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Chapter 23

“Does the host want to see the accomplishment of the first world?”

At this time, Luo Ran was lying in a whitened room, where there seemed to be nothing . Luo Ran’s face seemed to be covered with a veil, which made people unable to see her face clearly . She was lying in a white fog weakly . Instead of answering Qi’er’s question, she asked:

“When can I have a real body?”

Qi’er looked down her face . There was only one shadow in the white area . Qi’er looked up the data and said, “I don’t know . ”

Luo Ran closed her eyes, her face spread the pain . She was no longer in the small world, but it hurts to the bone marrow . She clenched her teeth, and said softly:

“Life is not a joke . ”

Instead of responding to her words, Qi’er asked her, “Do you want to check the achievements of the first world?”

“Check . ”

Although she said so, she did not care about the result . She looked at her body and said silently in her heart: when the next world ends, she should have arms on her body .

Her eyes sparkled . As long as she could get 100% of the play, she would have a complete body soon .

“The First World Achievement: Repentance! Snatched 100% of the play . Congratulations to the host . ”

At this time, Luo Ran saw something similar to a screen showing her scenes from the small world after she left .

After her death, Lu Chen, despite the opposition of his ministers, made her queen and the little prince to become the crown prince .

The prince’s name is Lu Yi .

Lu Yu also seemed to have changed a lot . He fully supported the little prince to become the crown prince and personally teaches the prince a lessons .

Lu Chen no longer accepted the imperial concubine all his life, and the harem has become a decoration .

And she, too, has a part to play all the time .

Because, after the death of the female lead, the world revolves around the male lead, but she appears frequently in the male lead’s memory .

She had been Lu Chen’s untouchable wound, and it hurt as soon as she touched it .

She saw the end .

Lu Chen went to the Imperial Mausoleum, where she was here .

He was in the Imperial Mausoleum and remained motionless for a long time before he said, “Don’t be afraid . ”

Lu Chen stood beside her, her face still ruddy as if she had just fallen asleep .

He thought, she was so timid, so many years, alone in the Imperial Mausoleum, not afraid, not crying, no one to wipe her tears .

He said to her, don’t be afraid, Zhen* said, Zhen will protect you .

(*TN: Zhen = I, used by the emperor . )

However, after all, he broke his promise to her . He promised to take her to the palace for summer vacation, but he never did it .

After returning, he suddenly fell ill . The place where he died was not Yangxin Hall, but her Luoyun palace .

In those days, she was in the bed where she had difficulty giving birth .

Nothing has changed there . The only thing that has changed is that there is no longer her and him .

In the vast white space, there was silence . Qi’er suddenly said, “Does the host have something to say?”

Her mood seemed to be a little down . Luo Ran looked at him in surprise . Her body was more and more painful . What did she want to say? She didn’t want to say anything, and she said impatiently, “When will the next world start?”

She didn’t want to stay here . Here, she has no body . She hurts so much .

She wants a body, even like Luo Ran’s unhealthy body in the first world .

Qi’er didn’t seem to expect her to be like this . His body flashed and quickly said, “The host can enter the next world at any time . ”

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“Then go to the next world . ”

Luo Ran glanced sideways at Qi’er . She naturally knew what he meant, but she could not help herself . She was also in pain . She just wants to have a good body, how could she have the mood to think whether Lu Chen was pathetic or not?

What’s more, if she really falls in love with Lu Chen, the first one who was unwilling is Qi’er .

Luo Ran’s eyes were slightly cold . She will never forget the first world she experienced . She was easily tempted, but come to a bad end . Even returning to this space, she also ruined her only pair of eyes .

It hurts!

It hurts so much that she would rather never exist .

She did not dare to love .

She will never fall in love with anyone again .

She’s been through a world where man and woman are not true love but in the end?

Jeez .

Qi’er seemed to feel what was on her mind, and after a moment of silence, he said, “We are about to enter the next world . The host please get ready . ”

Before Luo Ran could react, she heard a sharp voice: “Empress Dowager, are you going to get up?”

The voice made Luo Ran frown slightly, and her eyes opened a gap . She glanced at the furnishings in the house and knew that the world was still in the palace, but … . Was she the Empress Dowager?

Luo Ran raised her hand slightly and spoke softly, “Step back first . ”

As soon as the voice came out, her eyelashes trembled . It was too beautiful, should not be the voice of the Empress Dowager, it was also too young .

The palace maid who just spoke didn’t seem to think it was wrong . They tried not to make any noise and retreated .

Her memory came late at this time .

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She opened her eyes, her eyes flashed . Original identity this time, was so good? She couldn’t help but tilt her mouth .

This identity really suits her .

Xiao Chen, the main character of this world, was from a humble background . He was just a boy of a concubine’s son in the Prince An’s Residence, and because his mother made a mistake in her life, the concubine son has been living in a village outside the capital .

As a male lead, Xiao Chen’s looks and temperament, as well as his heart, must be outstanding, even if his status was low .

In the original text, Luo Ran, as an Empress Dowager, was only in her twenties, but she controlled the government . Although the young emperor was not her own child, he was always raised by her and was close to her .

The female lead, Shi Nianshuang, was the younger emperor’s sister . Both were born to the first wife of the late emperor, but the first wife died when she gave birth to a young emperor .

Later, Luo Ran was the sister of Luo Yu, the general of the current dynasty . The two lived together since childhood, and Luo Yu doted on her . Because the first emperor feared Luo Yu’s military power, he ordered Luo Ran to enter the palace .

However, he did not think of this decree would accelerate his death .

Luo Ran was only eight years old and had a noble status . Her elder brother’s power was in court . She was more famous than the eldest princess of the dynasty . But now she would marry the first emperor who was older than her father because of an imperial edict . How can she do it?

Luo Yu was far away from the capital, and no matter how unwilling Luo Ran was, it won’t help .

After Luo Yu passed a letter to her, she didn’t know what the letter said, she was willing to enter the palace . The first thing she did when she entered the palace was to bring up the young prince under her knee to raise . The First Emperor didn’t want to, but he heard that Luo Yu’s army had returned to the capital from the border .

In desperation, there was no choice but to hand the young prince over to Luo Ran .

Later, even though the First Emperor was suddenly unable to recover from his illness, he naturally doubted Luo Ran, but could not find anything unusual .

After the death of the First Emperor, Luo ran helped the young emperor to the throne, but she ruled in place of the emperor and the power was in her hands .

In this process, all the adult sons of the royal family were accused of disobeying the decree of the late emperor and lost their lives .

By this time, the world was still under the surname Shi, but it was already under the Luo family .

Prince An’s residence was originally a generation of people who liked to social climbing . So, how could they miss this opportunity to curry favor Luo Ran?

She didn’t know who gave them an idea, saying that although Luo Ran was in power, she was alone, and needs someone to know her feelings .

As soon as this was said, how could Prince An’s Residence not know what it meant? However, before Prince An could make any moves, he saw Luo Yu send two actors to the palace . Knowing what Luo Ran lacked, he naturally wanted to do his best .

But how could a man with a low-status approach Luo Ran?

The reason was that Princess An mentioned Xiao Chen, the concubine’s son, who was far away in the village . It was at this time that the commoner son fell into the water and unfortunately died . However, after hearing the news, the male lead replaced him and went back to Prince An’s Residence and became Xiao Chen .

Xiao Chen was very ambitious . After using this identity to get close to Luo Ran, he learned that the female lead, Shi Nianshuang, was the younger emperor’s sister . He deliberately approached the female lead, and with a good appearance, he won the heart of the female lead, and then he always used the female lead to get the power he wanted .

In the original text, although the female lead and the male lead were together in the end, Luo Ran knew that Xiao Chen was the most fickle person . He left the female leaf, just because she was obedient .

After thinking about all the plots and memories, Luo Ran slowly opened her eyes . She slowly sat up and looked at her beautiful body, and the smile at the corners of her mouth grew deeper and deeper .

“Male lead Xiao Chen has a cool heart . How does the host plan to attack him?”

When Luo Ran listened to his words, she was a little surprised . She smiled lightly as she covered her mouth with her hands:

“This time also needs to take a strategy?”

Qi’er was puzzled: “What does the host mean?”

Luo Ran glanced at him with arrogance . She went to the dressing table, looked at the beautiful and charming face in the bronze mirror, and smiled:

“If I don’t help the male lead, will he still get what he wants?”

Qier’s hand seemed to move for a moment, and he said, “No . ”

“So, what are you worried about?” Luo Ran has a cool smile in her eyes . “as long as I don’t want to, he can only be a low-status male pet . ”

At this time, there was only Luo Ran in the palace . She looked at the bronze mirror and admired herself . The sunlight outside the house came in and floated a layer of gold for her, But she seemed unfriendly and unapproachable .

Qi’er looked at her, the virtual shadow seemed to fluctuate, and in the end, he didn’t say anything and became invisible .