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Published at 13th of May 2019 07:34:20 PM

Chapter 46

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Visha entered the green room and sat down at an empty dressing table to do her make up . The other two finalists stared at her in envy as her violet dress made her complexion seem fairer and perfectly complemented her figure . Visha had already become an eyesore to most of the girls in the college after performing the best in last two rounds . She had gained popularity in just a few days after the fashion walk as she outshone other contestants . Her stunning looks had been deeply engraved in everyone's mind . Some admired her while some felt threatened by her, but there was not one student who didn't know her .

"Look, the Princess is here to get ready . Should we leave the room?" said one of them .

"Yeah, we should give her privacy in case the cold King wants to visit her . I heard she knows him . " and they started laughing . Visha had known, that incident would turn her into a joke very soon . That hearless b*****d must be satisfied now . She will rip him apart when the time comes but till then she can't do anything about the rumors .

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"Yeah . And I can't even imagine this sl*t having any talent other than hogging attention . "

"True . Some people are just never satisfied . She already has a lot of guys after her but she still had to throw herself shamelessly at the one guy who wasn't . "

"This sl*t might not be satisfied even after getting f*****d by all the boys in college . "

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Divya had heard all of these insults while standing at the door and felt it would work . She has to make Visha's life miserable enough so tonight's event will become the final blow .

They had been told to get to Visha as much as they could . Since the command had come from a person in power and gave them a chance to blow off some steam, they immediately agreed . Divya had assured them, that if they did well enough she'd take them under her . She was Dhira's sister after all . Every one wanted to be with her . This would be the perfect chance to show their loyalty . Divya entered the room with Ananya and her other minions . All of them had a smug smile on their faces to see Visha being embarassed .

"Maybe, you should work at a brothel . A wh*** like you would definitely earn a lot . " Ananya taunted .

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Visha felt as if she had had enough of their taunts and slanders . She continued with her make up as she replied, "I thought you all might suffer great losses with me as a competitor so I didn't . "

One of the girls that followed Divya tried hard to control her laughter but Divya still noticed it . Her body went stiff as soon as she felt Divya's gaze on her . Divya couldn't control her rage as she stormed towards her . Sound of a slap echoed in the room and everyone was stunned . Visha too put down her make up brush and turned to see the girl standing there holding her cheek with her head down . Her cheek seemed red and swollen . That girl had followed Divya for such a long time and she treated her like this . How could she slap her in front of all these people .

Visha felt an anger boil inside her when she saw her being treated like that . It felt unfair, that girl had been loyal to Divya . She couldn't help but hate her for being ungrateful to her friends . She has always believed in giving back two folds, but such insensible person would never know to pay back someone's gratitude . Visha got up from her seat and went to Divya . She abruptly held her arm to turn her so she would be face to face with her .


Another slap echoed in the entire room and everyone was too stunned to react . There was a dead silence in the entire room as Divya felt a burning sensation in her cheek . Did this b***h just slap me? Divya thought . She felt as if she would burst in anger . She will make this b***h suffer . She will regret it in just a few more hours . Today will definitely be her last day .

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