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Praise the Orc! - Chapter 222

Published at 2nd of October 2017 08:44:07 AM

Chapter 222

Chapter 222 – A Road has No Gate (5)

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The situation worsened after Elder Lord’s system ‘Albino’ counted down to the end of the world .  The countries around the world declared a state of national disaster, but there was no progress .  Everyone knew this situation couldn’t be solved from outside . It was accepted that if the ‘grey god’ couldn’t be defeated in the next week, all those still connected would die .

But who would kill the ‘god’? The users were just shaking in the user villages of each city .  It was the same with the people watching . They hoped that the situation would be resolved and that everyone would return safely .  Then something shocking happened .

“What is that?”

“Wow, are they crazy? They want to broadcast in the midst of all this?”

“What incredible minds . ”

Some BJs left the village to stream the battle against the grey god .  At first, they thought that it was just one BJ who lost composure due to fear . However, even the Undergames Channel started broadcasting it .

The attention of the world focused on it . Every government tried to control it, but the dam that had already burst couldn’t be stopped .  Above all, the video wasn’t broadcast on a normal server, but an Elder Lord server that no one but Albino could touch .

A live broadcast to tens of millions of people .  Ethical standards were pointless in this situation . Anyway, there were no users in the army .

It was a battle between NPCs, with the bet being the lives of the users .  This, the struggle for the survival of the world of Elder Lord was broadcast to the people .



The citizens stopped walking .  A large screen was installed on a building, where a video of Elder Lord was being played . It was the first time since the incident occurred .  There were captions .  

「This is a real situation . 」

「A cameraman called Polaroid, belonging to the Undergames Channel, has started a livestream . 」

Everyone knew what the video was about: a battle for the fate of those connected .  And it was Polaroid, a cameraman from Undergames, who was streaming it .  He was an unknown employee, but now everyone around the world knew him . His breathing was transmitted through the video .

Polaroid was accompanied by the celebrity Laney .  They arrived at the Temple of the Fallen God .  It was the first time the north was shown . After this situation happened, the limit line had disappeared . The north was a desolate land .

–This is where the fight will take place .

–In the end, we arrived here .

The Undergames Channel wasn’t foolish enough to place commentators on such a life-threatening broadcast .  The station just broadcasted Polaroid’s video without any effects, making his voice resonate towards the viewers .  Those watching the video could hear the tremble in his voice .

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The first sight they were met with was a horrific bombardment .  The citizens groaned .  The power of the bombardment was evident from a distance . Like ancient knights meeting modern times, the army advanced as the shells fell down .

There was a formidable magic power within the shells .

–It seems like most of them are dead already…

Death . Every time an explosion occurred, someone died . This was close to a massacre .  The army literally stepped on the bodies of their teammates as they desperately fought against the ugly monsters .  If they got closer, there was the possibility that Polaroid and Laney would be caught up in the bombardment . They moved to the highlands to secure visibility .

Not long after, they found a familiar face of a character that everyone knew .


He started to run without any interruptions to a place where a demon was standing .  The cannons continued to fire behind the demon .  Beyond that was a huge cannon they had never seen before .  An attack from this cannon would have severe consequences .

–This is a fight between gods .  That is the power of the grey god…

Laney muttered .

Crockta ran towards it, but the demon blocked his way . The demon avoided a frontal collision and moved around him, annoying Crockta . It was clear that the demon was trying to buy time .  Gradually, light started to appear at the muzzle of the cannon as the atmosphere started to shake . It was possible to predict the tragedy that the weapon would create .

The army would be decimated, signalling the grey god’s victory .

“It is a pity…”

“Can’t anybody stop it?”

“Why is Crockta fighting alone?”

The citizen’s voices rose .  Then something stood out in their field of view . At first, they thought it was a mistake . However, it gradually became a giant figure that occupied most of the field of view .

A dragon .  A dragon, which had never been seen since the beginning of Elder Lord, appeared in front of everyone at this moment .  The dragon opened its mouth and blew out a breath, covering the whole screen in white .

A huge ray of light fell down to the ground . The huge cannon was melted down .  The breath pierced through everything that it touched . The ground collapsed and the whole area was shaken . There was nothing left in the place where the breath passed .

The breath stopped .  In the place where the great cannon was located, only a while hole remained .  People cheered .  They didn’t know where the dragon came from, or what type of existence it was . However, a legend appeared and used its power against the grey god .

They all realized .  It wasn’t just the lives of the users that were at stake .  The characters of Elder Lord were struggling to survive and save their world . Everyone was desperately resisting the grey god .

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Elder Lord as a whole was a team .  This dragon proved it .  Feared enemies were now fighting with them against the grey god .  People started to feel hope . Maybe the grey god would be defeated and those connected would return .

And at the forefront…

There was the great orc, Crockta .

–Laney .  Let’s go .

–Yes .

Polaroid’s and Laney’s voices trembled .  They took the risk and stood up . After witnessing such a fight, they needed to see it through to the end .

The ending .

The bombardment stopped and the army started to head towards the Temple of the Fallen God .  People held their breath .  As news of the broadcast spread, people started to watch the battle using various methods .

The whole world was watching this fight .



Crockta and the army could finally see the Temple of the Fallen God .  They had overcome the barrier and the shelling .  Their numbers had already been reduced by more than half . Only the upper ranked gods and some mortals remained to continue the march .

There was no time to mourn for those who died .  The grey god was here .  They stood in front of the Temple of the Fallen God and shook at the unknown power that emerged from it .

“From now on, it is completely her domain . ”

The war god said .  This whole place was filled with her power . The grey god’s divinity grew with every inhalation and exhalation . Her power was like a net around the white sphere .

“Be prepared . ” He declared .

Everyone was ready for the end as they grabbed their weapons .  It was at that moment .  The grey god suddenly manifested .  A clear figure emerged in front of their eyes . Her grey hair was a mess . Her eyes didn’t reflect any emotion .  No one could open their mouths .  Her power surrounded her .



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The white power flew sharply towards them .  It was a simple attack . However, the strength in them was incomparable when thinking of the bombardment before .  They couldn’t stop it or avoid it .

The victims followed .

“Grey God!”

Crockta split apart her divinity with God Slayer and rushed forward .  She stepped back, but Crockta leapt forward and wielded her sword .


The grey god and Crockta .  It was the first conflict .


His sword scratched the surface of the shield around her . Crockta stepped forward and wielded God Slayer again .


At the same time, power emerged from the grey god . Crockta twisted his body but the power stabbed his side . Blood splattered .  While he was stunned, the grey god aimed her power again .  However, it wasn’t just Crockta who ran towards her .

The war god was surrounded with flames as he swung his sword at the grey god .  It wasn’t the image of a war god, but a demon crawling from hell .

“Because of you!” The war god stabbed with an angry expression . The protective shield was penetrated . There was a gap in the center .  “Everything went wrong because of you . Grey God . ”

There was no expression on her face .  Instead, she raised her hand and pointed to the war god .  It was a simple gesture .  She beckoned .  The sky opened .


The war god looked up at the sky . Then he froze .  He looked back . There were those who still hadn’t recovered from the grey god’s first blow .

“Avoid it! Avoid i…!”

It was too late .  Magic power fell from the white sphere covering the sky .  The war god rushed away from the grey god .  The magic power hit the ground and caused huge destruction .  The world shook .  The legendary beings, who seemed like they would never die, was dying en masse . Many of the gods hit were returned to Olympus .

Silence fell . Everything was covered with ash .  Tinnitus filled the world .  Inside, something wriggled and moved .

It was Crockta .

Ash flowed down as he raised his body . His vision was blurry . The world seemed superimposed .  He shook his head and tried to regain his perspective . He looked down at his hands and flexed it . It didn’t look good . He spread open his hand again .

Crockta looked around .  One or two gods raised their bodies . However, there were those who didn’t move .  The entire area around the Temple of the Fallen God was covered with ashes .

It was like the landscape he saw when he was invited to her world .  He endured the throbbing pain and raised God Slayer . Even in the midst of the explosion, he didn’t let go of his long-time companion . He relied on the greatsword to raise his body .

The grey god was standing there .  Crockta lifted his head . The grey god still had no expression on her face .  Crockta pulled out a piece of stone that was stuck in his shoulder . He ignored the flowing blood and raised God Slayer .

“Your friends are dead . ” The grey god opened her mouth .  “Are you sad?”

“Shut up . ”

“Don’t be sad . I always see death; and now, I am looking at your death . There is no difference . ” The grey god smiled .  “All deaths are the same . I will make it the same . ”

Crockta wielded God Slayer with all his strength . However, the grey god gestured again .  Crockta coughed up blood .  It was a blow that reversed causality . However, her gesture blocked it instantly . Crockta was pushed to the ground .  The difference in power was remarkable .


There was a body beside him .  It was Anya .  She had already died . The mad slaughterer who laughed cheerfully when throwing her axes, her eyes were closed here .  She survived the bombardment but fell to the grey god’s blow .

Crockta called out to her .  “Anya . ”

But the dead had nothing to say .

Why? The clock of destruction had started, and to prevent it from spreading, they had to grit their teeth and ignore the corpses . New corpses would be created in order to stop the advance of doom .

“Stupid woman . Grrung . ” 

A voice was heard from behind him .  Kumarak .

“You always look stupid to me, and the way you died was stupid . So stupid . Grrung! Stupid woman!”

He was crying .  One of his arms were blown off .


He lifted Destroyer with his one remaining arm .

“I will get revengeeeeeeeee──────!”

It was a fierce roar .

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