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Chapter 48

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Kazuya knew it approached the time to meet King Daichi, Lyn knew too, and that's why she stood up to leave . However, the moment he saw her lonely back, he grabbed hold of her wrist, "Let's go to my room," he murmured .

. . . . .

Kazuya's Room

For the last few minutes Lyn was rather talkative she told him a few things about herself . The usually shy and stammering girl seemed a bit different . Rather this side of her made him nervous, though he gets that way when she's acting all adorable .

"You think of these things to make others happy . How should I put it . . . You're amazing at it," Kazuya said .

Lyn paused; it was only for a few minutes . But Kazuya felt like an eternity had gone past .

Before she nodded, "I guess . My existence itself should be surprising . You know even before she became who she is . . . people loved her even though she caused trouble for everyone . I was jealous of her . But that's not true at all . Even though she seems so amazing, her body and heart are both so small and timid . All she does is take whatever people throw at her . She won't let anyone see her true self," Lyn said .

The 'She' Lyn is talking about is Queen Orthez . This was a first for Kazuya, hearing Lyn openly bring up the topic regarding her Mother . It's a bit surprising .

"She's the same as someone . "

Her gaze softened, "Yeah you saw through from me from the very beginning . Didn't you say I was a kid? You know I hate myself when I pretend to be an adult . That's why I'm desperate for others to accept me for who I am . But I finally understood after meeting you . As long as there's at least one person who understands me I'll be okay . . . " she trailed off, "Even if there are no feelings of love . . "

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Lyn smiled, "Well right now I probably don't need love; what I need now is what we have Kazuya . For me, that's enough . "

Kazuya said nothing at first, but he agreed with her . After all, right now, his gaze landed on Lyn . Right now this was enough . Kazuya knew he didn't have to ask her what she was thinking . . . Kazuya already knew that their feelings aligned on the issue .

. . .

Mist Kingdom - Clock Tower-

It was quite late already, and so much time had passed . Kazuya wasn't sure whether it was wise to go . But Lyn told him that since it's her father, he will wait . Indeed when Kazuya arrived at the meeting spot, Lyn's father was there . The meeting spot was an old clock tower not too far from the Main Castle grounds . Or rather it surprised him how close it was to Lyn's quarters . Then again considering how much King Daichi dotes on her, it's not surprising .

Prince Andrew moved to an area in the castle close to Lyn too . When Kazuya heard the news, he understood why the man made that action . Princess Lethia's words early, it was definitely not a bluff . She's going to continue harming Lyn . If so they have to get ready .

Kazuya wondered if there was a way for him to stay in an area close to Lyn too .

"Sorry about all the mess," King Daichi apologized .

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For the last few minutes, Kazuya stood awkwardly in the doorway; when he came, King Daichi buried amongst the stack of books . Currently, he was sorting the scattered ones back into a pile . Kazuya recognized some of the titles, but there were some ones he didn't know of . A few years had passed since he last found any book that sparked his interest, so when he felt the sudden rush of excitement, it surprised him .

"Lyn would like those," Kazuya unknowingly blurted out .

King Daichi paused, and Kazuya sweat fell, uh should he not have said that? Lyn did mention how they restricted what she read to .

To his surprise King Daichi nodded, he set the books aside on a separate pile . "If you see anything she would like, just put it there . "

Kazuya nodded .

For the last few minutes, Kazuya helped the King sort out the books, and gathered quite a pile for Lyn . She would love these . Though hauling them over to her place will be a pain . Just the thought of her bright smile made him more motivated .

King Daichi smiled, "You care a lot for my daughter hmmm?"

'He knows,' Kazuya thought . But of course, he does . Kazuya heard all the rumors regarding King Daichi before and felt something was wrong . Queen Orthez is the only genius? She's the only one running the country? Kazuya doesn't believe a woman like Queen Orthez would marry a normal man . So Kazuya did do some digging around .

"You don't come from the Mist Kingdom do you . "

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"Correct, I did just give it away earlier the day . "

Earlier, when he interfered . As he thought, that power — "You're from the Sound Kingdom?"

"I was part of the royal family before the ban happened," Daichi trailed off, "Do you know why the ban occurred in the first place?"

"Wait, the royal family . . "

Kazuya was in utter disbelief; this man was part of the Sound Kingdom's royal family? Then that would make Lyn a legit heir to the throne, the same goes for the other three .

"Lyn is my only child . "

" . . . "

"You see, Orthez's parents were very strict and traditional . They engaged her with several men . In the eyes of the public, it was strange and unheard of . But Orthez parents dismissed it and inflicted punishment on those who disobeyed them . "

"The others," Kazuya started . This story stunned him .

"Andrew is from Orthez first Husband, King . Lethia from her second and Kotaro from the third . Of course, amongst those Orthez had somebody she liked, it was her First Husband," Daichi explained, "I'm sure you can tell that from her behavior . "

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Now that King Daichi mentioned it, Queen Orthez did treat Prince Andrew differently than the rest . But it's not just Prince Andrew, "Aren't you relieved that she loved you too?"

King Daichi laughed, "Well perhaps, though as a guy wanting the woman you love to love only you is natural . But I do understand about her feelings for her first husband," he paused, "When that man died Orthez was distraught, her second and third husband tried to compete with whom would take that man's place . I met her shortly after, and well somehow I became King . "

"Somehow huh, I heard the First Prince of the last reign vanished at some point . You escaped here to the Mist Kingdom?"

"They were trying to get rid of the royal family . The elders sent me away here knowing the enemy would never expect me to be right in their doorstep . "

The enemy, "Queen Orthez parents?"

"And the work of several elders here in the Mist Kingdom . Honestly, when I married Orthez, I was worried that they would notice," King Daichi laughed, "I had several close calls . It was hard to demonstrate my ability and my capability with . "

"The Queen knew your identity?"

"Yeah, actually Orthez and I met the moment I came here . I was wounded gravely, and she was sneaking out of the palace . She helped me out, and during the time I was unconscious she went through the belongings I had with me . "

"Wasn't that dangerous?" Kazuya asked . Since his legs were getting tired, he perched himself on the couch while King Daichi walked towards the window .

"It was, but I fainted after we met and woke up a few hours later . It's only natural Orthez wanted to see some identification . When she realized I had none, she treated me herself . "

Kazuya's eyes widened . Why did he admit that? Though Lyn showed him briefly in the past - Kazuya thought nothing of the power . However, now King Daichi just revealed that the royal family has healing powers . Powers strong enough to heal people on the verge of death . Why is this man acting so casual about this?

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