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Chapter 17

Luo Ran learned that Zi Fu was dead in the early morning of the next day . When De Gonggong told Lu Chen, she was next to him . Lu Chen’s eyes flashed impatiently and asked De Gonggong to withdraw . In a second, he saw Luo Ran standing aside with a pale face .

After appeasing her for a while, Lu Chen went to court .

When Qing Ru came in, Luo Ran suddenly caressed her belly, her eyes smiling secretly .


Lu Yu’s marriage was immediately held . If according to the normal process, a prince’s marriage cannot be settled for a year and a half, but Lu Yu only took two months, and everything was made ready by the Ministry of Rites .

Lu Yu didn’t object too much . He didn’t care if there were many women in his backyard . At that time, Lu Chen did not mention it, he also should be less troubled . Now Lu Chen has given marriage, if there is more than one woman, what can he do for him?


Before his wedding, the last time Luo Ran saw him was in the plum-tree forest behind the imperial garden, where few people usually went there . Luo Ran was followed by Qing Ru . Lu Yu was not alone, there was Zhou Xi beside him .

Luo Ran picked up her eyebrows and stood not far away looking at the two of them . She didn’t know what Zhou Xi was aggrieved by . She put her hands around Lu Yu’s waist . Luo Ran looked at the cloth on Lu Yu’s shoulder, which was slightly dark in color and should have been wet by her tears .

Lu Yu leaned against the plum tree and played with the plum branches hanging from the top . The plum blossom was in his hand and the roots on his fingers were clear . His leisurely appearance seemed to ignore all of Zhou Xi’s actions and grievances . Even there was a little wanton smile on the corner of his mouth and it was a totally unconcerned .

The day before yesterday, it had just snowed . Now, the snow on the plum branch hasn’t melted . Luo Ran gently flicked the branches and buds in front of her and the snowflakes fell and attracted Lu Yu’s attention . When he heard the noise, he looked sideways until he saw Luo Ran standing under the plum tree, which was the only one covered in snow . The colorful plum blossoms dotted around her only became a background .

At first, Lu Yu didn’t realize the beautiful scenery, but his eyes changed . His play with the plum branches was stopped . He held the plum branches tightly so that he didn’t lose his intent to push Zhou Xi away, but his body became more rigid and looked straight at Luo Ran . The snowflakes on her head were still falling . They looked at each other through the falling snowflakes .

Luo Ran did not make a sound . She smiled gently at him and bowed slightly . She was wearing a long red dress and her skirt was slightly dragging the ground, and she was covered with a cloak made of fox hair that Lu Chen had just given her . A small face was half-hidden and half-visible in the fluff .

Lu Yu watched her holding the maidservant’s hand and turned away until her figure disappeared . There was no change in the smile on Lu Yu’s face . Zhou Xi was pushed away, and only the plum branches thrown away showed the irritability in his heart .

Zhou Xi looked at him with reddish eyes, but Lu Yu lost the mood to play with her just now . He flicked his shoulder, where she was crying and already wet . He smiled sideways, turned around and said, “Benwang will go first . ”

Zhou Xi’s expression was astonished . She didn’t think he would say nothing . Unexpectedly, he left at this time and she couldn’t help but exclaimed: “Lu Yu!”

Lu Yu didn’t look back, only shook the folding fan in his hand . Zhou Xi looked at his back, clenched her lips, released it in frustration . She stamped her feet discontentedly, looked around for a moment, and turned away .

As soon as Lu Yu turned around, his face sank . He thought of the direction Luo Ran had just left and taken a shortcut to stop her .

Qing Ru was here to supports Luo Ran, but the surprise in her eyes can’t be dispelled . After enduring for a long time, she looks at Luo Ran’s calm face, and finally asked, “Madam, Imperial Concubine Zhou, and Xian Wang…”

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Luo Ran squinted to look at her and smiled: “Imperial Concubine Zhou has lost her holy face for a long time, she is lonely . ”

Qing Ru’s eyes widened, then she suppressed the shock in her heart . She looked at Luo Ran’s eyes as if nothing had happened . Finally, she closed her mouth, pressed this matter in her heart, and stopped talking .

But when she saw the person suddenly appeared in front of her, she still looked into his eyes .

Luo Ran also seeing the person coming, she stopped a step and bowed: “His Highness Xian Wang . ”

Just a moment ago, Lu Yu walked in a hurry . He took a break for a little while before slowing down . He originally wanted to come forward, but looking at the gentle smile in her eyes, he suddenly stopped, he stopped to advance . Without the cynical smile of the past, there is a bit more seriousness .

He said gently, “I’m going to get married . ”

Luo Ran’s eyes flashed with a trace of surprise as if she didn’t understand why he wanted to talk to her, but she pursed her lips and answered him with a smile: “Congratulations . ”

Lu Yu’s fingertips in his sleeves secretly slipped past to his abdomen . He looked up at her . She was the only one standing beside the tree, surrounded by white snow in red clothing . She smiled lightly, stand against her maidservant . Lu Yu suddenly gave up all thoughts his good appearance after many years . He also smiled lightly:

“Thank you . ”

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Luo Ran’s eyes quivered . Knowing that he had finished, she nodded to him, held Qing Ru and walked on, and passing him by .

Both of them were dressed in red . The path was narrow and there seemed to be friction on their shoulders . She passed lightly without stopping, but it made him look back and stare at her .

Her figure disappeared . Lu Yu looked down at his hand . He just had some impulse, wanting to hold her, but … . He slowly clasped his hand and gently twisted his fingers . When he looked up again, he still smiled cynically and left in the opposite direction .


On the day of Lu Yu’s wedding, Luo Ran didn’t show up . She was only a concubine after all . Lu Chen and the Empress Dowager went in person . He married the first daughter of the prime minister’s family . The woman was also famous in Beijing for a long time . It couldn’t be considered an insult to the Xian Wang . It was also because the Empress Dowager was satisfied with this person that she didn’t give an opinion on Lu Chen’s imperial edict .

While Lu Yu was toasting Lu Chen, a palace man suddenly came in outside . He looked anxious and hurriedly said to Lu Chen: “Your Majesty, there is news from the palace that Imperial Concubine Zhou bumped into Imperial Concubine Luo’s honor guard . ”

Lu Chen clenched his hand on the wine glass . If Luo Ran was all right, the palace man would not have messed up Xian Wang’s wedding without verification . Lu Chen felt a little unsteady in his heart and asked him in a calm voice, “Is there anything wrong with Imperial Concubine Luo?” But he didn’t say a word about Zhou Xi .

His eyes were cold . In November, it was cold and frosty, and there was a charcoal fire behind him, but it still made the palace man feel cold all over his body . The palace man swallowed his saliva and replied in a trembling voice:

“Answer… Answering Your Majesty, nothing should have happened to Imperial Concubine Luo, but… It’s just that Imperial Concubine Luo baby!”

The palace people only heard a clear sound of “bang” . The wine glass tumbled to the ground; it’s splashed on their shoes and socks . Then they looked up, but they could not see the Emperor . They only saw Xian Wang standing there . The palace man dared to look, but only saw his face turned frosty .

Luo Yun’s palace was brightly lit, and Zhou Xi was slumped onto a chair with a pale face . The people in the palace were in such a mess, but no one dared to make a loud noise . When Lu Chen arrived, he saw such a scene .

The servant came out with a basin of blood . She didn’t look at the road . She almost ran into him . She knelt down trembling . “This maid has seen the Emperor!”

This awakened the people in the palace . Zhou Xi looked up stiffly and saw Lu Chen standing in the doorway with a cold face . Without saying a word, he made people feel that he was so powerful that she dared not move . A few drops of cold sweat dripped from her forehead .

Lu Chen stepped across the threshold, did not speak, and walked towards the inner hall . The palace people on one side dared not stop it . As soon as he arrived at the door of the inner hall, Lu Chen suddenly paused and listened to the fine chanting voice of Luo Ran inside .

Lu Chen’s eyes suddenly turned red, and when he went in, he seemed to see her clenching her lips . Her face was very pale . The mist in her eyes eventually turned into tears . Her forehead was sweating because of pain . She was most afraid of pain . At this time, she was holding on to the bed brocade . The jade hand that he asked her to take good care of, was also a bursting with veins .

He stepped in stiffly, and the people inside seemed to hear him coming in . Looking from the corners of his eyes, he saw clearly the tears in her eyes falling down the corner of her eyes .

She’s like a newborn baby . Her voice is small and powerless . She murmurs unclear words, but it hits Lu Chen’s heart — she’s calling him .

“… Your Majesty… It’s hurts… ”