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Chapter 342

Yan Cheng stared at the cold and mannered Bo Yan and made a hand gesture to indicate for him to take a seat .

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Bo Yan sat next to Yan Hua with his breakfast .

Yan Hua’s pale face was completely tensed as she smelled the faint scent of cigarette on him and thought about his conversation with Chen Qianqian .

“Yanyan, you’re already very good now . Please stop losing weight . What if your body starts to shut down with you eating so little?” The boss of the business world was usually somewhat aloof, however, he was filled with adoration and gentleness in front of his precious daughter .

Bo Yan glanced at the breakfast Yan Hua was eating and his well-defined black eyebrows furrowed together . “I’ll go get more food for Young Miss . ”

Yan Hua’s pupils constricted . She put down her chopsticks as she had a cold and self-ridiculing smile on her face before she turned towards Bo Yan .

He appeared unaffected as his eyes merely stared at her, as if his eyes reflected an endless sea that could drown people in them . If she did not hear his conversation with Chen Qianqian, she would definitely be moved or charmed by him like a mindless fool .

Yan Hua was not someone who could hide secrets in her heart, especially after he treated her that way last night .

“Bo Yan, how are you planning to explain your actions last night?”

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She would not force him if he was not willing to admit it .

Her heart was already in so much pain that she could no longer breathe .

She would not mind if he threw another knife at her! If anything, it would be good to end it early . She didn’t want to be pulled along by him .

Yan Cheng glanced towards Bo Yan as he furrowed his eyebrows . He spoke with his hoarse and authoritative voice, “What did you do to Huahua?”

Bo Yan slowly spoke after a few seconds of silence, “I kissed her . ”

Yan Hua froze when she saw a flash of gentleness appearing in his eyes .

He actually remembered it?

What she did not expect even more was that he dared to admit it in front of her daddy!

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Almost immediately, Yan Cheng took the glass of milk and smashed it on Bo Yan’s forehead ruthlessly . He was so angry he was almost spitting in rage .

Bo Yan should have been able to avoid it, but for some reason, he didn’t .


White creamy liquid fell from his well-defined handsome face to his sexy chin as his black shirt was drenched by the liquid .

He should be extremely embarrassed, but he did not seem panicked or embarrassed at all . The entire time, he sat very straight while he still looked refined and distant .

Taking off his spectacles, he took out a tissue to wipe the lens slowly .

Yan Hua noticed that there was a wound on his forehead, as a small amount of blood mixed with the milk and flowed down his forehead . He did not flinch at all, as if he could not feel the pain .

Yan Hua almost could not stop herself from showing her concern . However, her heart chilled at the thought of his conversation with Chen Qianqian .

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“Daddy, I’m going to the washroom . ”

Yan Hua quickly excused herself and walked towards the washroom before Yan Cheng could say anything .

Her tears started to fall uncontrollably the moment she was facing away from Bo Yan .

Why did he admit to kissing her if he was in a relationship with Chen Qianqian?

Did he want to cheat on her, or did he have another reason for it?

Yan Hua ran into the washroom and bent over the sink to cry sadly .

She only managed to control her emotions after a long while .

Turning on the tap, she splashed her face with the cold water and tried to collect herself . After taking a deep breath, she walked out .

However, she saw the man in question, leaning against the wall the moment she reached the door .

He had a hand in his pocket while his other hand had a cigarette clasped between his fingers as he exhaled the smoke with squinted eyes .

He tapped the cigarette into the ashtray when he saw her walk out . He spoke calmly, “Did you hear my conversation with Chen Qianqian this morning?”

Yan Hua froze .

She clearly did not expect for him to know about this .

However, since things were already this way, she did not want to hide anymore . Her eyes met his as she said coldly, “Yes, I heard everything . She’s pregnant with your child! She even went to Hong Kong for a blood test and the baby’s a boy!”