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Chapter 13

Visha felt like she had swallowed a hundred needles and all of it got stuck in her throat . She could feel one almost coming out tearing her vocal cords apart . She coughed continuously to get it out . It pricked every time she did . But finally she was somehow able to spit it out . Unlike she thought, it didn't get any better there was another one in her throat now . She remembered Shivam said that it will continue till she died . There was no point in trying to get this one out . There would be another one again . She gave up and started to lose consciousness . Visha looked really weak and was about to drop on the floor . Dhira held Visha before she fell .

"What did you do?" Dhira didn't hide her emotions this time . Her anger was clear and reasonable . She suspected it and her suspicion was confirmed when Visha said meekly, "I transferred it . "

Dhira was about to blow up in rage but she bottled it down . She knew this was not the time . She gestured Shivam to hold Visha instead and took out a knife from her bag .

She made a cut on her palm and her blood started to ooze out . She balled it up in a fist and started chanting as she placed her other hand on Visha's forehead . Visha started to improve . She stopped coughing and Shivam helped her sit back up . She wiped off the blood from her lips . Her throat wasn't pricking anymore . The wounds still stung a little but it was far better than the pain before . Dhira hissed in pain as she opened up her bloodied fist full of needles . All those needles would have continued to come out of Visha's throat one by one . She threw them away and turned to Visha . Now that she wasn't dying from a spell anymore, Dhira could unleash her fury .

"What the f*ck were you thinking?" she yelled . Shivam had never seen Dhira so angry that she couldn't contain it . He feared this even more . No matter how extreme her emotions were . She never displays them . This was the first time he saw she was unable to do so .

Visha smiled innocently and scratched her head . "Shivam said that you know how to stop it . If it was happening to someone else you could've stopped it easily . I wasn't confident if I would be able to do any spells but like you said I memorized them all . I can't do high level magic like you, so I gave the transfer spell a try . "

Dhira felt indebted to her . She had taken her suffering without a second thought and put all her trust in Dhira . She put herself on the line to save her . This girl was far too innocent and good for the world . Dhira sighed in helplessness . She decided to always protect Visha . She will give this girl what she deserved . The Blood Bond . She owed her that much . She then smiled and patted Visha's head .

"We should tend to both of your wounds . " Shivam reminded .


Visha was about to go to sleep when her phone buzzed and she picked it up . It was a message from Priya .

'I have the dress from Nitya . Meet me early morning tomorrow so you can try it on . Nitya will give it by tomorrow night after altering it . '

'Thanks . I will see you tomorrow . You are my life saver . ' and then Visha added some heart emoticons . She was right to seek Priya's help . She will have her dress by tomorrow night . Her beauty was something she was the most confident in . She could definitely win now . She went to bed with a smile on her face and no worries . She slept like a log .


Dhira hurried back to the mansion in the middle of the night . She had went blank for a while after Srisha told her that their Master was sick . He was more than just a mentor to her, he was like a father to the orphan girl Dhira . He was the only one she considered family . She pushed the doors open and rushed upstairs to his bedroom . He was lying on the bed and Srisha was standing beside him .

"What happened?" Dhira asked as she leaned over to get a better look . He looked so pale and weak . As if the life had been sucked out of him .

"He fainted . He has been working on something day and night since the last time you saw him . He won't tell anyone . He won't let anyone help either . He even told everyone to keep it a secret from you . " Srisha was about to cry . The man she loved was lying on the bed lifeless . She had loved him with all her heart but he wouldn't even consider her . She had been trying to be with him for all these years . But he had refused her every time just for that woman . She had loved him unconditionally and he won't even look at her .

Dhira on the other hand couldn't comprehend what he might want to acquire . What was he trying to do so desperately? Last time, they had talked about Visha and her mother . Did that trigger this? She couldn't help but feel like these were connected . There was more to this than her Master let her know . Too many mysteries surrounded Visha, like how she couldn't do any spells before but she was successful today . Dhira was grateful . Visha had saved her life but this didn't make sense . Even though her origins seemed suspicious but Dhira's heart said she was trustworthy . And the first thing she learnt about being the coven leader was to always trust her instincts . And she will .