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Chapter 429

「 Yo-chan 」

When Ruriko and Mana went to Mao-chan,
Nei comes to me .

「 I think that it’s hard, but it’s a critical moment now 」

She looks at me seriously
Does that mean?

「 Michi, have you calmed down? 」

This time, she whispers to Michi .

「 I 」
「 If you want it, Yo-chan can answer anytime you want . He won’t say it’s troublesome nor hate it . You can just embrace him in the front without holding back 」
「 Yes 」

Michi looks up at Nei and answers .

「 If you know that then, don’t be so reckless on wanting Yo-chan . Okay? 」

The elder sister scolds the little sister .
Oh, I see .
I get it .
Mana and Megu had this scene too .

「 At first, you may be filled with just having sex, but as soon as you get used to it, you’ll keep for asking various things . I know that . Yo-chan’s kindness makes us really happy but, we keep worrying about whether this happiness will last forever, so we ask for more 」

Nei explained .

「 True, I think so too 」

Michi replied .

「 Michi, when Misuzu’s with you, there’s a brake in your mind, but when Misuzu’s away, it seems that you step on your accelerator 」
「 It is as Nei-oneesama says 」
「 Well, I think that she knows how uneasy Michi is, so she left you here on purpose 」

Misuzu took Megu to take care of Yoshiko-san .
True, there’s no need for a guard in this mansion, but .
Still, usually, Misuzu wouldn’t let Michi leave her side .
I thought that Michi’s left here to hold down Edie, but .
Misuzu is thinking of something deeper?

「 As expected, you’re taking such a bossy attitude as a senior against Ruriko and Mana! 」
「 It’s a disgrace 」
「 Well, that’s because you get worried that Yo-chan’s feelings go to the new girl that’s why you took that bossy attitude unconsciously 」

I’m convinced with what Nei said .
True, Michi’s been so bossy with Ruriko lately,
I thought that it was just because I appointed her as Ruriko’s teacher, but,
I see Michi’s jealous of the new woman, Ruriko .

「 Yo-chan loves all his women equally . You know that, don’t you? 」
「 Yes 」
「 Therefore, we don’t try to stick out to be loved alone by Yo-chan . That is our rule 」

Nei approaches Michi

「 No, Nee-san, Michi wasn’t alone in the sex just now, the three of them were together 」

I follow up Michi .
Actually, it was 3-to-1 sex .

「 Well, that was because Mana and Ruriko were adults . Actually, Michi’s the one who had Yo-chan for herself, right? 」

Well, that’s true, but,

「 Next time, if you force to have sex without even thinking of Yo-chan’s body and take a bossy attitude towards you, little sisters, us elder sisters will punish you 」

Nei tells Michi with a scary face .

「 I’m very sorry . This won’t happen again 」

Michi bows deeply .
She must feel shameful of herself . There are tears in her eyes .

「 I’ll apologize to Mana and Ruriruri 」
「 You mustn’t . Those girls took Michi in consideration . Keep it in your heart 」

Both of them hug Mao-chan to sleep
Oh, did they get off here because they noticed Nei’s look at Michi?

「 Besides, Mana gets reckless towards Yo-chan the same way, you’re not alone so don’t worry 」

Michi’s rash like now just like Mana with Megu asking for me so much back at the school at midnight .
She was getting used to sex then, due to her jealousy to Yukino, she was getting addicted .
Sex is the most dangerous when you’re just getting used to it .

「 Anyway, you should trust Yo-chan more . You already know what kind of man Yo-chan is so don’t be so rash like this!

Nei said, but,
I myself don’t know what kind of man I am .

「 Yes, I will never doubt Master’s affection again . Please forgive me! 」

Nei smile at what Michi said .

「 Well, fine . I’m not the only one who knows that you’re a girl who won’t learn unless you get reckless once . Katsu-nee and Margo-oneechan said the same thing . Therefore, we’ll overlook it this time . But, never again 」
「 Yes 」

Tears spill from Michi’s eyes .

「 Michi . It’s fine 」

I suck off the tears flowing off Michi’s eyes .

「 If Michi needs me no matter what, I’ll take care of you . I’ll never abandon you . I love you 」
「 Yes, Master 」
「 Therefore, try to hold back as much as you can until it comes to the point that you really need Yo-chan, okay, Michi?! 」

Nei said .

「 Yes, yes, yes! 」

Michi answers while crying

「 I see, then get off right away! 」

Ah .
Michi and I are still connected .

「 I-I’m sorry! 」

Michi gets off me .
My penis is pulled out of Michi’s tight vagina .
White semen overflows .
Michi sits on the air mat without even trying to wipe off the sperm .
Then, she prostrates herself .

「 I have received Master’s love . Michi enjoyed it a lot . Thank you very much 」

Hey, Michi?

「 From now on, I will do my part as Master’s toy 」
「 Yeah, that’s good! 」

Nei said laughing .

「 Since it’s Michi, I think that you won’t go the wrong way anymore! 」

Yeah, feeling shameful from her recklessness .
Michi from now on will act in moderation .
I’m sure that she’ll become a beautiful woman .

「 Anyway, I think that it’s necessary for Michi to go through these processes once! 」

I get that but .
Unease awakens in my heart .

「 Could it be that all the girls had to go through this process? 」

Getting used to sex .
Trying to oppose the other women .
For example, Ruriko?
I look at Ruriko who’s lying next to Mao-chan .

「 It’s okay, not every single one of them will go this way 」

Nei said .

「 Misuzu has a moderate brake, as for Ruriko, I think she’s okay . After all, a lady of Kouzuki house is a child who grew up under pressure is strongly self-disciplined, I don’t believe that she’ll forget to consider her surroundings 」

I see .
She won’t lose sight of herself even in the family .
Misuzu is a member of Kouzuki house, and yet she’s always humble in the family .
She’s never done something rude .
Ruriko’s the same .
Besides .

「 Nee-san too 」

Nei also just experienced sex .
But, this morning .
She just asked for once, at the time where my stamina’s fully recovered, then she didn’t ask for more than that .

「 I’m also strong when it comes to holding back! 」

Nei has been confined by Cesario Viola’s criminal organization .
Therefore, she’s always observant of the emotions of the people around her, and she doesn’t try to force herself to it .
Even when smiling or laughing, she always hides her nature .
Well, that’s of course .
Her life with Viola and others, if they behave in a way the other party would be harmed, Nei and Kei-san would be immediately killed .
Nei’s self-control is strong too .

「 Besides, I’m a Onee-chan you see! 」

Nei smiles at me .

「 I’m always secondary for Yo-chan and for my little sisters! Aren’t you the same, Yo-chan? 」


「 Aren’t you always putting yourself behind for the sake of the family? 」

That is .

「 No, I’m not putting myself behind, I just don’t care about myself 」

I don’t have anything to protect about myself .
Therefore, I’m prepared to give it all to my family .

「 Well, I see, that’s homework for Yo-chan in the future then 」

Nei sighs .

「 Now then, since I’m done preaching Michi, let’s go to the next turn 」

Next turn?

「 Yo-chan? I think that it’ll be harsh for your body but hold out for a bit longer . This is a race against time 」

If Nei speaks like that, then the targets are narrowed down to one .

「 Mana, leave that to Ruriko and come here 」

Nei calls Mana .

「 Okaay~ 」

Mana comes back from putting Mao-chan to sleep .

「 Michi, take care of it! 」
「 Yes, please order me anything! 」

Michi answers

「 Let’s go! 」

We head towards Agnes .

◇ ◇ ◇

Agnes is in the same bed as Reika .
Watching Nagisa and me, then the 4P with Michi and the girls, they seem to be paralyzed .
On the other hand, Edie’s fainted from receiving Michi’s ecstasy .

「 Look at Agnes, everyone! 」

Nei whispers to us .
Agnes’ face is bright red .

「 It’s about time the libido accumulate inside Agnes 」


「 Ah, it means sexual urge Shirasaka Sousuke has forced Agnes to masturbate three times a day while looking at his own statue, remember? 」

Yeah, that’s become Agnes’ daily routine .

「 Then, she’s stopped doing that since we break into this room for two days! 」

Yeah, Agnes;
She hasn’t masturbated yesterday and today .

「 Then, she’s been shown a lot of Yo-chan having sex 」

I see, Agnes
Is her body on fire?

「 Then, this is very important, Shirasaka Sousuke has forced Agnes to masturbate, but he himself hasn’t touched her yet! 」


「 She was only shown how to masturbate from videos to imitate . Well you see, he finds most things troublesome . Besides, he’s the kind of man who’s not caring about making a woman feel good, you see? He’s a man who’s fine as long as he’s feeling good 」

That’s Shirasaka Sousuke .

「 Shirasaka Sousuke was thinking of raping Agnes on her next birthday . He wants her to masturbate so when he rapes her, her genital’s a bit developed, and he wants Agnes to worship him, that’s all his reasons . Therefore, 」


「 Shirasaka Sousuke has never caressed nor licked Agnes! 」

So, I will?

「 Of course, there’s no need to have sex with her yet, rather than that, let her drown in sexual pleasure . We have to carve in her heart that having Yo-chan do it feels much better than masturbating! We’ll have Yo-chan the first ecstasy brought to Agnes-chan coming from another person’s hand 」

I see .
I just have to make Agnes cum with my hand and tongue .

「 What should Mana do? 」

Mana asks .

「 Agnes has already opened up her heart to Mana so you’ll be inviting Agnes to Yo-chan 」
「 Okay, got it! 」
「 Nei-oneesama, what about me? 」
「 Michi, you’ll monitor Edie, she’ll get in the way once she wakes up 」

Ah .
Edie thinks that she’s Agnes’ guardian, so,
She’ll rampage under the misunderstanding that we’re bullying Agnes .

「 Certainly . Please leave it to me 」
「 I will be taking care of Rei-chan 」

Nei looks at us .

「 Well then, let’s go! Mission start!!! 」

Leaving only Michi to watch over Edie, we head towards Agnes .
The three of us walk lined up .

「 Okay, Agnes, Rei-chan! 」

Nei calls the two .
She’s talking to the two so Agnes doesn’t feel alert .
However, she’s already feeling nervous that we’re getting close .

「 Don’t you think it’s a bit hot in this room? Everyone’s naked other than us 」

Right, everyone’s naked other than Nei, Agnes, and Reika .

「 Oh, so hot, I’m going to strip too! 」

Nei takes off her clothes .
The room’s already maintained to comfortable room temperature .
If one feels the heat, then that’s because their body’s heating up from arousal .
Nei’s fascinating proportions are exposed .
Her fair-skin and voluptuous tits and ass .
But, her waist is constricted, it’s like a perfect naked body similar to nudes in European art .

「 Ah feels good to be naked 」

Nei said Mana joins in .

「 Yeah, it feels good to be naked! Get naked you two as well! 」
「 !!! 」

Agnes and Reika’s body trembled .

「 It’s fine! It’s only us in here! 」

Mana smiled and jumped into Agnes’ bed

「 Here, I’m taking off Agnes’s clothes! 」


「 U-Uhm, Agnes is 」

She’s just embarrassed .

「 Geez, Agnes-chan! 」

Mana hugs Agnes

「 Hyaan! 」

Agnes is surprised

「 Mana loves Agnes-chan! What about Agnes? 」
「 Agnes is 」

She’s troubled .

「 Ufufu, I also love Agnes-chan! You’re so cute! 」

The naked Nei jumps in between Agnes and Reika on the bed .
Then, Agnes and Reika are separated .
Agnes is sandwiched between two naked Onee-san .

「 Anges-chan! Kiss! 」
「 Me too, Kiss! 」

Agnes is hugged and kissed on the cheeks on both sides .

「 Awawawa 」

Agnes is confused .

「 Look, Nei-oneechan’s breasts are big, aren’t they? 」
「 Yeah, you can touch it, Agnes! 」

Nei presses her chest to Agnes’ face .

「 Ah, it’s bouncy! 」

Nei’s soft body hugs Agnes who hungers for maternity .

「 Look, it’s going to be okay, there’s nothing to be scared of 」

Nei’s embrace eases up Agnes .
Then .

「 Onii-chan, come 」

Mana invites me from top of the bed .
She opens her legs wide .

「 Please lick Mana’s pussy! 」

I head to Mana’s body .

「 Uhiii! 」

Agnes is surprised by my approach, but

「 It’s fine! It’ll be fine, okay? 」

Agnes’ sense of crisis dulls from Nei’s plump embrace .

「 Un, Onii-chan’s just going to lick me! 」

Mana tells Agnes .

「 Onii-chan’s tongue feels good . It’s much better than doing it myself! 」

She’s whispering to draw Agnes’ heart .

「 Mana 」

I first massage Mana’s cute breasts and lick her nipples .

「 Ah, nice . Lick my nipples more, roll your tongue 」

I respond to Mana’s request .

「 I don’t want it all to the right, Onii-chan, the left too, ahn! 」

My tongue attack both left and right nipples alternately .

「 Look, Mana feels good, doesn’t she? Having Yo-chan do that to you really feels good you know! 」

Nei hugs Agnes from behind and whispers in Agnes’ ear .
Ah, Agnes is watching .
I can feel her gaze .
Agnes’ eyes concentrate on my moving tongue .

「 Next, down there . Please do me down there! 」

My tongue crawl on Mana’s skin .
From the cleavage to her soft stomach

「 Amu! 」

I lick her belly .
Then, I go lower .
Mana’s pussy is hairless .
I don’t feel any hair when I crawl my tongue on it .
If it were Yukino, it would be prickly .
Will Mana be having that much hair like her in a few years?
Mana’s got a chronic illness, so she was treated in Shizuoka .
Now that she’s cured and healthy, she might start growing fast .
She’s just 14 years old after all .
Even though she’s in second-year middle school,
Her genital is completely wet .

「 Aaaaaah! 」

My tongue made sounds on Mana’s fountain like a cat drinking milk .
It smells dairy products, and I feel sour taste on my tongue .
It’s the taste of Mana’s lewd slit .

「 It feels good! This feels good! Onii-chan!!! 」

Mana pinches my head with her thighs .
Her thin legs with no meat .
The thin skin of her thighs touches my face .
I open up Mana’s pussy with my fingers .
I insert my tongue .

「 Aaaaah, Agnes-chan! It feels so good! 」
「 Ufufu, Agnes-chan, do you want to touch yourself? No, you can’t 」

I hear Nei’s ‘voice .
It seems that the aroused Agnes tried to touch her genitals .
Nei stops Agnes from Masturbating .
Agnes’ urge will be accumulated to the very limit .

「 Aah, Onii-chan, Onii-chan! 」

I peel off Mana’s clitoris and lick it .

「 Uhiiiiiiiiiin! That feels too good! 」

Mana’s body curves in pleasure!
She’s holding my head with both hands .
I use my tongue to stimulate the red core of a woman .

「 Aaaaaah, aaah, good, so gooood! 」

I keep on licking it using a lot of salivae!

「 Good! Onii-chan! So good! Onii-chan!!! 」

Love nectar overflows from Mana’s crotch .
My nose and mouth got wet .
Therefore, I grab hold of Mana’s ass .
I use my tongue even more violently!

「 Haaaaaaaaa!!! So goood! It feels good! Ah, ah, Aaaaah! 」

Mana’s pleasure makes her writhe!

「 Haa, haaa, Onii-chan, that’s enough, if you go further, Mana’s going to cum! 」

Mana said while breathing roughly .

「 If Mana cums, Agnes-chan would be scared you see? 」

Her brakes are working properly even in this situation .
True, if she reached climax, convulsed, and turned dazed, it won’t be good to show to Agnes .

「 Yes, that’s enough . Thank you, it felt excellent! Onii-chan! 」

Mana tells me then kissed my lips .
She kissed the lips that just licked her crotch until earlier .
Even that will prove to be educational to Agnes .

「 It really feels good when Onii-chan does it! Agnes-chan, try it too! 」

Mana who’s wet with sweat from the pleasure tells Agnes .
I head towards Agnes .
Then .
Agnes is already half-naked .
Nei has been taking off Agnes’ clothes bit by bit while stopping her from masturbating .
Such a fair skin .
This young breasts of a 12-year-old have a pink colored nipple exposed .

「 Agnes 」

I head from Mana to Agnes .

「 Ii! No! Don’t come! 」

Agnes is afraid of my approach .

「 It’s okay, don’t be scared, there’s nothing to be scared at, Agnes! 」

Nei whispers to Agnes’ ears .

「 Yes, Onii-chan’s just going to make you feel good 」

Mana also tells Agnes .

「 No, I can’t desuno! 」

Agnes shakes her head .

「 Agnes’ body is for Papan! Other men cannot touch me! 」

Oh, so she was educated that way .

「 You don’t need to care about it anymore, Agnes 」

I said .

「 ……?!!! 」

Agnes is confused

「 Agnes’ Papa is me now!! 」

That’s right . It’s not Shirasaka Sousuke .
I’m Agnes’ father .

「 Papa? 」

Agnes’ eyes look at me .

「 Yes . Yo-chan will be Agnes’ Papa, so it’s fine for him to make Agnes feel good! 」

Nei whispers .
Shirasaka Sousuke has confined Agnes for twelve years, ever since Agnes was born .
Then, he had educated her to worship him .
This upbringing cannot easily be broken .
If we force her, Agnes’ identity will be destroyed
Therefore .
We won’t destroy it, but instead, overwrite it .

「 That’s right, Yo-chan’s your Papa after all! 」
「 Yeah, he’s your Papa, so it’s fine for him to make you feel good! 」

Nei and Mana follow up .
I do not deny that Agnes’ 『 Papan 』 is Shriasaka Sousuke
Without denying it, I accept Agnes’ 『 Faith in Shirasaka Sousuke 』
Then, I’ll be an existence greater than Shirasaka Sousuke inside Agnes’ heart .
As a family, as her『 Papa 』

「 Agnes, the only one who can make you feel good is your『 Papa 』, me! 」

My words please Agnes’ heart like magic .

「 I’m Agnes’ Papa . Everyone’s Agnes’ family . We’ll be living together from now on 」
「 Together, always? 」

Agnes mutters .

「 Obviously, I’m your Papa 」

Agnes’ heart sways from what I said .

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