched it vacantly . Suddenly, one fact flashed through my mind . It was reality . Yes, this was reality . It was not the world of dreams . This is reality . This was just a place I could momentarily run away to, this was not a fantasy world . If one was hit, it would be painful; if one’s skin ripped, blood would come out . And above all, this was their living space . Because of my presence that wanted to believe in a dream world, their lives were being disturbed . Into my eyes came Min Hyung who was mindlessly crying and screaming; Dae Hyung who would not say the words 'sorry' even if he was beaten to death, and Jun Hyung who seemed a bit crazy…… . Cough . Once again coughing emerged . It hurt so much that I thought there might actually be blood mixed with my spit . I opened my mouth with difficulty and called out to him .

"Jun Hyung…… . "

─It stood out . Then, surprisingly, his movements stopped abruptly . Even though he had his back turned towards me, he apparently had somehow heard my small voice and stopped his actions just like that . He continued to stand still . It seemed like he was waiting for my next words .

"Stop it… . "

At this word alone, Jun Hyung's strained body loosened up completely . It seemed as if my words held power over his next action . It was amazing when you think about it . What kind of existence was I to him? Did we not only meet for the first time last night- no matter the circumstances? Why did he give me such unconditional kindness? No, this was more than a kindness . Stopping all actions at my one word, it seemed to be too excessive for it to be mere kindness . For you, I who have the name 'Happy', what existence am I to you exactly…… . While I was lost in my thoughts, Dae Hyung who was full of injuries sluggishly raised his body . Then he looked at Jun Hyung . His eyes were filled with unbearable rage and sorrow . Although Jun Hyung still had his back turned to me, I could tell he was facing Dae Hyung’s eyes . I could not tell what expression he was making . But one thing was clear ─that it probably was not a warm or apologetic expression . If Jun Hyung was actually wearing a face showing his emotions as an older brother, Dae Hyung would not be facing him with such sorrowful look . The face that was originally filled with rage, started changing into nothing but sorrow from a certain point . Looking like he was about to cry, Dae Hyung suddenly got up while glaring at Jun Hyung .

"Something like you can’t even be called hyung!! Go die, psycho bastard!!!!"

And like that, he ran out of the house .

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"…… . "

A desolate atmosphere hovered around the house . His family members, who had returned home in no time, sat on the sofa with serious expressions . My stay in this house caused someone to leave ─ . A situation as hard for me to endure as now would probably not come again . I took a seat opposite them, feeling like I was sitting on thorns . Min Hyun was lying in his room with high fever and my throat also was not well, so I was wearing mask inside . The honey tea I received from them a little while ago made my throat feel a bit more comfortable . Contrary to my boundless embarrassment, Jun Hyung sat next to me with an unabashed, expressionless face .

His mother had called everywhere she could think of and spoke in an anxious voice .

"It must be awfully cold outside… . " "…… . "

As I saw this scene, the image of someone I missed vaguely entered my mind . But I put a stop to it soon after . I felt like tears would come out if I remembered it .

What was surprising was that they did not scold Jun Hyung at all . He beat him and drove him out -actually he did not drive him out but it was a situation in which it could be seen that way -but they did not get angry . Certainly, they were different from the average family . And the fact that this seemingly ordinary, harmonious family continuously felt off and strange somehow, was all due to the existence called Jun Hyung . That guy is the troublemaker of our house…… . His older sister's scary words about Jun Hyung popped into my head . What is he, that guy? Is he actually not their real child… . To the point that I even had thoughts like this, the distance between Jun Hyung and this family felt incredibly large to me .

"Seon Hyung and Jun Hyung, go to sleep now . You have school tomorrow . "

His mother said in an exhausted voice .

"If mom and dad go to sleep as well . " "We'll go to sleep soon after waiting for a little longer . Hurry and go to bed . " "What do you mean, soon . Both of you have to go to work earlier than me . Tomorrow, I have class from 3rd period . I'll wait, so everyone, quickly go to sleep . " "Seon Hyung… . "

The thorns I felt I was sitting on were becoming more delicate . I felt so uncomfortable that I could not stay seated any longer . In addition, the wind outside was so severe that a chill could be felt coming in through the window covered by curtains . I jumped up from my seat .


Their attention was given to me . I looked at them and spoke with a resolute voice .

"I'll look for him outside . "

At these words, Jun Hyung surprisingly got up in a hurry . This agile action was unlike the action of someone who was sitting there expressionlessly just a moment ago .

"No . "

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I silently shook my head at his words .

"It's my fault so I have to search . " "It's not your fault . " "Yes, Happy . It isn't your fault . Although it's not something to brag about, Jun Hyung and Dae Hyung originally don't get along that much… . It just exploded . " "In any case, it’s obvious that I was the trigger . "

My headstrong attitude caused the family to be at a loss . They were a good family . They accepted an uninvited guest like me without any words and did not blame me even after something like this happened . They were really such a good family that I could not understand how Dae Hyung had turned out so crooked . Could Jun Hyung be the reason as to why Dae Hyung was so crooked? This thought vaguely flashed through my mind at that moment .

"Then I'll come with you . "

When I heard a voice from the side that seemed to be begging me, I came to my senses .   It was Jun Hyung . Making it hard to think of him as the same person just a moment ago who had such a cold expression on, he stood there with a sullen look .

"Really? Jun Hyung, you're saying you will go out and bring Dae Hyung back?"

His older sister said with surprise in her voice .

"I'm not going to bring him back, but I'm going to follow Happy . " "Isn't the outcome the same anyway?"

Despite the serious mood, his older sister burst into laughter . As I did not know what to do and ambigiously stood still, his mother asked me seriously .

"But are you planning to go out blindly?" "-there are few places, I have some guesses . " "You have?" "Just…… Places to go, after leaving home without any plans . Although it may not be reliable…… . " "Alright . Then look around with Jun Hyung once, but if he's not there come back immediately . You shouldn't overdo it . Your body also isn't well right now . " "Yes . I'm sorry . " "What for?"

His mother asked me, with a smile showing that she had no idea about the reason of my apology . I felt awkward, and also thankful, so I bowed and went to Jun Hyung's room . Saying I had to dress warmly, Jun Hyung started to recklessly dress me in the clothes I was normally able to wear on my own . On top of the thick sweater I was already wearing, he made me wear one more layer and tied my scarf in a way that made it almost impossible to see my face . He even covered my head with the hat I wore the first time I came here and only then did he start putting on his own clothes . I waited until he was fully dressed, and suddenly the frame on his desk caught my eyes . Right, the one I saw before…… the picture that had a hint of sad longing .


While looking at it absent-mindedly, there was something odd . That dog, it was not Patrasche . It looked similar to Patrasche, but it was not . I was certain . Perhaps, this dog’s name was…… Happy? While I was in the midst of doubt, Jun Hyung called me .

"Let's go, Happy . "

And so I had no other choice but to let go of my interest in the photo and step out of the house . Right now, it was more important to find Dae Hyung who left home .


So, Happy didn’t leave, but instead Dae Hyung ran away . Are you surprised? Do you think they’ll find him? And what about the mysterious dog’s picture…?

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