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Published at 13th of May 2019 07:34:13 PM

Chapter 53

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Dhira sat down outside the nurse's office after they took Visha in . They had hurried Visha to the infirmary almost immediately . Yash had helped a lot as he carried her here while Dhira cleared the crowd . She looked at the guy beside her anxiously staring at the door . She couldn't believe it . This was the same one who had humiliated Visha not long ago . And now was worried to death about her . Such a fickle minded man, one day he adores her, then shuns her away and then goes pale when she gets hurt . And they say women are complicated . Dhira then looked away at the door too waiting for the nurse to come out .

Visha had already lost consciousness before they brought her here . The nurse had appreciated the fact that no one tried to pull the glass piece out . Apparently it could have cut through an important blood vessel and if someone had pulled it out, she would have lost way more blood than she did now .

And only Dhira knew the value of that precious blood . Just a few drops had multiplied Dhira's powers by many folds . Her blood was like steroids for witches, if someone finds out they might bleed her dry . This was another reason Dhira had kept everything a secret . She won't let anyone use her Puppy like some pig to be slaughtered .

Her phone buzzed and she pulled it out from her pocket . It was a text from Shivam . He wanted to know what he should do with Divya . She was in a hurry when she saw Visha unconscious and left without giving any further instructions . She had told him to keep an eye on Divya . She then began typing,

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'Get her to the basement . '

She will deal with it later . That Divya b*tch will definitely pay . She had gone overboard this time . Puppy could have died tonight . Maybe Shivam was right . Hiding things is only making her even more open to attacks . Just then the nurse stepped out and Dhira rushed to her .

"How is she?" she looked flustered and not like herself right now . The nurse was shocked to see her like this . She had worked here for years and never seen someone as indifferent as Dhira . She had hardly ever cared about anything, not even when she herself recieved some stitches last year from a sports injury . And now was here, all flustered up over someone else .

"Nothing serious . Luckily, it was just a flesh wound . I stitched it up and she is just fine . "

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Dhira heaved a sigh of relief and pushed the door open . Visha was already sitting up fixing her dress when she looked up and saw Dhira . She could see how worried Dhira looked and wanted her to calm down . So to assure her, Visha gave a goofy smile and Dhira let out a laugh when she saw that uncaring expression . She came and sat down beside her .

"I have some things to confess . " she said in a serious tone . Visha could sense it was something important and hence attentively turned to face her .

"I already know the people behind the attacks . All of them . There were three in total . "

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"I thought I offended way more than that . " Visha chuckled .

"One is already taken care of . And the other one is in my grasp right now . But the last one, that's a tough one . "

Visha felt her heart warm up after hearing her . She had already taken care of all these things without even letting her know . Even a real sibling won't have been this caring . She felt grateful for having met a big sister like her .

"Who could be tough in front of you, Big Sis?"

"She's someone you trust and I don't know if I should make a move on her . "

Visha wasn't as surprised to hear this as Dhira had imagined . She must have already suspected it, but purposely looked over it to not get hurt . She was trying to protect her heart from being broken . But she can't anymore, uptill now it was just about the competition . Today it was her life! She had to take this seriously . So she nodded at Dhira to reveal the culprit .

"Priya" the name dropped like a bomb on Visha and she sat there unmoved . A lot of things were going through her mind but the main question was .

"But why?"

"Because she likes Vikram who keeps on following you . Jealousy of a woman in love is a dangerous thing . "

Visha knew she would have to deal with it on her own . Dhira was already knee deep in coven affairs and she couldn't trouble her anymore . She would've to think of something .

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