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Chapter 26

Chapter 26 Who is quicker than whom?

Zhuge Huai frowned deeply,  ” Are they not willing to stop all day? I really don’t know what to say . ”

   Zhuge Yue smiled weakly at that, “Since big brother is afraid, why not move out of the inner courtyard, like me? Do you not see with your own heart how bothersome it is?

   Zhuge Huai face relaxed and smiled, “I certainly imagine being the same as 4th brother . You can find a quiet place to hide in leisure, but the eldest brother, as the eldest son, father would not let me go . I am really helpless . ”

   Zhuge Yue smiled without speaking as he lowered his head to take a sip from his tea .

   “Young Master, 3rd madam invites you and 4th young master to Liran Courtyard . She says there is something urgent for you to deal with .

   Zhuge Huai was slightly annoyed at this request,”Any matters that want me and my brother, tell them, I have no free time . ”

“Young Master, 3rd madam has asked for the house disciplinary . She wants to kill Lixiang in the Liran Courtyard . ”

   Zhuge Yue put down his tea cup, stood up and said, “Big Brother, let’s take the trip, it might be an urgent matter . ”

   Zhuge Huai took a long sigh as he walked out of the study .

   From the Liran Yard you could hear loud cursing . Each madam stopped shouting for a moment but they felt some sort of pleasure that they were there . Finally, today that little slut was going to get it, they were no way for her to get out of it .

   7th Miss stood arrogantly in the middle of the yard, facing Lixiang looking untidy, “I really could not see, that in our Zhuge Residence, we could also have this type of matter disgracing the family . The Master of this house has  treated you kindly but this is how you repay? Shameless!”

  3rd madam was in a red fox brocade . She more than 30 years of age, and maintained herself well . She was wearing very elegant colors . Her face only showed regret, “Lixiang, back to the original topic . Last night you entered 7th miss room and had immoral behavior unexpectedly . This madam, today, cannot help you . ”

   “3rd Sister what nonsense do you tell her . In my opinion, we should kill her with one blow, so our Residence would no longer be dirty .

  Lixiang paled with her hands clasping her chest, kneeling on the ground . Her clothes were in disarray, and she was shivering from top to bottom . From time to time, nearby male servants took take a glance, but quickly turn there heads when they got caught .

   Zhuge Yue entered Liran courtyard to see such a chaotic scene . After listening to the 7th Miss narration, his brows tightened as he thought about the whole situation .

   “Young Master!” Zhu Shun(I know he just popped up, but this is the first time he is mentioned in this chapter…) sees Zhuge Huai . Suddenly feeling that he has a straw to grasp . He cried while rushing forward, snot pouring from his nose “She seduced me first! She gave me a letter and let me come in, so I came in . She then undressed and seduced me . I remembered the master and the young master’s  grace for this servant . My mind is to always do what’s best for this household, where can do such a disobedient thing? This  slaves desperately resisted, I do not know what’s on this slut’s mind! I am innocent, and I did not know in advance ah!

   “You have another’s knife to kill! You have no conscience, obviously you … …”

  “You dare to quibble!” snapped 7th Miss giving Lixang and resounding slap, then sneered: “This stupid woman is a cheap woman! You even dare to abuse the following means kill me, Now you finally picked up a stone smashed it on your own feet! You only have yourself to blame! “

   “4th younger brother! Where are you going?” Zhuge Huai was surprised to see Zhuge Yue turning around to leave . So he called out puzzled .

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   “Brother, I have something urgent to do, I’ll come back to see you again . ”

  He said a few words and left in a hurry . The Zhuge Residence’s 4th young master left Liran Courtyard and hurriedly headed towards Qingshan Courtyard .

   Bang bang, he opened the gates to Qingshan Courtyard . Several young housemaids were in the courtyard watering the orchid garden . They saw Zhuge Yue and quickly stepped aside and respectful saluted . Zhuge Yue did not see them, he kept his pace, quickly walking towards the rooms . “Where is Xing’er? Who knows where she is?”

   “Xing’er said she felt uncomfortable and went back to her room to lie down . ”

   A small maidservant said, fearing that Xing’er would be punished, “She told us to pick a new tea for today, then went back a moment ago . ”

   Zhuge Yue looked black as he strode toward the room of Chu Qiao . Yueqi followed closely by his side, whispered: “Xing’er was indeed busy all day in the kitchen . I did not see her go out . ”

   Bang bang, her door was shoved open . Zhuge Yue’s black face breaks when he sweeps his eyes over Xing’er . He saw that the child was lying in bed pale, She looked as if she was really sick .

   Zhuge Yue was slightly stunned . He did not expect her to really be in the room, but he did not know why . Seeing her lying there properly his heart was relieved . It was as if he put down a large stone . Inexplicably giving him a peace of mind .

   “4th young master?” The child was surprised, holding her quilt as she sat up . She sounded like she just woke up, “Did Xing’er make some mistake?”

   Zhuge Yue still shocked, shook his head with some embarrassment, “No, I heard Xing’er is sick, so I came to see . ”

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   “Oh,” the child nodded, “Master brings so many people to see Xing’er, Xing’er thanks the young master . ”

   Zhuge Yue suddenly blushed . He didn’t know what to do and did not know what to say . He just stood in the same place clearing his throat .

   Zhu Cheng saw Zhuge Yue being embarrassed and quickly came to smooth things over: “Xing’er, young master has come to see you . Do you not get up quickly?”

   Surprised, her colored changed as she bit her lip . But she actually did not move .

   Zhuge Yue eyes turned cold and suspicious . The matters of today, he felt there were layers and layers to it done in the dark . He must move under the water carefully . Her clothe should leave a trace, surely she wouldn’t have enough time if she hurried back . He should be able to compare her appearance under the quilt, to see anything suspicions .

   “Xing’er,” Zhuge Yue slowly stepped forward, his eyes tightly staring on the child ‘s face, “Get me a cup of tea . ”

   She looked frightened, biting her lips,  “The young master can go out, Xing’er will later serve master . ”

   “No,” Zhuge Yue went to the bed, using his slender fingers to seize the child’s thin quilt . His dark eyes looking closely at the child ‘s big eyes, : “I must drink now . ” .

   “Ah!” She exclaimed, while everyone was dumbfounded . On the small bed was a thin and small child holding her knees . Her face buried in the depths of her arms . Shoulders shaking and black hair scattered on hers shoulders . There was actually not a thread of clothing!

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   Zhuge Yue held the quilt still somewhat in a daze . His face turned a deep red . Suddenly he turned around, looking at the other servants, “Still looking? Get out!”

   The servants woke up at that and quickly left the room .

   Zhuge Yue threw the quilt back over Chu Qiao’s body . His tone was not calm, he was somewhat irritable,”Wear some clothes quickly!”

  In the still

ness of the room sobbing slowly could be heard . Zhuge Yue frowned, he did not who he should be angry at, “Ah, stay lying down . ”

   Then he stepped out of the room, banging the door shut . In the room the child looked up . Her face looked indifferent and her eyes quiet . There was no trace of sadness . Under the mattress were a set of dirty clothes, smeared with soil . Without pity she threw it on the ground .

   Zhuge Yue really was vigilant enough, so she quickly put on some clothes, so not to raise his suspicion .

   However, this was also good . This afternoon he was bold enough to enter her room, but she still had enough time to deal with matters .

  Lowering her head she gave a gentle smile on her  young face . ONe did not know, that she still had somewhat of a gloomy appearance .

   Also, it was still time for repaying debt .