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Chapter 4

Chapter 4 . The First World


Lu Chen came to Luoyun palace more and more frequently, until a month later; Lu ran was promoted as an official concubine .

Seeing that the timing was long enough, Luo Ran called Qing Ru to walk with her at the imperial garden .

Today, Luo Ran is wearing a white pleated skirt embroidered with litmus red, which made her look a little more charming . She only stood for a quarter of an hour in the imperial garden with Qing Ru, when Zhou Xi and her entourage came from a distance .

Luo Ran’s eyes flashed a smile . When Zhou Xi’s ceremonial stopped no more than three steps away from her, she shivered all over . She seemed a little scared and nervous . Her eyes were foggy . She stepped forward, bent down to salute, and timidly said, “this concubine pays respects to Imperial Concubine Chen . ”

The veil on the ceremonial dress was lifted to reveal Zhou Xi’s side face . She turned around and looked at Luo Ran . She smiled softly and sneered, “Who spoke to Bengong? Oh, it turned out to be Concubine Luo . Now you know what it feels like to be a master? Is it as good as when you were in Bengong’s palace?”

(Bengong [本宫] = “I/ this palace”; what the empress and imperial concubines call themselves if they have independent palaces (not all concubines in ancient palaces have their own palaces) . It may also be used by Crown Princes and Princesses who have their own palaces . It’s non-gender restricted . )

Listening to Zhou Xi’s sarcastic remarks, Luo Ran’s eyelashes quivered . Tears gathered on her eyelashes but they couldn’t fall off . She bit her lip, bent her waist and dared not rise . She spoke in a low voice: “This concubine asks forgiveness from Mistress Imperial Concubine Chen . ”

Zhou Xi’s face suddenly turned cold . No one had ever hit her face like this . Her anger had been building up for a month . Looking at the face that asked for pity, she was disgusted: “So, Concubine Luo knew, Bengong thought you forgot everything in order to climb into the Emperor’s bed!”

Luo Ran seemed to be unable to bear the insult in Zhou Xi’s words . She stumbled slightly and nearly fell down . Fortunately, Qing Ru was behind her and gave her a hand . Her lip was bleeding and she whispered, “This concubine doesn’t dare forget . ”

Zhou Xi was holding Zi Fu’s arm in ceremonial at this time . She just walked in front of Luo Ran . But when she heard her words, she laughed sarcastically: “Not dare? While Bengong was taking a nap, you climbed on to the Emperor’s bed with your dirty body . What else you won’t dare do?”

Luo Ran’s face was pale because of her words . Her hands were tightly clenched and her bones were clearly standing out . Only her fingers were covered with pink . She tried to smile, but she couldn’t do it . Tears wet her cheeks . She was pitiful, and she retorted with shame and anger: “This concubine is not dirty!”

Zhou Xi looked at her delicate and touching appearance, and her heart grew angrier . Was this the look she used to hook the emperor? Zhou Xi was originally like this too . She didn’t want to endure it any longer . She threw her a slap with her hand and spat out: “You fox!”

Luo Ran was squatting for too long, then she was slapped again . Now she was unstable and fell to the ground, covering her cheek with one hand . Qing Ru held her with a face of panic and heartache . Luo Ran leaned against Qing Ru and wept silently .

Zhou Xi still hadn’t vent out all her anger, but she was too lazy to do it herself . Holding Zi Fu’s hand, she turned around and went on with her people, but still dropped a sentence: “Kneel down, don’t you like to seduce the Emperor? Kneel down to the Emperor until he tells you to stand up!”


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When Lu Chen got the news, it was nearly noon . As soon as he arrived in the imperial garden, he saw a woman in the royal garden, dressed in a white skirt, kneeling weakly, surrounded by some concubines .

“The Emperor has arrived!”

The concubines on one side didn’t think that the Emperor would really come . After all, Imperial Concubine Chen punished Luo Ran herself . They thought that with the feelings between the Emperor and Imperial Concubine Chen, this ‘Luo Ran grievance’ was settled . They only wanted to come and see the show .

“Paying respects to the Emperor!”

Lu Chen ignored them and walked toward Luo Ran in hurried steps . He saw her face had turned white, the blood on her lip had dried up, especially the redness and swelling on her cheek . When he saw her, her tears kept falling down and they seem to be telling him her grievances .

Looking at her messy appearance, Lu Chen only felt angry in his heart . He had just advised her to go out for a walk yesterday and she was forced to kneel today . This made him feel a sting on his cheek . Lu Chen picked up Luo Ran . Lu Chen held his anger and said with some affection, “it’s all right . ”

Lu Chen didn’t wait for Luo Ran’s reply . He felt something cold on his neck . Then he heard her crying voice . Obviously, she was so weak, but a little stubborn: “I’m not dirty . ”

Before Lu Chen could speak, she repeated, “Your Majesty, I’m not dirty!”

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The body in his arms trembled a little . Lu Chen only felt cold in his heart . What did Zhou Xi say to make Luo Ran react like this? Whether her body is clean or not, naturally, he knows best .

Lu Chen goes back to the palace with Luo Ran in his arms . Zhou Xi is too much!

In Luoyun palace, the female doctor lifted the skirts on her knees, which were very red . She is thin and tender, and Lu Chen was pleased with every part of her body . But after kneeling for so long on the stone pavement, some skin was broken, and the blood was stuck on the skirt . The female doctor’s actions made her turn pale .

Luo Ran, with tears streaming from her eyes in pain; squeezed Lu Chen’s sleeve tightly with one hand, this showed how helpless she was to Lu Chen . Lu Chen hugged her tightly and looked at her wound . The anger in his eyes became more and more intense .

After the female doctor gave Luo Ran some medicine, she retreated . Lying in Lu Chen’s arms, she said nothing but wept silently . This made Lu Chen feel sad and suffocated . Finally, he said, “wait here for me . ”

Luo Ran looked at him with tears in her eyes . When she saw that he was going to leave, there was a panic on her face . She didn’t have time to speak . She just wanted to stop him, but she forgot the pain on her knees . She couldn’t hold Lu Chen, but fell off the soft couch .

Hearing the sound of a heavy object landing behind him, Lu Chen was shocked . Turning around, he saw that Luo Ran was collapsed on the ground . A pair of warm jade fine hands were propped up on the ground, and her face was very pale . There was no color in her face, only white, tears wet her hair . She clenched her lip . She saw him turn around, her eyes glowing brightly, a weak and low voice cried out: “Don’t go . ”

Lu Chen knew that he was mistaken . He picked her up and gently placed her on the soft couch . Luo Ran looked like a frightened bird . Her hands clenched Lu Chen’s sleeve tightly . Her eyes flashed with fluster and imploring, Lu Chen looked at her eyes, weakly and timidly repeating, “don’t go . ”

As she looked like this, Lu Chen was unwilling to leave . He just wants to coax her on the palm of his hand and explain his behavior to her: “I’m not leaving, but you have been wronged . I should seek justice for you . ”

Luo Ran realized that he was not angry with her, so her trembling body finally calmed down slowly . She looked at Lu Chen with her wet eyes open . She spoke softly while trying to suppress her crying: “it’s my fault . I wronged Imperial Concubine Chen . She should be angry . ”

Although saying this, Luo Ran’s tears cannot help but flow down, the grievances in her eyes clearly presented in front of Lu Chen . Partial to that pair of eyes containing drops of tears and look at him with pleading; Lu Chen didn’t know what to do .

Lu Chen wiped her tears for her . He became more and more determined to seek justice for her, and said quietly, “Don’t be afraid, it’s my negligence this time, and it won’t happen again . ”

“Don’t go . Imperial Concubine Chen would be angry . ” At this point, Luo Ran shook again, as if she was terrified of Zhou Xi .

This reaction made Lu Chen frown . What on earth did Zhou Xi do to her to make the beautiful woman in his arms so afraid of her? She planted a seed of doubt in Lu Chen’s heart . Unable to see her worried and frightened, he comforted and said, “okay, I’ll listen to you, don’t cry . ”

Luo Ran took a careful look at Lu Chen and saw that he really gave up looking for Imperial Concubine Chen . She heaved a sigh of relief and smiled, her eyes shining, buried in Lu Chen’s neck and the corners of her mouth slightly raised .

Her compromising appearance made Lu Chen feel sorry for her even more, and his eyes darkened . Since she felt guilty about Zhou Xi and didn’t want to go to her by herself, — then raise her status! In this way, it would not be so easy for Zhou Xi to look for her and cause problems .