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Published at 7th of January 2020 01:34:22 PM

Chapter 757

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Looking at the partially laughing woman beside him, Ji Ziming felt his throat begin to itch again .


For the first time, the man found himself having moments when he did not know what to do .

"My dear boyfriend, come tell me about it . "

Pei Ge hugged him arm and stared at him with unblinking eyes . A hint of playfulness flashed across them .

"…" He swallowed lightly and, in the end, told her the truth .

"Earlier, I…"

She laughed aloud after she heard his words, not expecting him to search about how to buy goods at a wet market .

"Ziming, you can't be serious . It's just buying stuff . Did you have to make Du Wen research such topic and be here at a specific time? Ha ha! Did you really have to go to such an extent?"

She suddenly felt that her boyfriend was not only vain but also a joker!

See? He can turn a simple activity of buying goods into this .

He made it so serious that, if someone did not know better, they would really think that he was buying the market's land and running a big project here .

"…" The man kept quiet, feeling utterly gloomy . He knew that he should not have admitted to it .

"Ha ha ha! The young fellow is so amusing . "

Even the uncle selling beef at the side was amused by him .

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"Ha ha!" Seeing that even the uncle selling beef was laughing, her smile got even more radiant .

"Young lady, I think your boyfriend just cares a lot about you, or else isn't it just going to the wet market to buy ingredients?" the uncle selling beef said with a smile .

Upon hearing that, she shifted her gaze onto her boyfriend unconsciously, and a warm feeling rose inside her .

"Ziming, thank you," she said gently, her fingers interlocked with his .

"You dummy . " His lips upturned a little when he heard her grateful words .

"But…" She suddenly blinked, the earlier teasing dissipating . "Don't do something so silly again next time!"

She looked at him with a bright smile on her face .

"…" His lips twitched a little and he thought, How is this amusing?

"He he! Young lady, you and your boyfriend are amusing . Here . I've cut the beef for you; it's the most tender beef tenderloin, and I'll even give you a discount . "

Happily paying for the beef, the pair of lovebirds was almost done purchasing goods .

The two came to the wet market empty-handed, but now, their hands were full of items .

"I'll carry everything; they're heavy . " He reached for the bags she was carrying .

However, when she saw that he was carrying more bags, she moved away to dodge him .

"It's fine . These aren't heavy at all," she said, smiling at him as she swung the bags .

"See? They're not heavy at all . "

"Neither is mine . "

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As he spoke, he forcibly took the bags in her hands .

"Hey! How can you take my stuff?"

"Okay . Come now; the car's just right outside . It's not that far . "

"No matter how near it is, you still can't take my bags . "

As the two walked further from the noisy marketplace, the setting sun cast their shadows on the pavement .

Just seeing their intimate backs and hearing their light bickering, they could really make all those singles out there envious .


After putting all their bought stuff in the back of the car, the two got into the car and headed to her temporary abode in Tianjin .

Because her apartment was close to the marketplace, the car arrived at her place in a few minutes' time .

"We're here . "

After she got out of the car, she still failed at carrying any bags . She pouted and smiled at the man .

She truly did not expect that he would be like this to her one day .

When they first met, this man was such a heartless boss!


Looking at the man with arms full of plastic bags, she had uncontrollable fits of giggles .

Still, this time round, she did not laugh aloud so casually .

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Instead, her lips were pursed as she laughed tenderly; her eyes were full of bliss .

It was nice that she had actually met this man .

It was nice that they had met, gotten to know each other, and fallen in love at the right time .

Her eyes narrowed into twin crescents from smiling a lot . She looked at the slender, reliable figure before her, and a feeling of bliss rose in her .

She laughed, took her phone out of her bag, and captured his back view in this snow .

Checking the photo she snapped casually, its artistic flavor made it seem as if it were taken by a professional photographer .

Her red lips curled up as she gazed at the photo on her screen .

How could she not share such a great photo to others?

With a few taps, she uploaded that photo on her private Weibo account .

She also added a caption under the picture .

The man walking ahead frowned and turned when he sensed that his girlfriend was lagging behind .

"What's wrong?"

When he turned around, he saw her smiling at her phone .

"Nothing! Nothing much . " Collecting her thoughts, she quickly put her phone away and walked to him .


When the elevator doors parted open, she led him to her apartment in Tianjin and opened the door with her keys .

After she opened the anti-theft door, she took the bags from him quickly .

"You must be tired . "

She took the grocery bags to the kitchen before she changed into her indoor slippers .

"I'm alright . "

He raised his head and surveyed the condo she was staying . Even though it was not very big, it had everything one needed and even had a decent décor . He was happy to see that .

"You take a seat in the living room first; I'll put these…"

She was dealing with the fish and meat in the kitchen when she saw him walk in from outside .

"I'll do it . "

Because the kitchen was rather small, it was a little cramped with them both in it .

In an instant, the kitchen became rather cramped .

By the time he walked over to her side, the two were rather close to each other .

"Why are you here? Go out; go out!"

She put the fish in the basin and washed her hands . She then positioned her elbow against his chest, indicating for him to leave the kitchen first .

However, instead of listening to her and leaving the kitchen, he took the apron that she was wearing and put it on .

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