Prince Charming's complicated love story

Prince Charming's complicated love story
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At the age of 5 they promise to be each others friends for rest of their lives but at the age of 18 they ditched their promise and roll onto each other. To know What happened to their friendship or to their promise just read Friends or lovers

#A scene from chapter 62

Tiya turned around and was about to leave when Sam suddenly hold her hand pulled her close to him and kissed her. 

Tiya's eyes were wide open, her mind was not able to process what was happening, before she could think about anything she felt short of breath, Sam released her as she gasped some air. 

Tiya was about to say something but was only able to say, "WHAT" 
when Sam hugged her again and very passionately placed his lips on her lips for another sweet kiss. ? 

Tiya was shocked as she thought Sam was not in his true state of mind, so she started pushing him with her full force but her every effort seems to be in vain as the more force she applied to push him away, the more harder he licks her lips. 
Sam seems to be in full swing as he doesn't want to stop ever. 

The next moment he released her, She wanted to say something but again the moment she said, "What" 
Sam placed his palms on her mouth and he blocked her against the wall, he then started kissing on her earlobe then on her neck. 

Tiya thought that Sam was behaving like a possessed person. 

(Right Sweety he is possessed by his own emotions and feelings)

She started struggling but then Sam leaned by towards her ears, his hands were still covering her lips, he said in a perfectly seductive voice, "I have waited for fifteen years for this moment, for fifteen years I have been keeping it inside me but now please don't stop me, please don't say anything, I love Tiya. Please be with me forever I love you.... I really really love you. "

Hearing those words from Sam, Tiya was stunned, she was so stupefied by his words that she forget to say anything.

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