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Chapter 711: 711

Chapter 711: He’s My Boyfriend

Second Old Master Gu squinted . He shut his eyes, feeling pained . There were many questions in his heart . “How would she know of Qianshu?”

“My actions had been too obvious when helping Little Shu, and that attracted their attention . I really am not aware of them putting something in Little Shu . If I had known, I would definitely have a way to get it out . ” Gu Yuanli lowered his head, and his eyes were bloodshot red .

He clenched his fist . The sharp pain pricked at his body .

“It’s too late to say anything now . ”

“I’m sorry!” Gu Yuanli said softly . He did not feel good about this as well . “Pa, it is all my fault . Punish me . No matter what, I will accept it . ”

Second Old Master Gu could not help but kick him hard . Gu Yuanli fell forward but got back up and knelt on the putuan .

“Do you think you can write everything off with such an apology?” Second Old Master Gu said in anger . “Do you think that I would believe all your lies? Continue lying . Don’t you have a single line of truth in your words? I asked you . How did you know of Qianshu’s identity? How much do you exactly know about the car accident back then?”

That year, Gu Yuanli was just a child .

A child was not capable of doing much .

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He did not cause Fangfang’s car accident .

But it did not mean that he had no idea about the things going on .

“Pa, I wanted to avenge Mom . I investigated the matters from that time, and I found some traces of hints . That was how I found out that Sister isn’t dead,” Gu Yuanli said . “Everything I said is the truth . If anything I said today is untrue, I will be struck by lightning!”

“Are you even afraid of being struck by lightning?”

Second Old Master Gu was mad . He folded his arms and left .

Gu Yuanli felt a piercing pain in his eyes .

I’m so sorry, Pa .

Big Brother, I’m so sorry!

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There were some things that he can never say even if it meant death .

That would be a crime!

At least, Pa had not kicked him out of the house, and he still acknowledged him as his son .

Shen Qianshu spoke to Fang Hongxiu for a while and left the bedroom . Second Old Master Gu was sitting by the water-lily pond on the first floor . He looked at the water lilies silently, and no one knew what he was thinking about . Shen Qianshu went downstairs and stood beside him .

She wanted to leave already .

Master had never been able to recuperate well after being injured .

She wanted to bring Master back to Rose Castle to rest .

“Second Old Master…”

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Second Old Master Gu turned around and looked at her lovingly .

“Come over . Look, it’s your Mom’s favorite water lilies . ”

“They’re really beautiful . Movie King Gu gifted Tong Hua one of these once . They’re really beautiful,” Shen Qianshu said softly . Tong Hua really liked the water lily . He kept it for a long time, and when it wilted, he was really sad .

“Did he like it?”

“He does . ” Speaking of Tong Hua, Shen Qianshu’s eyes lit up brightly . “He likes anything that’s pretty . ”

“That’s nice . ”

Shen Qianshu said softly, “It’s time for me to go . ”

Second Old Master Gu suddenly regained his senses . “This is your home . Where are you going?”

Shen Qianshu said, “I…”

“Don’t go . Move into the manor with Tong Hua, and let Pa take care of the both of you . Pa had missed out on watching you grow . I had missed out on so many years . I don’t want to be separated from the two of you again . Your mother wishes to see you every day as well,” Second Old Master Gu said anxiously .

He was feeling really conflicted .

Is his daughter not going to acknowledge him as her father?

“Second Old Master, Ye Ling and I are… dating . ” Shen Qianshu looked up, and she looked determined . Her eyes were soft and clear . “I do not wish to hide this from you, and neither do I want to say anything against my conscience . I’m afraid… you might not be able to accept that . ”

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