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Chapter 19

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How bleak the cold palace was . Even spring couldn’t wipe away its ashes . The original wall wasn’t a dark red, but it was turned dark red, like the blood of that it experienced for a long time, blackened and precipitated after drying up .

Luo Ran gracefully stood in front of the door and looked at the door of the cold palace . Her eyes were light and shallow . She knew how many women’s prime years were spent locked in this palace . However, this luxurious and splendor could captivate people’s eyes . Even if there was an abyss in the middle, the world would never look back .


The door of the palace was opened with a creaking sound . She led the palace maid in . No palace maid comes to clean up, and the dust seemed to have been raised from the moment the door was opened . Luo Ran took a handkerchief; covered her nose and mouth . All her movements were aesthetically pleasing . If there was someone who didn’t know where she came from, no one would think she came from a poor family .

The steward of the cold palace came in a hurry at this time: “This slave has seen Imperial Concubine Luo! Good day Imperial Concubine!”

Luo Ran flicked her fingertips . She looked in one direction and said softly, “Don’t be too polite . Take me to see Concubine Zhou . ”

“Yes, Imperial Concubine can follow me in this way!”

In front of that room, the crowd stopped and the woman inside was still shouting: “Luo Ran! You b***h! You hurt me!”

The steward of the cold palace looked pale with fear: “Imperial Concubine, Concubine Zhou has been like this all the time . This slave and others were at a complete loss as to what to do . Imperial Concubine, please forgive me!”

Luo Ran’s black eyebrows slightly frowned, as if she was a little sad . She shook her head lightly: “It’s not your fault . I have wronged her first . ”

After hearing her words, the steward looked up at her bravely and saw the guilt and uneasiness in her eyes . He immediately lowered his head and looked down at the appearance of Imperial Concubine Luo . He finally knew why the Emperor doted on her so much . Who didn’t love such a beautiful woman? Even he, a rootless man, looked at the sadness in her eyes, wanted to satisfy her with everything .

Yes, in this place where the imperial concubines were fighting, not only the concubines but also the people of the palace were fighting, and who could tell who was right and who was wrong . However, the Imperial Concubine Zhou almost killed Imperial Concubine Luo’s child, but she still felt guilty and so soft-hearted . Without the protection of the Emperor, how can she survive in this imperial harem in the future?

Nevertheless, the steward only considered in his thoughts . He respectfully opened the door

There was no light for a long time, and suddenly the sun came in . Zhou Xi closed her eyes a little . adapting and stopped swearing for a while . After waiting for a while, she opened her eyes and looked at the people in front of the door . She was surrounded by people and looked against the light, she was stained with gray stains and didn’t even comb her hair .

Zhou Xi suddenly blushed with shame, but she hated Luo Ran more . She clearly saw the smile in her eyes . Zhou Xi seemed to have been stimulated . She stepped forward and wanted to jump on her . It was best to let her child flow away like this!

She lived a hard life in the cold palace, but this woman was pregnant with an heir and she may even get that position . Why!? She was just a humble slave! When this woman washed her feet, she thought that she wasn’t even qualified to do it! 

She threw herself with all her strength but was stopped by the palace maid beside Luo Ran . She was bound and completely unable to move, but she didn’t give up . She crawled forward bit by bit . Her eyes flashed and she shouted frantically, “B***h! You made me live in hell!”

Luo Ran seemed to be frightened . She protected her belly with one hand, and her body trembled slightly . Qing Ru, who was on her side, was holding a handkerchief to block her sight . She comforted her lovingly: “Madam, it’s all right . She’s been stopped . It’s all right . ”

Zhou Xi was very disgusted with her appearance . She used all her strength to pull Luo ran’s skirt . She grabbed it hard and scolded viciously: “Luo Ran, you cheap maid! You hurt me! Go to hell!”

While cursing, she dragged her down violently . Her eyes were shining . She looked at her abdomen . She wished she could see it bleed now .

“Ah!” Luo Ran screamed and finally raised her head . Her eyes were misty . She clenched her lips and held her clothes in one hand . She was trying to pull back but her strength wasn’t  like the already crazy Zhou Xi . Her body staggered and was about to fall to the ground .

Suddenly someone embraced her, it came from behind and brought her back up . Luo Ran held her chest with fear and breathed a sigh of relief . She looked back with wet eyes . It was Lu Chen .

His face slightly darkened at this moment . After he took her to his side, he looked coldly at the palace maid . He scolded: “You can’t even stop a woman who has no power to bind a chicken* . What’s the use of raising you?”

(*TN: physically very weak . )

The palace maid instantly fell pale and knelt down to apologize, but they did not dare to let go of Zhou Xi .

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Luo Ran held Lu Chen’s sleeves in fear and looked at the palace maid . Her eyes flashed and could not bear to say, “Your Majesty … I’m fine . ”

Lu Chen was unhappy, not because of Luo Ran . He knew that Luo Ran was soft-hearted . He was unhappy because he let so many people follow her, but they unexpectedly couldn’t  protect her!

“If I didn’t hold you just now, you would have been lying there!”

Lu Chen wouldn’t say that he doesn’t trust Luo Ran to see Zhou Xi alone . After he came here especially, he saw that Luo Ran was about to fall down, and his heart contracted fiercely . He didn’t feel at ease until she was safely in his arms .

Luo Ran mumbled and did not dare to speak again . Her eyes landed on Lu Chen, her eyes were pleasing . Lu Chen glanced at her and finally followed her: “Get up . This time it’s Imperial Concubine Luo who pleaded for you . Next time, go and get the punishment by yourself!”

“Yes, these servants know . ”

Lu Chen didn’t have the idea to look at Zhou Xi . Similarly, Luo Ran didn’t see Lu Yu behind Lu Chen until now . Luo Ran trembled her eyelashes, nodded to him, and did not speak . She leaned against Lu Chen’s arms and turned to Zhou Xi .

Lu Yu naturally saw her nod and suddenly remembered that day, when he got married, there came the news that she was pregnant and maybe even had a miscarriage . Now looking at her all right, Lu Yu hooked the corner of his mouth, she’s just fine .

He leaned against the door and looked at the situation in the room . Zhou Xi also saw him, and her eyes lit up, but there was a cool smile in Lu Yu’s eyes .

Lu Chen looked at Zhou Xi’s eyes and looked cold: “Keep her away from Imperial Concubine Luo . ”

Zhou Xi instantly regained her mind . Her eyes were red and she seemed to have a reason: “Your Majesty, you must believe in Xi’er! Xi’er didn’t hit her! She must have framed Xi’er, Your Majesty, don’t be fooled by her!”

Lu Chen looked at her with indifference . She cried for a long while but didn’t hear his reply . So, she looked up, looked at his face, and instantly realized that he did not believe her! Zhou Xi collapsed:

“You don’t believe me! You don’t believe me! We grew up together, and you didn’t even trust me!”

Lu Chen’s eyes just showed a bit of a daze because of her words . Luo Ran’s body shuddered for a moment as if she was afraid of Zhou Xi . Lu Chen instantly regained his intent to protect Luo Ran and frowned at Zhou Xi .

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With no concern, he spoke: “You’re not making it easy to believe you . ”

Zhou Xi collapsed, covering her face and crying bitterly . Her mouth kept whispering: “Brother Chen, you don’t believe in Xi’er… “

Her sound of ‘Brother Chen’ seemed to evoke Lu Chen’s memory . Lu Chen did not open his eyes after all and seemed to be unable to bear to look at her .

Zhou Xi seems to see Lu Chen’s impatience . She wants to climb to Lu Chen bit by bit . Lu Yu on one side sees Lu Chen’s look clearly . There was only impatience, where was there any ‘couldn’t bear to’?

Lu Yu shakes the tassel at his waist and smiled softly in his heart . Really, the imperial people are too softhearted .

The imperial household is cold in itself . It’s never a joke .

Luo Ran looked at Zhou Xi’s appearance and pursed her lips . She slides her eyes, and moves to pull Lu Chen’s sleeve . When Lu Chen turns around, he saw her frowning, her eyes are clear, and could not bear to speak:

“Your Majesty… Forget it . Imperial Concubine Zhou didn’t do it on purpose . It was my fault … “

Lu Chen didn’t want to listen to any of her demeaning words, so he interrupted her: “Don’t say it any more, hurting the heir of the Emperor is a capital crime, punishable by taking over all the family assets and death of the entire family . Now, she has just been put into the cold palace, it’s because of your repeated pleadings and extra mercy . ”

Luo Ran bit her lip . She could not bear to embarrass Lu Chen, but she could not bear to look at Zhou Xi again . She sighed a little, not opening her eyes, and not talking anymore .

The conversation between the two interrupted Zhou Xi’s last hope . She suddenly took a look at Luo Ran, but saw the light smile in Luo Ran’s eyes, mixed with a trace of satire, Zhou Xi looked stiff . Since she was destined to survive in this cold palace, it would be better to … .

She smiled suddenly as if Luo Ran had not appeared at first . She looked at Lu Chen and confessed, “Your Majesty, Xi’er was wrong . Xi’er will never embarrass Imperial Concubine Luo again . Your Majesty, please forgive Xi’er once . ”

This performance attracted Lu Chen to look at her . The palace maid beside her also let go because of Lu Chen’s look . Zhou Xi suddenly changed her look . When the palace maid relaxed, she suddenly got up and ran into Luo Ran . She seemed to be shouting:

“B***h, go to hell for me!”

The palace maid didn’t react at the moment, but really let her escape . Luo Ran seemed to take two steps back in shock . Fortunately, Lu Chen hugged her, so she didn’t fall to the ground . Because he protected Luo Ran, he had no time to stop Zhou Xi .


A scream attracted Lu Chen and Luo Ran to look up . Zhou Xi fell to the ground with a look of pain . She covered her chest with one hand and looked in a direction unbelievably .

Perhaps looking at that person in disbelief .

It’s Lu Yu .

When Lu Chen was protecting Luo Ran, he came forward and kicked Zhou Xi . He hung his head and stood in front of Lu Chen and Luo Ran .

“… Lu Yu!” 

Zhou Xi suddenly collapsed and screamed . Compared with Lu Chen’s unfeeling, Lu Yu made it more unbearable for her . She thought he loved her . Even if she had become the Emperor’s concubine, he still protected her and helped her .

She had long regarded him as her personal belonging . That’s why before he got married, she complained about grievances around him . It was because she did not believe it . He loved her so much, how could he marry someone else?

Although he didn’t say it, she had found her own good reason for him . It was because the Emperor gave him a marriage, and he couldn’t resist .

However, what he did today completely broke her fantasy . He didn’t like her! He protected her, as he said, because of her face . Now that he had a better-looking face to look at, he doesn’t protect her .

Everything was her self-assertion .