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Praise the Orc! - Chapter 200

Published at 23rd of September 2017 03:09:55 PM

Chapter 200

Chapter 200 – Dragon and Tiger Cave (TL: i . e . a very dangerous place)

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As they approached the entrance to Orcrox, they saw two orcs in chain armor standing like stone statues . Their blades flashed in the sun .  The guards found Crockta and laughed . They were laughing but due to the tusks and heinous appearance, their faces seemed evil .

“Hey . Are you alive?”

They hadn’t changed .  Crockta stood in front of them .  He was no longer an apprentice warrior . He returned to Orcrox as a great warrior .

“At that time, it didn’t seem likely…”

“The warrior who shook the continent has returned to Orcrox . ”

The guards laughed and Crockta laughed with them .

“You are alive . ”

“Of course . I’m not weaker than you . ”

Crockta bumped fists with the two guards .  It wasn’t enough for Crockta so he hugged them . The orc guards burst out laughing .

“Crockta has been doing great things!”

“It was great to hear . ”

“How embarrassing . ”

Crockta remembered when he first came here .  At that time, he really hadn’t known anything . He thought they were just well-formed NPCs .  But that wasn’t it .  The orcs and the orcs of Orcrox lived in the world of Elder Lord, as well as all the warriors who died that day .

Grom, Kim Hyunchul who was now in jail, Lenox, Gulda and all the orcs he met crossed his mind .

“Anyway, I am glad to see you again . ”

The guards laughed with their arms around Crockta’s shoulder . Then they looked at Zankus .

“If it isn’t Zankus . ”

“It has been a while . ”

There were no orcs who didn’t know Zankus, the hunter who penetrated the sun .  The guards bumped fists with Zankus .

“You are unchanged . ” Zankus explained to Crockta’s group .  “These guards have been protecting this place longer than Lenox . They were standing here when I first arrived . ”


They were very old veterans .

Crockta introduced Tiyo and Anor .  “They are my colleagues . ”

“I’ve heard the story . Very brave friends . ”

Tiyo nodded .

“Huhu, my reputation has spread dot!”

Tiyo was several times smaller than an orc, but he was the epitome of a man .  Tiyo imitated the orcs with the fist bumps, before entering Orcrox .  There was a stir in Orcrox as soon as Crockta’s group appeared .

Orcs passing by discovered them and opened their mouths, “Crockta and Zankus are together!”

“It is an honor to meet you . I am alive!”

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“Welcome back!”

Crockta first came to Orcrox as a stupid newcomer .  Now he became a great warrior who people respected .

“It feels like home . ”

Crockta headed towards the training ground where Hoyt was .  As he came closer, he could hear the orcs .  He remembered the old days when he ran around the training ground under Lenox’s command .

“First hit! First one! Focus every time you swing! Wield it like it is your life!”


“Is that lousy swing the best you can do? Is it? Burochwi!”


“Then swing again! Don’t be afraid to die!”


It was a familiar voice .  Hoyt, who was standing in the middle of the training grounds, shouted like Lenox .  Crockta breathed in deeply and shouted .

“Are you alive, Hoyt?!”

Everyone stopped for a moment as Crockta’s group appeared at the camp .  Orcs were sparring, swinging their weapons in the air and building strength through push-ups .

Hoyt, Orcrox’s instructor, just laughed .  “You came back . ”

“Yes . ”

It was Hoyt .  It was the first time since the battle where Lenox died .

“You are alive . Bul’tar!”


Crockta and Hoyt bumped fists and embraced each other .  It was a meeting of two great warriors .

“Is that Crockta?”

“Just like the rumors, he has a fierce face and a menacing greatsword . ”

Even orcs felt fear at his appearance! In addition, his representative greatsword was much bigger than the rumors . The orcs nodded at the sight of Crockta .

“Indeed, the warrior who fought the north and the empire . ”

After Crockta finished his greeting with Hoyt, Zankus also extended his fist . They were familiar with each other .

“Stop running around and stop by Orcrox often . ” Hoyt scolded .

“Kulkul, a hunter doesn’t settle down . ”

Then it was Tiyo and Anor’s turn . Hoyt welcomed Crockta’s companions .

‘Magic Bullets Berserker’ Tiyo and ‘Death’s Ruler’ Anor were already famous as Crockta’s companion .

“We haven’t met in a long time, so let’s have a drink…”

“Good . Let’s go quickly!”

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“But I don’t want these guys to relax . ”

Hoyt looked around . This was the orc’s training ground .  A place where men were created . He was no less harsh than Lenox .  Hoyt scanned the area like he was uncomfortable .

Crockta went forward, “Leave it to me . ”


“I was once one of them, so I know their minds very well . ”

All orcs focused on him as Crockta placed the greatsword on his shoulder .  He was ‘Northern Conqueror’ and ‘Empire’s Deficit’ Crockta . He was already a legend . Countless orcs who wanted to be like him flocked to this area .  In addition, it wasn’t just the orcs here .

“That Crockta…”


There were many users who became orcs because of Crockta .  Ever since the legendary broadcast of Crockta’s fight against the empire, the influx of orc users greatly increased . Those who selected the warrior class were present on the training ground .  Crockta’s fans willingly came to the training ground where no one wanted to train before .

Crockta threw away their expectations .

“Your eyes are cloudy!”

Crockta yelled loudly . The sudden rant made everyone’s eyes go blank .

“The eyes of the weak!”

Crockta grinned as he looked over at Hoyt .  There was a time when he wielded the sword like these people .  Crockta looked at every one of them .

“Can you be a warrior with such weak eyes? It is better to pull such rotten eyes out!”

The orcs in training looked at Crockta with a face filled with complaints . Their pride as an orc was hit .

“Is there a problem? Then let’s make a bet! If you win the bet, there will be no more training for today! You can go to the pub for a beer and Instructor Hoyt will forgive you!” Crockta shouted .  

The orcs were shaken .  It was an opportunity to take a day off from harsh training and drink a cold beer .

“But! If you lose, you will have to sleep here . Train until the sun rises tomorrow!”

“L-Late night training?”

“That’s right . ”

“Ugh . . !”

A harsh bet!

“Then what is the bet?”

Crockta grinned .  He placed the greatsword on the ground . Crockta raised a hand towards the orcs and gestured .

“Come at me all at once . Do whatever it takes . You will win if I fall to the ground once . ”


In the end, it was a fight .  The orcs looked at each other .  They could win based on numbers, but the opponent was Crockta . There was no chance of winning, even with so many people .

“You can’t do it? All of you are cowards!”


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“I am standing alone without a weapon! Look at you now!” Crockta moved forward and pointed to the nearest orc .  “Carrying a blade! Carrying an axe! You are acting like this despite holding a hammer! You aren’t orcs . Humans! Elves! Not even dwarves!”

“Don’t insult us!”

“Insult? Do you feel insulted?” Crockta grinned .  “Then come . ”


The nearest orc snorted . His axe shook before he aimed at Crockta .  As expected from someone who trained under Hoyt, it was a great blow despite him being an apprentice .


However, the opponent was Crockta . The axe didn’t reach him . Instead, Crockta’s fist hit his abdomen .


This was just the beginning .  All the orcs on the training ground ran towards Crockta . A huge cloud of dust rose up as a massive number of orcs ran towards one person, concealing their appearance .

“It is hot . ” Hoyt muttered as he watched the scene .

“Hehet, I remember when I fought 17 people in Quantes dot!”

“This is more like 40-50 than 17…”

There were punching and moaning sounds from all over the place .  Orcs flew through the air .  Then after some time had passed, Crockta stood alone .  He raised his fist and declared, “You are lacking . Very lacking . Insufficient!”

But there were no longer any orcs who could challenge him .  They moaned while clutching their wounds in pain .

“Is it hard? Painful? Nobody cares! Train! Get up and swing your weapon!” Crockta kicked the orcs to hurry them up off the ground . The orcs rose to their feet after Crockta’s kicks .  “Stand up!”

“Keok, so painful…!”

“Training is practical! Will you stop fighting due to pain when going against enemies on the battlefield! Rise! Everything is hard! Nobody cares!”


“I will go to drink a cold beer with Instructor Hoyt . You keep training! Kuhahahahat!”

The orcs trembled at Crockta’s vicious appearance .

“This is the real Northern Conqueror!”

“I’m glad that Hoyt is the instructor…” 

Zankus shook his head and said, “If that guy were the instructor, he would be an unparalleled demonic teacher compared to Lenox and Hoyt . ”

“That’s right . ”

Crockta finished arranging the training grounds and returned to Hoyt with an innocent expression .

“Now it is resolved . Kulkulkul!”


Anyway, thanks to Crockta’s work, Hoyt could leave his position with a relaxed mind .  Crockta suddenly stopped before he was about to leave the training ground . There was a stick in a corner of the training ground .

All orcs knew what it was .  The stick where Lenox’s helmet had been . After he died, the steel helmet had always been watching the training ground .

“Hoyt . I should put the helmet back . ”

“No . You should continue to use it . ”

Immediately before the battle against the empire, he had received Lenox’s helmet from Simba and Kumarak .  Crockta had continued carrying Lenox’s helmet .

“There is more work to do in the future . ” Crockta nodded .

The military expedition was on the verge of arriving .  At that time, Lenox’s helmet would cover Crockta’s head again .

“Where is Kumarak?”

“He went out for a walk with Simba, and they will be back soon . Not just that, Anya, Wallachwi and other promising orcs have come . ”

“Promising orcs?”

Zankus said with a smile, “I’ve met them . They will be your competitors . They are still immature, but I am looking forward to them . ”

The orcs like Zankus had already built their achievements and became legendary, but there would be a new generation like Crockta .

“Tiyo and Anor, you are their targets as well, so be ready . ”

Anor jolted with surprise .  “M-Me?”

“There are high-level shooters and necromancers who want to prove they are better than you . ”

Tiyo burst out laughing . “Stupid bastards dot! They won’t be able to think such a cheeky thing after they taste General dot! I want to see it!”

“Kulkul, you are a very spirited gnome friend . ”

They chatted while entering the pub .

Crockta’s eyes became distant .  This was the place where he met Gulda and asked for advice about how to become qualified to be a warrior .  The cheerful warrior Gulda who laughed and talked a lot .  Even when he was about to die in the dungeon, he didn’t lose his sense of humor as he laughed .

At that moment .


Suddenly, Crockta heard familiar laughter .  He doubted his eyes .  There was an orc warrior resembling Gulda, who had the same laugh .

“That is Gurokchwi, Gulda’s son . ”

“Gulda’s son…!”

Crockta grinned .  His appearance seemed to awaken Crockta .  He was an orc warrior . Orc warriors didn’t look at the past . He would enjoy this moment, like Gulda’s son .


They started drinking beer with the orcs .  Others soon appeared .

“What? The Crockta from that time has become so big? You’ve become a pretty big guy . ”

“Everybody is gathered! Drinking beer without me! Drink! Grrung!”


Within a short time, Anya, Kumarak, Simba and other orcs in Orcrox were gathered .

“I’ll drink a beer as well…kuhul…hul!”

Wallachwi appeared in front of them and smiled while drinking a beer .  Anyone who saw this sight would doubt their eyes .  Here, in a pub in Orcrox, was a gathering of those lauded as legends .

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