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Chapter 71

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Lyn felt Kazuya's strong arms wrap around her from the back, "Am I really stubborn?"

Kazuya smiled, "What makes you think so?"

"It's just," Lyn recalled what her brother said before she departed on her journey, "I'm taking you away from your important work . Aren't you and Rhys supposed to make some sort of peace negotiation between our countries?"

"Ah, that . "

Lyn frowned, "Don't call it that, it's important . "

"Don't worry; we're making good progress . Things should be fine by the time the first trip comes up . "

The first trip, come to think of it Kazuya mentioned that before . At the end of the year, he has to return to the Sound Kingdom and make a report . Lyn had gotten so used to him being by her side though, so she doesn't know what she would do without him, "Kazuya, will you be gone for long?"

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"Just a quick trip, I'll make my report and then after a few meetings head back here . "

"A few meetings," Lyn didn't like the sound of that . She's heard her brother say such a line whenever it concerned dismissing Gabrielle, "Do you, um have female friends Kazuya?"

"Hm? Why what's up?"

"I mean, you'll be going back home, and I won't be able to see or contact you . So," Lyn did not know exactly how to phrase this . Their relationship was an unusual one from the beginning; she didn't want to come across as a clingy woman or anything like that .

Kazuya, however, did not understand what she was thinking, since he replied in a normal tone, "Those dull members of the council will surround me every day, just thinking about it bugs me . Who wants to spend all day with old men when I could be with my adorable wife?"

The two of them had just started dating recently, as in 'officially,' so whenever Kazuya called her his wife . Lyn didn't know what to say . She also has to remind him not to say such things when they are in public . Wouldn't it be awkward later on if the two of them broke up? Lyn didn't consider the possibility of a breakup, but she considered the possibility of things going wrong . Right now, things are peaceful, but their two Kingdoms are still 'enemies,' while no side is attacking each other yet . Lyn knew it was just a matter of time before havoc broke out .

Lyn was aware of how close Kazuya was getting, and she felt her heart skip a beat or two, "Wh--what is it?"

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"I thought this would probably be a good time to kiss you,"

"Oh, right," Lyn replied . Because really what could she say to that? She was still getting the hang of being in a relationship, let alone act all intimate with each other .

"Is it okay?"

"Yes," Lyn managed to say . Kazuya let's go of her and turned her around to face him; he cupped her cheeks . His hands felt warm, despite the cold weather, and she trembled, "I'm afraid, Kazuya . "

He seemed surprised, but Kazuya smiled, "There is nothing to fear, I will never hurt you," and that's true, isn't it? Hasn't he more than proved to her that he would do nothing to harm her? Lyn nodded her head, and Kazuya lead her to a bench, and she walked behind him . Weren't they going to continue kissing? What is he doing?

Kazuya gently cradled her in his arms as he murmured, "I'm sorry for that blunt question, but you don't have to be afraid of me, I really won't hurt you," he cooed, "But if you don't want to now, you can say so . "

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It's not that she's against it, but it's more to do with the fact that all of this is new for her and whenever she thought about getting close to another person . Lyn would remember that incidence with Prince John . It wasn't until she saw him again did she realize how badly affected she was with that incidence . Nobody knew about it, so Lyn could never seek professional help for her mental state . But, that did not mean she had to put up with it . Wait, somebody did know . It was her Eldest brother when she thought about it carefully . For a long time, he tried to bring her to different doctors, but Lyn refused to see them . That's because she genuinely believed she was fine; however, since meeting Kazuya, Lyn felt something was wrong .

She liked it; she loved it whenever he held her close, and she felt safe in his arms . But whenever it came to kissing, Lyn felt uneasy . She knew kissing would lead to something more, and that scared her .

Lyn wanted to be with Kazuya, she wanted to be by his side - but as a couple, they would engage in such activities . Lyn didn't know whether she was ready for such a thing, "After what happened," Lyn spoke up, "I became afraid, of people touching and getting near me . "

"Yeah," Kazuya nodded, "I noticed . "

"I, I'm very sorry," Lyn murmured . As her 'boyfriend,' he had every right to touch and kiss her . And they do kiss quite a bit . But whenever she sees Kazuya look so serious, Lyn always stopped him . Kazuya isn't like Prince John, but Prince John looked at her seriously before his attempt before . The image would overlap from that time, "Please don't hate me," she muttered softly .

"I could never hate you, Lyn, please don't worry . I won't hate you over something like this . I do want to touch you," Kazuya admitted, "After all, you are the girl I like, you are my girlfriend . It's only natural to want to touch the person I like . But I'm not an immoral man; I will wait for you . "

Lyn looked at him with a surprised look in her eyes, "You will? But," Lyn recalled the books she read in the library, " . . aren't guys rather impatient when it comes to that type of thing? I mean, look at Rhys . He jumps on every girl he knows and isn't kissing some strange tradition in the Sound Kingdom?"

Kazuya sighed, "One don't compare me to Rhys . Two, that's just a stereotype . Three, please stop with that already . It isn't a tradition . "

Then, 'why did you kiss me that day?' Lyn wanted to ask him . But she knew better than to do so, "I think, I get it . But your okay? You can be patient with me?"

"Yes, I can . "

"Even if I turn into a grandma with grey hair before anything happens?" She knew she was pretentious by saying this . It's like she is implying that the two of them will stay with each other for that long .

Kazuya, however, didn't seem to mind since he laughed, "I don't mind, or rather a grey hair Lyn sounds adorable to me . "

She flushed at his usage of the word adorable, whenever Kazuya says such words . Lyn knew he meant them, she grabbed hold of his hands, and he squeezed it back, "But, I don't want you to wait for me for long if you find another woman you can . . . "

"No other woman, I don't talk to many, and the ones I do know are old and grey . But they don't look cute like you, so why would I talk to them?" Lyn felt her cheeks grow hotter, realizing that he heard what she said earlier . Stupid, stupid . But Kazuya continued as he brought his lips to her hair, "I only have you, Lyn . "

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