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Praise the Orc! - Chapter 116

Published at 17th of August 2017 04:42:29 AM

Chapter 116

Chapter 116 – Make a Sound in the East, then Strike in the West (2)

Nameragon had a museum that recorded the history and events of the city .

There was a display of the wyvern Boro, who once terrorized the citizens of Nameragon . It was killed by the hunter Tunishi, who left his name on Nameragon's history .  Boro was a quick and brilliant wyvern who enjoyed hunting dark elves, unlike the wyverns who rarely attacked the cities .

Boro would invade Nameragon under the cover of night and kidnapped people for dinner .  There was a huge number of victims .  Nameragon invited Tunishi, a well-known hunter who had profound knowledge .  He was able to kill Boro by installing traps and tracking his nest .

The identity of the wyvern was a mutant . He was much bigger than a usual wyvern and his teeth were sharp . The steel-like skin was incomparable to any wyvern .  Now he was on display as a piece of Nameragon's history .

Tiyo muttered to himself, “This is a wyvern right dot?"

The hard skin was removed and its fierce eyes were empty . However, the magnificent skeleton still had its wings spread wide and seemed to be threatening the dark elves .

“How are you going to do this dot?"

Right now, the dark elves were in an emergency state and had to use anything to counter the invasion of the orcs .  So when Anor said that he would use the displayed wyvern, Mayor Radet nodded without a word .

However, Crockta and Tiyo didn't know how Anor planned to use this . They could only guess .  And it surely became a reality .

Anor closed his eyes, the power of the young necromancer embracing the old skeleton .  The magic power flowed in streams and captured its core . A necromancer linked life and death .  The soul that left the world couldn't be restored . But the traces of the dead left behind would follow his will .  There were things that remained after death .

Their grudges .  Would there be such a thing in this old wyvern's body?

Anor focused his mind .  It was empty, but he didn't give up and persuaded the wyverns . Sometimes there would be unforgettable memories that didn't disappear, even after the wyvern's death .


The wyvern's wings were shaking .  The museum manager watched with shock .


“I’ve found it . ” Anor smiled .

Anor reached out his hand and the wyvern's skull moved slightly . The rest of the wyvern bones started to move .

“What do you want?"

Anor was no longer seeing just a pile of bones .  Boro was a breathing and living wyvern .  He gazed at the serene eyes of the wyvern who ate a lot of dark elves .

Anor winked .  Boro made a sound that conveyed his intentions to Anor .  It was what the wyvern wanted .  Anor nodded .  He would do what the wyvern wanted .

“Crockta . Tiyo . Jump . "

“G-Get on this dot? I think my bum will…"

"It will be okay . "

Anor was well aware of the experience due to being a friend of Third Dragon .  Drakes and wyverns were different from horses . There was no need for a saddle because they didn't shake up and down .

Boro responded to Anor's resurrection magic and stepped forward . The museum started shaking . It was a magnificent spectacle .  Boro moved his head . He looked around the museum where he was confined before glancing up at the glass ceiling . Towards the blue expanse .

Crockta asked the museum director to get a thick cloth and rope . The cloth was placed over the bones and tired with the rope .  Anor, Crockta, and Tiyo then got on Boro's back .

“Excuse me…”

The museum director opened his mouth with much difficulty and asked, “Why inside…?"

That's right .  Why were they riding Boro here?

Anor grinned .  “Because we are going right now . "


Boro's wings started to move .  The bones that made up his body started to slowly rise . A gust of wind struck the museum director .  Boro sprang from the floor and flew towards the sky .  The glass ceiling was instantly broken by the body .

"Wahh!" The scream of the museum director was heard from below, but they didn't care .

Boro flew into the sky .  The wide expanse .  It was his dream .  He wanted to soar in the blue sky once again .

“Let’s go, Boro . "

Boro made a loud sound .  He didn't have any vocal organs but they seemed to hear the roar of a wyvern .  Then the wyvern started to fly south, towards Juora .  The air was torn apart . Boro quickly moved through the sky .

“Ohhhh! I dot! The sky dot! Crockta! We're flying!"

“Kulkulkul, why are you such a hillbilly? You're acting like it's the first time you're flying or something . "

"What, what dot? You've never flown in the sky before either! How would you get into the sky dot?"

“There is such a thing . "

"Don't lie dot!"

“Rural gnome…"

“You can't get away with that remark dot! This is species discrimination, discrimination! Besides, Quantes is a city!"

Crockta started laughing .  Of course, it was different . Sitting in a plane was completely different from feeling the wind directly brush against his skin .  Besides, he had friends next to him .

Crockta grinned .  He wouldn't let Juora fall to ruin .

"Crockta, Tiyo . " Then Anor opened his mouth, “Can I ask one thing?"

"Of course . "

“What is it dot?"

“Why are the two of you going so far as to fight against the great chieftain?"

Anor first met them in the Luklan Mountains . At the time, the orc and gnome had protected the Luklan Mountains from the Great Clan .  He helped Nuridot by defeating the orcs of the Great Clan . Crockta gave advice to Anor about the bullying and after Nuridot, he rescued Nameragon .  Crockta was able to defend Emeranian by fighting alone against all the orcs . Zelkian, the leader of the dark elves, trusted him .

They were an orc and gnome, and right now the dark elves were the ones in need .  If they wanted to live comfortably, they could . However, they came to this hard and inhospitable place and helped people .

Tiyo delayed his search for his father while Crockta turned the orcs into his enemies .

The great chieftain was strong .  A fearsome monster .  Anor wanted to know what made them fight to the end against such a being .

“The question is wrong dot . "


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“We know why we are doing it, and you do as well . The whole world knows that the great chieftain is crazy . "


Anor realized .

It wasn't 'why . ' It was 'how' .  How couldn't a strong and righteous man fight for what he believed in?

“Huhu, you have the chance to ask again dot . This won't come twice . "

Anor held Boro's neck tightly and asked again .  He heard Tiyo's reply and became more curious .

“Then, how can you fight so hard?"

Why struggle for their lives? Instead of answering, Tiyo knocked on Crockta who was sitting behind him . It was the signal for Crockta to respond . Crockta started laughing .

He knew Anor's heart .  At one time, he also had that question .  Of course, now he knew the answer .

Crockta replied, “Because I am afraid of dying . "


Anor looked back with wide eyes .  It was difficult for him to understand heading into a dangerous battlefield because of a fear of dying .

Crockta grinned .  He threw out an old question, "Anor, are you living right now?"

Anor still didn't understand .

Crockta recalled old memories . They were the final words that Lenox, the great warrior, had shouted to Crockta . At that time, he had the same expression but now he could answer .  He wasn't an apprentice anymore but an honorable orc warrior .

“Just because you are breathing doesn't mean you're alive, Anor!"

A look of realization appeared on Anor's face .

Crockta smiled .  “Just because your body is moving doesn't mean that you are alive . I fight to be truly alive . "

Anor had a bemused expression on his face .  As if responding to Crockta's voice, Boro the wyvern sped up again .  He moved through the wide expanse . The wind rushed past them as they headed towards Juora .

Anor grabbed Boro's neck .  "In order to be truly alive…"

Now Juora was really close .  They saw the collapsed walls of Juora from far away . Orcs had already entered inside .  From the sky, the huge figure of the great chieftain could be seen . He was indiscriminately wielding his axe and destroying the city .  A dark elf was wielding a double sword against him, but he had already lost .

The warriors started their slaughtering .  The dark elves were helpless .


Crockta shouted .  Tiyo prepared General at the cry .

"Rush at full speed!"

In response, Boro moved even faster downhill . The goal was the great chieftain .  Boro dived towards that place .

"I will descend by myself!"

Crockta got up from his spot .  The great chieftain realized and raised his head .  His red eyes met Crockta's .

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Crockta grinned .

Boro turned his body at a breathtaking angle .  Crockta didn't miss that moment as he used the gravity to fly towards the great chieftain .

A great drop!


There was an explosion as they collided .


Surka moved his axe .  Thanks to the shaman's power, they could deceive and infiltrate the enemy's border .

It wasn't difficult once they entered through the gate .  It was sufficient to run along with the great chieftain .  The great chieftain started to run rampant and the warriors followed . They were elites of the Great Clan and knew better than anyone what to do the moment the gate was broken .


The great chieftain wielded his axe with a roar . The head and body of a dark elf were separated . The confused face flew through the air .  The great warriors also went wild . Their eyes were red .  Their boss was a monster who smashed a gate with his body and dyed the earth red in one strike .

He felt a surge of emotion .  Blood was needed .


Surka cut the shoulder of the dark elf who had fired an arrow at him . The dark elf fell over . Surka stepped on his face and jumped .  The escaping dark elf raised his weapon . The enemy was instantly killed . The feeling of the spine being crushed was always sweet .

The dark elves were weak .  The great chieftain was right .  Surka smiled . The great chieftain's madness was spreading like a plague as they killed everything in their sight .

The area around the main gate of Juora started to be flooded with blood .  The reinforcements from the other walls were rushing, but now there were no strong walls protecting them .  There was nothing standing between the axes and the bodies .

They just faced each other .  It was clear what would be broken .


Surka wielded his axe towards a dark elf .


However, it was blocked .


He stepped back, but the blades chased him .  Surka focused . At that moment, the world slowed .  He was a great warrior .  A great warrior who knew he could split apart the world at this moment .



The opponent's blade split apart his realm . Fast . It was too fast for him .  A powerhouse .  Surka twisted his body and barely avoided a mortal wound . Blood flowed from his arm . Surka retreated and stared at the opponent .

A dark elf wielding double swords . The purple eyes gazed at him without any emotion .


Surka tried to attack again, but the dark elf ignored the orc warrior as if he didn't care about him .  He headed towards the great chieftain .

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Surka's pride was hurt, but he could only watch as the great chieftain grinned at the opponent . He couldn't interrupt the great chieftain's fight .

The dark elf and great chieftain started fighting .  His dual swordsmanship was brilliant . It was so fast and elaborate that the great chieftain found it hard to follow . The swords moved through the gaps and wounded the great chieftain's body .

However, the opponent was a non-standard monster, the great chieftain Calmahart .  This wouldn't work on him .  Despite the accumulated damage, Calmahart's madness seemed amplified as he laughed . In the end, he managed to catch the dark elf .



“How ludicrous!"

Calmahart's fist collided with the dual wielding dark elf .  He flew through the air .  He had sliced Calmahart many times with his blades . Then Calmahart struck once with his fist .

However, that one blow was stronger .  The great chieftain's wounds had already recovered, leaving no traces of the sword .  The dark elf squirmed on the floor, unable to recover .  This was the difference in power .


The great chieftain roared . The warriors were thrilled and repeated their war cry .

"For the Great Clan's victory!"

“Death to the enemies of the Great Clan!"

Then the great chieftain laughed and raised his axe to finish off the dark elf .

The moment he was about to kill the enemy…

Suddenly, the sound of the howling wind was heard .


Surka raised his head .  The wind made a rushing sound .  From the distant sky above their heads, something was closing in .  Incredibly fast .

Before he could figure out what it was, it had already nosedived towards them .


Its target was the great chieftain .  Gradually, it got bigger .  The great chieftain was also amazed . However, it was too late . It flew from the sky and slammed into the body of the great chieftain .

At that moment, Surka heard it clearly .

'Do you know this word?'

It was the word that both Hammerchwi and Surka's father had said, "Bul'tarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr───!"

A huge explosion occurred where the great chieftain was .  The orcs and dark elves stared blankly .

As dust rose from the aftermath, Surka saw it .  The great chieftain was lying down .  The thing that hit him was staggering up .  It was the appearance of an orc warrior holding a greatsword .

'One day, it might answer you . '

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