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Chapter 1609

Li Lingchuan’s thoughts flew swiftly about in his mind when a light suddenly lit up .

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 “Eldest Senior Brother, you’ve really mistaken! That day by the side of the cliff, I absolutely wasn’t trying to harm you, but to aid you! While I was in the mystic region going on my experience learning, I accidentally heard that Leng Yi Feng was going to deal you with a deadly move so in order to save you, I rushed over! Just as we were crossing hands at the cliff, Eldest Senior Brother you suddenly appeared hence you’ve misunderstood… . . ”

 His words sounded apparently right but were actually wrong . He thought that since no one actually saw the true scenario and Leng Yi Feng had already died, Murong Fei was just like a grasshopper like him hanging on the same thread, so as long as he denied it all the way, who could expose him?

 His words had just fallen when Li Moying’s murderous intent became even fiercer, apparently angered by his shameless agitation as his fingers moved and he had the intent to kill him immediately!

 However right at this moment, from his back, a figure suddenly scurried out as he pointed at Li Lingchuan’s nose, swearing and cursing at him .

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 “You . . simply turning black into white, I’ve never seen such a shameless scum like you before!”

 After seeing that suddenly popped out figure clearly, everyone went into a commotion yet again .

 “Hmmm… this is Sect Master Murong’s other direct disciple, called Luo what again?”

 “He’s Luo Jiyun!”

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 “Right, right, right, that’s him! Didn’t they say that he had also died in that mystic region’s experience learning trip? How did he also come back to life?”

 “Looks like there’s indeed something suspicious in this matter . Celestial Light Sect’s water… . Is really deep!”

 Luo Jiyun originally didn’t wanted to interrupt his Eldest Senior Brother but on seeing Li Moying almost wanting to murder someone, he couldn’t hold himself back .

 It wasn’t that his ill-timed saintliness was acting up to stop Li Moying from killing him, but he was afraid that if Li Moying had a disagreement and made a move, then it would really make Li Lingchuan’s lie become the truth .

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 He knew that Li Moying couldn’t be bothered to talk with this kind of scum and didn’t bother about his reputation among the ordinary practitioners but he, Luo Jiyun, minded that very much! His own Senior Brother was so suave and awesome, how could he possibly allow this kind of villain to splash dirty water onto him? He must expose Li Lingchuan’s shameless filthy mouth!

 Luo Jiyun suddenly popped out and Li Moying was worried that he might injure him so his action took a pause .

 “What are you doing out here for?”

 Luo Jiyun said loudly, “Eldest Senior Brother, I’ve had enough of Li Lingchuan that hypocritical villain so just let me finish my words!”

 He turned towards Li Lingchuan, “Li Lingchuan, in the past I have still treated you as my senior brother . Occasionally those small little tricks which you plotted to scheme Eldest Senior Brother, I’d only treated those as you were acting in a moment of folly hence I didn’t complain about you in front of Master . But you actually colluded with outside people and almost got Eldest Senior Brother killed, you’re simply shameless to the extreme!”

 “That day’s matters, did you really think that it’s done real secretively? There’s no witness? Unfortunately, I am not dead and is still alive and kicking and I’ve witnessed everything that had happened that day! Let’s put aside that fact that you and Leng Yi Feng colluded together to harm Eldest Senior Brother, you even used me to threaten Sister-in-law and coerced her to be together with Leng Yi Feng!”

 Luo Jiyun spoke frankly with assurance, explaining in detail what had happened .

 Following his description, the public square’s discussion got louder and louder .

 There was a huge disparity between both their sayings and evidently, Li Lingchuan had just tried to brushed past this by giving vague descriptions without any elaboration whereas Luo Jiyun was able to speak out each single detail clearly, explaining the cause and effect clearly . So anyone with a bit of judgement would be able to tell who had a higher possibility of speaking the truth .

 “Heavens, so the rumour is actually true! Li Lingchuan had really dealt his own Senior Brother a deadly blow, just because of the position of Young Sect Master?”