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Chapter 1852: 1852

Chapter 1852: Unsurpassable peerless top exponent (4)

He was much clearer than anyone else on Li Moying’s current cultivation and ability . It wasn’t enough to activate Levitation Sword Palace’s Sword Array, unless… . . there was some hidden agenda behind all these?

Cang Po Jun turned his head blankly towards Huang Yueli .

Instinct told him that this matter was likely related to this future Sovereigness .

“Grandmaster Huang, this… what’s going on? Did you arrange this?” He used his Profound Energy to transmit his voice as he enquired secretly .

Huang Yueli replied, “Considered so, I guess… . . ”

Although she said that, but she frowned slightly as her heart was filled with puzzlement .

This was indeed her plan because she had long expected that the Six Sacred Lands would send out so many top rated exponents to gather at Blue Profound Sect to not give up and leave so easily since they had not attained their motive .

Although she could think of thousands of reasons to absolve Li Moying of the guilt, but the Elders’ motive was originally not Li Moying so it was inevitable for them to eventually tear their faces and take action directly . What she could do was just to drag as much time as possible, to give Cang Po Hun and the others enough time for preparation .

The only thing which could make them leave, and also to stop finding trouble for Blue Profound Sect within the short period of time was to let them know that Mu Chengying was still alive, and moreover… he might come out from closed door seclusion anytime!

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Under such awe, the Six Sacred Lands would then have fear arising from their hearts, otherwise even if they managed to trick them away this time round, the next time they would still find other reasons to come over again, and moreover in an even more exaggerated fashion the very next time!

However, to make Li Moying appear now to fight against them, this apparently was an unrealistic matter hence Huang Yueli thought of making use of Levitation Sword Palace’s Sword Array instead .

Levitation Sword Palace’s Sword Array required ninth stage realm peak ability to activate and Li Moying was only at ninth stage realm first level now . But in terms of actual potential ability, he was at least ninth stage realm sixth to seventh level .

Whereas Blue Profound Sect still retained many medicinal pills which Liu Buyan had left behind previously which could lift a practitioner’s cultivation within a short period of time . If Li Moying swallowed one, he would be able to attain ninth stage realm peak cultivation within two hours’ time .

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But for safety sake, Huang Yueli still made Cang Po Hun and Cang Po Yu made some setups around Levitation Sword Palace and these setups were used mainly to strengthen the array’s might, creating an obvious bustle to attract the fear from these Elders .

Originally, Levitation Sword Palace’s mechanisms and arrays were all left behind from ancient times and without her making her appearance personally, it was very hard to modify . Luckily Blue Profound Sect still had Cang Po Yu, the Number One Array Master and with his help, everything proceeded smoothly .

Levitation Sword Palace’s Sword Array was activated in time and it’s momentum was shocking .

All the Elders present had mostly experienced Li Moying’s peak period and the fear towards him was deep set in their bones . They subconsciously thought that he was about to come out from his closed door and their souls almost left their bodies out of fear .

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From the looks of it, to make them scram immediately should be an easy matter .

But Huang Yueli somehow felt that something was not right… . .

But at this moment, she was not able to think through this point in detail before the opportunity disappeared .

She shot Cang Po Hun a glance, indicating for him to quickly chase them away .

Cang Po Jun understood her meaning as he gave a cold laugh and shouted out loudly, “Elders, weren’t you hooting earlier for our Sovereign to come out right away? Now Sovereign is really going to come out, why have you guys turned scared until like this?”

Elder Pan was tongue tied as he stammered, “This… this… will… Will Guardian Jun please forgive me, it’s me… I’ve offended… . . ”