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Chapter 344

Nan Zhi hissed in pain before she looked up instinctively . She did not think that the man, who had pulled her into his embrace, happened to look down at her as well .

Their two faces were suddenly pressed against each other as he pulled her closer .

Her soft lips were touching the bottom of his ones .

In that second, their breaths intertwined with each other as their eyes locked together .

There was a faint fragrance on her that enveloped his senses and her body was unbelievably soft . His heart pulsed and his sexy adam’s apple moved up and down in response .

Nan Zhi watched as his eyes slowly darkened and a smouldering flame ignited in them . Her instincts seemed to chime in warning and wanted to get up from his embrace, but he had a tight hold over her waist and she could not get up .

Furrowing her eyebrows, she struggled in his arms and tried to escape .

The man’s sleepy voice was hoarse as she moved against him . “Stop moving, I’m hard . ”

Nan Zhi was speechless .

You was already like that to begin with, okay?

“Men usually have very strong desires in the morning . ” His large hand on her slender waist slowly moved down and grabbed her perky butt with strength .

With his action, she could feel him there even more…


“Mu Sihan, why are you acting like a gangster so early in the morning?” Xiaojie was sleeping right next to them, yet he was able to do all of this so indifferently . What if Xiaojie woke up?

He was not wearing a shirt, and his masculine chest was exposed . When he lifted his arm, his perfect shoulder blades and muscles were exposed, revealing the strength of a man .

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“The brat called me Daddy last night . ”

He probably recalled when the brat called him daddy, and proud expression appeared on his usually-aloof face . “It feels good to have a son . ”

Nan Zhi did not have the chance to say anything when she heard him say again, “It’ll be better if I had a daughter . ”

She was completely speechless .

He had only just acknowledged his son and yet he wanted a daughter already, he really knew how to dream!

Her lips curled up slightly in a half-smile, “Young Master Mu is handsome and rich . You’re also capable, I’m sure there are many who want to have a daughter with you…”

The man’s large palm on her butt suddenly moved inside her pajama pants before she could finish her words .

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She hurriedly stopped his hand when she realized his hands were about to move between her legs . She changed the topic of their conversation with a completely red face as she tried to pull out his hand as she hissed, “Stop messing around!”

Mu Sihan lifted his straight eyebrow slightly . “Do you still dare to sputter nonsense?”

Nan Zhi met his deep black orbs as her heart tightened a little . “Did you manage to find out who was the one who called you yesterday morning?”

Mu Sihan narrowed his deep black eyes as his expression became serious . “Why are you asking this?”

“It was a woman’s voice . I want to know how she knew your personal number?”

The sparkle in Mu Sihan’s eyes slowly darkened as his large hands pinched her soft and slender waist . “Are you jealous?”

Nan Zhi pursed her lips, her voice was calmer than she had thought it would be, “You can treat it as me being jealous!”

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The man lifted her chin and chuckled softly, “You don’t have to be jealous about a call that got the wrong number!”

It was someone who had dialled the wrong number?

This was what he had found out?

Nan Zhi was not someone who would get to the bottom of things . If he did not want to be frank with her, she would not pester him to get the truth either .

Mu Sihan used his tall nose to rub against the tip of Nan Zhi’s nose as he said with a hoarse, yet domineering voice, “I’m planning to bring the brat back to the manor . No matter how nice the hospital is, it still cannot compare to being at home . The medical appliances we have at the manor are comparable to that in the hospital . I’ll let Junyuan work there . ”

A thought seemed to cross his mind and he narrowed his eyes as though he was looking at his prey, his expression dark . “The brat’s condition is considered stable for now . We should use this chance to have another kid and use the umbilical cord’s cells to do stem cell treatment . There’s a 25% chance of the two children’s white blood cells being compatible with each other . I will try to find a bone marrow that is compatible with the brat during this period as well . I don’t want to let that Mr Gu become the brat’s life savior unless there is no other choice . ”