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Chapter 21

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Zhou Xi was sent back to the Zhou family . How did the Zhou family react? No one knew . It’s just that when Lu Chen found out, it’s hard to avoid being stunned .

On that day, Zhou Xi took her own life in front of his eyes . He had planned to take back his orders, but Luo Ran’s fetus suddenly moved, and he couldn’t take care of her .


This way, Lu Chen could only shake his head and let it go .

“Your Majesty!”

De Gonggong exclaimed with a slight panic . The pen and ink in Lu Chen’s hand scratched the white paper, and his fingers moved twice . His eyes flashed slightly at the scratch in front of him and looked up:

“What’s the matter?”

De Gonggong bowed his head: “There is news from Luoyun Palace, Imperial Concubine Luo has fainted . ”


Lu Chen was slightly surprised and did not have time to listen to De Gonggong’s answer . He got up and started walking toward the outside . The imperial chariot was already waiting and they hurried all the way to Luoyun Palace .

As soon as he entered Luoyun Palace, the doctor was ready to salute him when he was interrupted by his irritability: “How is Imperial Concubine Luo?”

Before the doctor could answer, he looked at Luo Ran’s pale face and asked angrily, “Didn’t you say that as long as Imperial Concubine Luo felt at ease and recuperated, nothing would happen?”

The doctor knelt on the ground, he wiped the sweat from his forehead and sighed in his heart that he was unlucky: “Answering Your Majesty, I didn’t see it before, but today Imperial Concubine suddenly fell into a coma . Only then I saw that … Imperial Concubine Luo should be …”

Lu Chen has always been able to control his emotions, but today he can’t help let his emotions leak . He held the jade pipe in his hand and spoke in a cold voice, “What should it be?”

The doctor bowed his head and finally said, “it should be that she had taken a drug that hinder the birth of her child . ”

As soon as his voice fell, his body was crooked . Lu Chen stood in front of him with deep dark eyes: “Useless!”

The doctor endured the pain of being trampled on his chest and knelt down on the ground . The sweat from his forehead fell down and spoke in a trembling voice, “Your Majesty, forgive me!”

A painful voice seemed to be heard, Lu Chen gradually loosened his hand . He looked at the doctor with a slightly murderous look: “I have entrusted Imperial Concubine Luo’s fetus in your care . After such a long time, you tell me that Imperial Concubine Luo had taken medicine that hindered her child? You explain, what is the use of keeping you?”

“Your Majesty, forgive me! Your Majesty, spare my life!”

The doctor swallowed his saliva: “Your Majesty, the body of Imperial Concubine Luo could not support giving birth to the prince . I and the others didn’t dare say it, we could only try our best to save this prince, but… But now… There’s nothing I can do about it! Beg Your Majesty to spare my life!”

——Could not have supported her giving birth to this prince…

Lu Chen’s ear only lingered on this sentence, unable to support it … Lu Chen suddenly scrunched up his eyebrows and closed his eyes, only to feel a stabbing pain in his heart . After a long time, he began to speak with difficulty: “What you just said …What do you mean?”

“Even if the Imperial Concubine didn’t take a drug that was too harmful to her child, she would be weakened after giving birth to the prince, and the prince may not necessarily be healthy . ” After swallowing his saliva, the doctor spoke it with great difficulty and continued:

“Right now, if we still want to protect this child, then… Imperial Concubine’s safety …”

The doctor dared not say anything . His Majesty attached great importance to Imperial Concubine Luo, and they all saw it in his eyes, so they didn’t dare to make claims .

Lu Chen’s body suddenly trembled . He sat on the head of Luo Ran’s bed and hung his head . He didn’t talk for a long time . Until the doctor felt that his clothes were wet with sweat, he heard his erratic voice:

“Don’t let Imperial Concubine Luo know… ” This thing .

Just in the middle of the conversation, Lu Chen suddenly stopped . He looked at Luo Ran . Her face was pale, and her eyelashes trembled slightly . She could not help the overflowing tears at the corner of her eyes, but she didn’t dare to open them .

Lu Chen knew she heard everything .

He held back his eyes, there was a little red . For a long time, his voice was hoarse: “Everybody, leave . ”

They didn’t dare delay and hurriedly withdrew .

Only he and Luo Ran were left in the room, but Luo Ran still hadn’t opened her eyes . Lu Chen looked at her for a long time . Slowly stretched out his hand, gently wiped away the tears from the corner of her eyes with his fingers . Looked at her eyelashes trembling slightly, and then more tears came out .

Lu Chen tugged at the corners of his mouth and tried to comfort her, but he couldn’t say anything . In the end, he still had a hoarse voice, a very low voice:

“Ran’er, terminate the pregnancy . ”

Luo Ran finally cried . She gently protected her belly with one hand and covered her eyes with the other . Finally loosened her teeth that clenched her lip . She was very stubborn: “I don’t want to!”

“Don’t make a fuss, Ran’er . Your body is the most important thing . ”

“I don’t want to, Your Majesty . I don’t want to!”

She suddenly broke down . She opened her eyes and looked at Lu Chen . There was only a cry in her eyes: “Your Majesty, I beg you, don’t kill him! I want to have him!”

All the voices choked in his throat . Lu Chen was reluctant to refuse her, but couldn’t accept it . The child could only be born at the cost of her .

He opened his mouth, held her hand, kissed her tightly, and closed his eyes . He didn’t dare to look at Luo Ran’s face and thought that what she had in her belly was the child they expected . He could not bear the heartache in his heart, but he still spoke:

“Be good, Ran’er . Be good . ”

She lay on the bed, she could only refuse by shaking her head . The jade hand holding her feebly, her voice full of reluctance: “I don’t want to, Your Majesty . Please, let me give birth to him!  Please!”

Lu Chen looked at her, her eyes slightly red, he could not bear to refuse: “No!”

The hope in her eyes was shattered in an instant, and she was unable to hold his hand . When she looked at him, tears fell straight from her eyes, and she said word by word:

“Your Majesty, this is my only child!”

Lu Chen’s heart ached for a moment, which made him too afraid to look into her eyes . She was right . This was her only child . Since he knew that her body could not bear pregnancy, he would never allow her to get pregnant again .

But … How cruel he must be to ruin her chance in being a mother for the rest of her life .

He seemed to have loosen . Luo Ran rubbed hard against and looked at Lu Chen with her wet eyes open . She reached him, as if all hopes were hidden in her eyes .

“Your Majesty, let’s have a try, shall we? Let’s give birth to him, shall we?”

Unable to hear Lu Chen’s words, she seemed afraid that he would not agree . She wiped her tears with one hand and smiled desperately: “Your Majesty, I didn’t hurt at all . He is so lovely . He must be a clever and filial child, Your Majesty! Really, believe me, Ran’er never lied to you . He must be very good . You will like him .

“Your Majesty, would you like me to give birth to him?”

Lu Chen looked at her pleading, and suddenly feel a chill slip on his face . He saw her sudden and dazed expression . Her eyes flashed instantly, and he heard her say:

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“Your Majesty, I will not have anymore! I’m not giving birth! I am obedient, I am obedient … Don’t cry!”

Lu Chen suddenly hugged her, and he only felt the same pain in his heart . He said:

“Gave birth!

“I promise to let you give birth to him, and I believe in you . He must be very good .

“So, you must be OK . ”

He heard her burst into tears . It was joy, pleasure, fulfillment, and … despair .

They all know how she could be OK .

Lu Chen felt that he was holding her hand, trembling slightly, which made him feel ridiculous .

But she’s just a woman . How can it be as important as an heir? How did he lose his composure?

However, Lu Chen closed his eyes, he could not control his emotions and could only let them go wild .

Lu Chen did not like to coming to Luoyun Palace, it should be said that he did not like to entering the harem .

Luoyun Palace was full of medicine, bitter and astringent . Luo Ran’s body was thinner and thinner, but her belly was bigger and bigger . All the people in the harem let her bear this heir .

Even occasionally, they look at her with pity .

Everyone knows that her mother gave birth to the baby .

Luo Ran was laying on the imperial concubine chair in Luoyun Palace, her eyes closed as if to meditate and recuperate .


Three months ago, the night Zhou Xi just left…

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“The scene has reached 80%, and the remaining 20% cannot be snatched!”

“Luo Ran has a life span of less than a year, so please prepare the host to leave!”

“Not to be snatched?” Luo Ran stroked her belly and asked carefully . The smile in her eyes seemed to disapprove .

Qi’er paused and explained, “The last 20% of the play is played by the male lead Lu Chen . ”

Luo Ran seemed to wonder: “Why did this happen? Wasn’t it always 100% before?”

“Because this ‘Luo Ran’ has only one year left in her life, she will not be able to participate in the future role of the male lead Lu Chen . ”

Luo Ran suddenly raised the corner of her mouth: “So, as long as you can participate in the role after the male lead, you can reach 100%?”

“Yes . ” Although Qi’er answered like this, he had some doubts . She was already dead, so how could she take part in the play?

Luo Ran felt his doubts, but she had no plan to solve them . A smile flashed in her eyes: “Qi’er, what is the next world?”

Qi’er’s voice instantly became official: “Don’t know the next world plot in advance . ”


Luo Ran curled her mouth and did not ask any more questions . She lowered her eyes, looked at her belly, and gently caressed her . “Luo Ran” should be satisfied . She took revenge and the man she liked also fell in love with her .

Those who were sorry to her also paid the price .

The child she thought of would be born peacefully .

“Qi’er, it’s up to you . ”

Qi’er didn’t speak, but the next moment, Luo Ran’s face suddenly turned pale . She stroked her abdomen with one hand and slowly curled up together . She looked at Qingru who suddenly came in with tea . Her eyes were slightly bright, but she couldn’t speak out because of the pain .

She stretched out her hand, as if want to say something, but did not say it . Her eyes suddenly darkened and slowly closed . The jade hand dropped feebly and swept the teacup on the desk beside her .