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Chapter 22

She was lying in the imperial concubine chair, keeping her eyes closed, as if she did not find the man standing outside the window .

Lu Chen stood outside the window . He looked at her . She was thinner .

The doctor said that the medicine was good for her offspring . Even if they tried hard to maintain her body, it was still useless .


Her body weight has decreased day by day, but because of all kinds of supplements, her face looks the same .

She was pregnant, so her stomach was big . She was loosely dressed . She looked good, and she seemed to be asleep, there .

However, Lu Chen knows that she has lost weight, was very thin, and he did not need a report from the palace .

Now, she was eight months pregnant .

Eight months .

There are still two months left .

Lu Chen’s face became colder and colder, he looked at Luo Ran . There was no trace of warmth in his eyes, and the air pressure around him was getting lower and lower .

Until he saw that her eyelashes seemed to move, and her calm look seemed to have been broken, he turned away in a panic .

He dare not appear in front of her .

He was afraid .

Afraid, once appear in front of her, will no longer be reluctant to leave her .

He will ignore her wishes .

Behind him, Luo Ran got up slightly, looked out of the window, and cast her eyes on him . Her eyes seemed to be slightly entwined . She smiled and seemed to be waiting for him . However, he seemed to feel the sight behind him, he walking faster and faster .

Lu Chen walked quickly to the outside of Luoyun Palace and held on to imperial chariot . He hung his head and steadied himself . De Gonggong behind him stepped forward nervously and said anxiously, “Your Majesty …”

Lu Chen closed his eyes and raised his hand to interrupt him . He took a deep breath before raising his head: “I’m fine . ”

He said it with all his heart, but as soon as he boarded imperial chariot and the veil was put down, he leaned helplessly on the imperial chariot, and his eyes seemed to be cast on Luo Ran again, staring closely, unwilling to move away .

The imperial chariot was moving, farther and farther away from Luoyun Palace .

He closed his eyes and whispered in his heart: Ran’er .

As time passed, the air pressure in the palace became lower and lower .

Lu Yu went to the palace, he knew that foreign men could not easily enter the harem, but he could not bear it . He knew that Emperor brother had not come to see her in the past few months .

He knew that she was a black-hearted person .

However, the doctor’s words would not be false . She really risked her life for the sake of her brother and this child .

Lu Yu sipped his lips and the smile that had been hanging on his face in the past, no longer existed .

Step by step, he entered Luoyun Palace conscientiously .

Not long after he entered Luoyun Palace, someone informed Lu Chen .

At the moment, Lu Chen looked at the entourage entered, but he couldn’t see anything in it . Listening to the palace maid’s report, he waves his hand, somewhat powerless:

“I see . ”

He knows that Lu Yu has a sense of propriety .

Lu Yu loves beauty most; she looks like that . Lu Yu will not let her be wronged . So Lu Yu will not act recklessly .

He didn’t dare to see her, but he couldn’t let her go .

He tapped the table . He was waiting .

Lu Yu saw her, and she was following Momo*, walking with difficulty . Her figure was very thin, it looked light, and a gust of wind can blow her away .

(*TN: Momo = Wet nurse . )

Lu Yu stopped in the distance . He looks at her from afar . He can see clearly .

Because she lost weight, her eyes became bigger . Her skin was still white and delicate . Her lips were slightly red, the light in her eyes flowed easily, which was very beautiful . She was very beautiful, and now she added a little bleak beauty .

However, Lu Yu pulled at the corners of his mouth, his eyes slightly darkened he murmured, “It’s really ugly . ”

She leaned on Momo and walked hard step by step . Lu Yu could see the tip of her frown slightly . Momo behind her carefully protected her . She suddenly looked towards the door with hopeful eyes but became surprised at the next moment .

Lu Yu knows who she was looking at, or who she was looking forward to .

It’s Emperor brother .

She has always waited for Emperor brother, and she has always chosen Emperor brother .

He knew that she saw himself, and she came this way, but it was very slow and difficult, but Lu Yu stood in place, waiting for her to approach him . She took one more look at himself and seemed to see his mind .

She pursed her lips and walked towards himself, step by step, slowly .

However, Lu Yu was not impatient at all . He looks at her seriously, as if he wants to keep her in mind and engrave it in his heart .

She finally approached him and stopped two steps away from him .

Lu Yu suddenly chuckled, just like Luo Ran saw him for the first time, she never seemed to change, he said: “Imperial Concubine Luo, you are the most beautiful woman that Benwang has ever seen . ”

With a smile in her eyebrows and shyness after being praised, she said, “Thank you, Your Majesty, Xian Wang . ”

As soon as her voice fell, she looked behind him, but quickly withdrew her sight, as if nothing had happened, but Lu Yu saw a hint of loss in her eyes .

Lu Yu suddenly realized that she should be afraid, such as she was told the time of death by the doctor . She was waiting for the birth of her child and also waiting for her own death .

So, she was afraid .

She wanted to see Emperor brother, but she was so smart that she must know that Emperor brother did not want to see her, not because he was tired of her, but because he was reluctant to give up .

Lu Yu’s fingertips in his sleeves moved . He chuckled: “Do you regretted it?”

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Although he asked with a smile, there was a hidden seriousness in his eyes . If she had not insisted on giving birth to the child, at least, she would have enjoyed her life and would not have died at such a young age .

She shook her head, the smile between her eyes faded, and she answered him earnestly, “I never regretted it . ”

She was silent for a moment . As if she thought he should stop talking, she nodded to him, carefully protected her belly, and turned around .

Lu Yu suddenly said, “In fact, Benwang is quite regretful . ”

He saw her step pause clearly, and he knew that she understood what he was saying .

She didn’t stay . She didn’t turn around . She went farther and farther away .

Lu Yu whispered so softly that only he could hear:

“…… How can the world come into my eyes after seeing such a beautiful woman… ”

He gave her a look at a distance, she still eyebrow eye picturesque . Lu Yu chuckled and turned away .

At the gate of Luoyun Palace, he paused abruptly . He looked at the side of the gate of Luoyun Palace, and his eyes moved slightly .

Instead of leaving the palace, he went to the imperial study . He knew that Emperor brother was waiting for him .

“How is she?”

Lu Yu looked at Emperor brother who was sitting on the imperial throne chair and seemed to ask lightly . He frowned and chuckled: “Emperor brother knows everything, so why bother asking me for an answer?”

Lu Chen’s reacted, he looked down at Lu Yu with dark eyes: “What do you mean?”

Lu Yu said gently, “You have been to Luoyun Palace, just now . ”

Lu Chen’s face was the same, but Lu Yu knows the answer . He has been there .

He knew how he could endure to see her .

However, Lu Yu smiled, and he looked at Lu Chen seriously: “Are you really not going to see her?”

Lu Chen looked at the entourage and said nothing .

Lu Yu didn’t force him either . He just said calmly, “She is waiting for you . ”

Lu Chen didn’t move for a long time, but Lu Yu didn’t say anything more . He stepped back and let himself think slowly .

Lu Chen looks at the white paper in front of his eyes, which is folded and covered . It’s been quiet for a long time, but his hands are tighter .

“Your Majesty! Imperial Concubine Luo just fell down accidentally . She is already in the delivery room!”


The brush in Lu Chen’s hand fell on the table in an instant . He suddenly got up and ran out, his sleeves folded, and the white paper fluttered gently and finally fell to the ground .

It’s a painting . It’s Luo Ran .

Lu Chen looked pale . He could not believe what he had heard . His Ran’er fell down and gave birth prematurely!

Lu Chen suddenly stumbled at his feet . It seemed dark in front of him . Fortunately, De Gonggong behind him helped him for a while and he became slowed down . He didn’t even ride in the imperial chariot and ran directly to Luoyun Palace .

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Lu Yu was not far away when he saw Lu Chen running out in a panic . He had never seen Emperor brother look like this before, so … . He suddenly changed his face and ran to Luoyun Palace .

As soon as he arrived at Luoyun Palace, Lu Chen suddenly stopped and dared not enter .

Aren’t there still two months left?

How did it come so fast?

His eyes were slightly red, and he walked stiffly toward the inside, step by step .

He heard Ran’er’s scream, one by one, all smashed into his heart . He was stunned at the door, that is, the door, but he did not have any courage to push it open .

His Ran’er was in it, but he couldn’t get in .

He heard behind him, who anxiously shouting to let him in .

However, he seemed to be unable to hear anything clearly . He could only hear Luo Ran’s crying . It was very painful . She must be very painful because he also hurt!

Lu Yu just ran to Luoyun Palace and saw Emperor brother standing outside the door . Luo Ran inside was crying, but he heard that she was calling him, and she was calling Emperor brother!

“Emperor brother, Imperial Concubine Luo is calling you! She’s calling you!”

Lu Yu eager to push Lu Chen, but he suddenly stopped, even the anxious look on his face stopped, Emperor brother is … Crying?

Lu Yu seems to have read it wrong . He looks at it again . Yes, Emperor brother is crying .

Even when his father died, he didn’t see Emperor brother’s eyes red . Suddenly he couldn’t bear to let him in .

How could he have the heart to let his brother watch his beloved woman die?

The palace maid suddenly ran out: “Your Majesty! Imperial Concubine Luo has a hard time giving birth! She wants to see you!”

Lu Chen seems to have been awakened, he ran in an instant . Lu Yu looked at him outside . He suddenly turns around and kicks the chair aside . At last, he slowly leans against the wall and lowered his eyes .

Lu Chen stood by Luo Ran’s bed and looked at her, her forehead covered with beads of sweat .

She was in pain . He could see that she was in pain, and the tears in her eyes could not be hidden .

But when she saw herself, her eyes were bright and shining, and she burned him directly .

He half knelt by her bed, holding her hand . His eyes slightly red, and his voice was choking: “Ran’er, you hold on . You said, this child is very good, you will be all right!”

The tears in Luo Ran’s eyes fell in strings, but she smiled happily . She tried to reach out and touch Lu Chen’s cheek . Lu Chen had pain in her eyes . He took her hand and put it on his face, looking at the smile in her eyes .

He listened to her as if he had exerted all his strength . She said to him word for word:

“… Your Majesty, I lied to you .

“… He’s not good, he’s not good at all, I’m in pain… It hurts…

“Your Majesty … why didn’t you come to see me … I miss you so much …

“… Your Majesty … I miss you …”

After saying this, she seemed to come to an end . She looked at him and watching at him closely as if to remember him firmly .

Lu Chen suddenly panicked . He held her hand tightly and called her name in a panic:


“The child …”

Her voice was weak, but Lu Chen’s eyes were wet . He knew what she wanted to say, but he didn’t want to say yes .

Her face was so painful that she no longer had the strength to speak . She just clasped his sleeve tightly, and Lu Chen heard her voice:

“…… As precious as treasure… ”

She finally smiled, but slowly closed her eyes, and the hand holding his sleeve fell .

Lu Chen seemed to have lost his strength all over . He knelt directly by her bed and looked at her with his eyes blank .

The child’s cry seemed to be heard in his ear .

And there were palace people:

“Your Majesty, Imperial Concubine Luo gave birth to a prince . ”

And the sound of their slowly becoming frightened:

“… Your Majesty, Imperial Concubine Luo … has dead … ”

But everything seemed to disappear, and he could only see the tear that overflowed from the corner of her eye .

He regretted it .

He regretted that he had not turned her down with a cruel heart .

So, now the person who endured the pain has become him .

He regretted it . Why didn’t he come to see her?

Lu Yu said, she was waiting for him!

She said she missed him!

Ran’er, I miss you, too . I miss you so much .

Ran’er, open your eyes and look at me . I was wrong . I will never stop coming to see you again .

Ran’er, you have given birth to a prince .


Ran’er, you lied to me .

I hate you .