Pursuit of the Truth - Chapter 68

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Chapter 68

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The final battle within the top of the mountain commenced with both Su Ming and Ye Wang maddeningly letting out all their strength with force akin to an explosion. Su Ming activated the burning of his blood, while Ye Wang forcefully absorbed his elder’s Berserker Blood. All this was unknown to most of the people gathered in the field under the foot of the mountain.

At that moment, as the battle reached its most intense state, the mood among the people within the field also reached its peak!

"What an intense battle! This is what I call a true intense battle!"

"Ye Wang managed to reach the 861st step from the 845th step, but Mo Su is also chasing close behind him. He actually managed to close up the distance between him and Ye Wang to only two steps once he reached the 859th step from the twenty to thirty odd steps between them just now!"

"Just who among them will be number one?!"

Discussions, roars, and cries of surprise stirred up continuously within the field. The people were filled with excitement and anticipation. At that moment, they had already ignored all the complicated feelings within them. There was only one thought within their minds. They wanted to know who would be the first at the end of the match!

Who will be the first?

This question also stirred up a storm among the circle formed by the prodigies ranked within the top 50. They were as excited as the people around them. The more they were familiar with Ye Wang and the more knowledge they had towards the terrors of the pressure among the steps in the 800s, the more excited they were.

"Ye Wang has managed to place first multiple times. This time… can he retain his position?"

"This Mo Su, he’s just… he’s just too strong! He actually managed to push Ye Wang to this state. There’re only two steps between them now!"

"I thought that Ye Wang would definitely be the most powerful of us all within the region Wind Stream Tribe rules, and no one would be able to compare to him, but now… I know that I’ve underestimated outsiders!"

Compared to these people, the leaders from all the other tribes had all stood up and were staring at the eagle statues. Their faces were not just filled with shock, but amazement and astonishment!

‘Just which tribe does this Mo Su belong to?

‘Who is this child?

‘If he can truly surpass Ye Wang, then Wind Stream’s shock will be great!

‘No matter what rank Mo Su obtains, from here on, there won’t be anyone who will not know his name!’

Bei Ling clenched his fists in excitement. There was a roaring sound in his heart. He wanted Mo Su to win! Wu La’s face was also flushed with excitement. She had already stood up since a long time ago and was staring at the competition between the first and second places!

Chen Chong too, was staring at Mo Su’s name with a dumbfounded expression. At that moment, if someone would have told him that before the start of the first stage, Mo Su was among the group of people that went to him and watched him laugh with his friends and walk towards Bai Ling, Chen Chong would have definitely not believed it!

Bi Su clenched his fists and stared at the eagle statue. There was anger and maddening jealousy in his eyes. He still believed that Mo Su’s glory should have belonged to him. That damn Mo Su stole it away from him!

Located far in a corner of the field was Jing Nan. His expression was no longer blank but shocked. He was also taken aback by the sight. He looked at the name on the eagle statue and watched as Ye Wang suddenly rose up the stairs quickly. He could even tell that Ye Wang must have forcefully absorbed his Berserker Blood.

‘Just where… did Su Ming come from? What is his origin..? He… How could he have so much potential?’

Jing Nan took in a deep breath. He could no longer hide the shock in his eyes.

"Mo Sang, is he… truly a prince of the Great Yu Dynasty?" Jing Nan hesitated for a moment before he asked softly.

Mo Sang smiled faintly, but he did not speak. In truth, he was unable to calm down either. There was already a storm raging in his heart.

At the same time within the mountain, the mist was rolling forward and the mountain was trembling. The roars travelling from the top of the mountain were becoming clearer. It was as if there was a message hidden within the roars.

Su Ming trembled. There was madness on his face. His right index finger was pressed against his right eye. Half of his right eye was already smeared with blood!

The difficulty of the third burning of blood exceeded Su Ming’s expectations. He did not expect that he had yet to complete it even though he was here, in this place where there was a great pressure aiding him.

The previous two burnings could not even begin to compare to this time. It was as if the third burning of blood among the nine required times was a hurdle, an obstacle in his path!

He stood at the 859th step. This was still not the place he was looking for. As he was going through the ritual of burning his blood, Su Ming felt as if his entire body had just gone up in flames. The blood in his body seemed to be experiencing some sort of change. It was as if it was changing rapidly from normal blood to fire!

Su Ming had even considered giving up due to the pain in his body and the oppression from the external world, but the moment he remembered the danger that loomed over the tribe and the worry on the elder’s old and wizened face, Su Ming was willing to bear through all the pain!

He had to become stronger. He wanted to help the elder. He wanted to protect his own home and his tribe! He wanted to help the tribe to kill its enemies. He would use his blood and tell his enemies that no one was allowed to touch Dark Mountain Tribe!

Su Ming let out a roar as if letting out all his pain and suffering. While shouting, he continued sweeping his right index finger across his right eye slowly but surely, and resolutely!

At that moment, no matter who it was that might want to stop Su Ming from protecting his tribe and his people, they would become his mortal enemy!

His eyes felt as if there was a fire burning inside of them. Su Ming lifted his feet and walked forward with reckless steps… He moved from the 859th step to the 860th, 861st, 862nd, 863rd… right until he reached the 877th step!

Blood mist gushed forth once more from his body. He… reached his limit!

877. That was his limit. He could not continue any longer!

"Let mine blood burn!" At the moment he reached his limit, Su Ming lifted his head towards the skies and roared. As the roar echoed through the skies, the moon let out the most brilliant ray of light, and without anyone seeing it, it fell from the sky and fused into Su Ming’s body.

The mountain underneath Su Ming’s feet trembled. The mist billowed towards the skies with an intensity that had never happened before. It enveloped the entire area and seemed to be turning into a mysterious shape.

It looked like a giant creature, but the shape was vague and could not be clearly seen.

As the mountain was filled with tremors, the indescribable strange air erupted forth from the mountain. With Su Ming at the center, it rushed towards him at a rapid pace. The moment it entered his body, Su Ming completely dyed his right eye with the blood from his right index finger!

The third burning of blood was completed!

A loud boom resonated through Su Ming’s body. All the blood veins in his body appeared, and the number began increasing by a large margin. As they manifested one by one, the strong presence within Su Ming’s body became stronger.

It was almost within an instant that the blood veins on Su Ming’s body increased to 109! A thunderous roar rang within his body, and he broke through the fifth level of the Blood Solidification Realm and reached the sixth level!

The sixth level of the Blood Solidification Realm!

The blood veins were still increasing. As they manifested one by one, Su Ming lifted his feet and walked towards the 878th step with one swift moment. The instant his feet landed, the entire mountain trembled once more. The strange air continuously entered his body, and Su Ming went to the 879th step, continuing onwards!

883, 885, 889… When he reached the 899th step, the blood veins on Su Ming’s body increased to 156!

It was as if all the Qi within his body had turned into flames. Like there was a fire within him strong enough to burn the sky and the earth. Yet within his eyes, the shadow of the blood red moon gradually disappeared and was hidden away. It was as if after the third burning of blood, the moon in his eyes reverted inwards and no longer revealed traces outward!

Only now could Su Ming be considered to have mastered a little bit of the Fire Berserker Art! He lifted his feet and moved towards the 900th step. He stood there and looked forward. From his location, he could see the statue of a beast crouching at the top of the mountain not too far away.

An indefinable feeling filled Su Ming’s entire being. The statue of the beast looked like a tiger, but there was a huge pair of wings on its back. It was as if it was struggling to fly up, but was pinned down by numerous chains. He could sense an incredible grudge and a faint hint of bleakness from it.

He looked at the statue and felt as if the statue was also looking at him. The man and the beast seemed to be staring at each other quietly while standing at the top of the mountain with nearly a hundred steps between them.

After a long time, Su Ming closed his eyes. He could sense a familiar presence from the statue of the beast. That presence… belonged to the Fire Berserker …

That was a statue of a mythical beast from Fire Berserker Tribe!

When he closed his eyes, Su Ming also found the spot he had been looking for. The 900th step was the seventh spot with the balanced pressure. He stood there. There were 156 blood veins on his body. They were quickly circulating with each heartbeat. As dawn was about to end and daylight about to arrive, Su Ming begun the final refining of his body.

Ye Wang’s hair was a mess. His face was filled with incredible madness. He would pound against his chest without hesitation before he even walking ten steps. The picture of the horn became fainter just as the red glow on his body became fainter. He walked forward without caring about the consequences. His pride and his dignity would not allow him to lose!

881, 882… 897, 899… Ye Wang pounded against his chest with his right hand. The picture of the horn dissipated with a loud sound. Once it completely disappeared, it turned into a final surge of energy that filled Ye Wang’s entire body. It caused Ye Wang to roar and move towards the 900th step then continue onward until he reached the 905th step.

The moment he reached it, Ye Wang coughed out a mouthful of fresh blood and slowly collapsed. The plate in his hands fell out. The moment it left his body, it turned into a gust of black mist that surrounded Ye Wang and disappeared from the mountain.

There was only Su Ming left on the mountain!

There was dead silence on the mountain. The field was also similarly silent. When Ye Wang appeared in the field, he was unconscious. As Jing Nan watched with a dark expression, some people automatically went forward and carried Ye Wang quickly to a corner to help him recover.

There was only one name that had yet to turn grey on the nine eagle statues…

2nd: Mo Su, 900 steps.

Everyone waited…