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Published at 29th of October 2016 04:19:06 AM

Chapter 27

Chapter 27 Heart like a Spirit Fox

After quickly changing her clothes, she prepared to depart quietly . But suddenly, noises could be heard from the yard . She couldn’t help but stop what she was doing with her brow raised .

   Bang Bang someone knocked on her door . Huan’er quietly cried from outside the room, “Xing’er, good news ah!”

   Huan’er ran in with his face all excited and smiled, “Xing’er, there is good news, do you want to hear it?”

  Sitting on her chair, she glanced at him with a funny look as she poured a cup of tea . She remained dignified, sipping it, “Talk . ”

   “Xing’er!” A little maid servant following behind came with a pout . “In the end, do you want to hear it or not? I can’t tell from your expression at all . ”

   She just smiled at that, “If you want to say, just say . I may not want to hear it though . ”

   “Well, I do not care about you, but this is really good news ah . ” Huan Er laughed: “That singing girl was having an illicit affair with that Zhu Guanjia in the store house . They were caught by 7th miss and 3rd madam and Young master were shocked . Then they drowned Lixiang in a well and had Zhu Guanjia receive 30 boards . How is that? Good news, right?”

  Continuing to sip her tea and sitting in her chair, she looked centuries old, calm, her eyes were black like ink as she slowly narrowed them . All emotion and wit were hidden deep in her, before nodding : “It is good news . ”

   The little maidservant angrily spoke, “ It is that Zhu Shun, ordinarily he is a dog who threatens based on the master’s power . He always bullies people, which slaves haven’t suffered from his nonsense, even those Jing children were delivered to that Laotaiye . He can’t escape punishment, now he is beaten violently, threshing on the floor . This could be considered to be the Heavens opening one’s eyes, but it still leaves a foul odor in our hearts .

   Chu Qiao’s facial expression did not change after that spill, “ With Lixiang and Zhu Guanjia having an illicit affair, for such a crime, to only get away with 30 boards . It’s just child’s play . ”

   “Who says it isn’t?” Huan’er stated, “7th lady went to the 4th Young Master with her grievances, it’s a pity that our masters are not always willing to take care of these matters . The Big Madam and Master just let the Oldest Young Master decide . Zhu Shun is his people, so …yeah . ”

   Chu Qiao acquiesced and slowly spoke, “Well, now I know . Huan’er, thank you for telling me . ”

  Huan’er saw there was something wrong on the child’s face . He couldn’t help but slow down his speaking, slightly restless, “Xing’er, are you not comfortable, ah? Should I go to find a doctor?”

   “No,” Chu Qiao faintly smiled to comfort him, “I just have to rest, then I will be alright . ”

   “Em,” Huan’er nodded his head and left the room . Just as the door closed, her face sunk .

   ‘So this still did not put him down?’

Then, she could only get rid of him personally, Chu Qiao slowly bit her lips, sitting in her chair .    It seemed that all her plans needed to be redone .

   Zhu Shun’s courtyard door was securely closed . But outside the fu from time to time, you could still hear pig-like screams . People passed by with their heads down, no one dared to wait and watch even though nobody could hide the joy from their expressions due to his suffering . They were more happy than when they received their New Year’s pay .

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   Zhu Shun was laying on the bed with his buttocks up, he was shrieking and howling while constantly cursing as two servants kept applying medicine .

   “Your grandmother! Do you want to die !”

   One of the servants with a face full of sweat, talked gently with a deferential behavior, “Zhu Guanjia, you have to endure . Your flesh and pants have stuck together, we must rip it off for you to get better . ”

  The room was facing the east and the water, there were few sparse shrubs and the edge of a sharp dagger was inserted into the window . Taking advantage of the screams, she quietly picked the window tie . Then carrying a self-made folding crossbow, she slowly stood up and aimed at the man’s head .

   This crossbow originated from South Africa, (I seriously forgot she transmigrated for a second, lol)  from a jungle tribe . The style was compact, and could be taken apart . It could be unfolded and shot at close-range with great precision, silently . Chu Qiao was lurking outside with latent intent . In the past, Chu Qiao had used this type of crossbow when she was on ambush duty outside the country . This type of crossbow was easier to carry around than guns, in addition to the ammunition, especially when they were under constant supervision . This crossbow was not only easy to carry, but also highly lethal, a skilled hunter could rely on this crossbow to kill an adult tiger, showing its amazing lethality . In the harsh times, this was simply tailored specifically for assassin weapons . Zhu Shun was very lucky, he will become the first to die by this cross-regional trans-migration super-weapon .

   At this time, a man suddenly ran in panicking and shouted, “Zhu Guanjia, Zhu Guanjia!

   “Who is calling me?” Zhu Shun was outraged: “Is there a funeral? I have not died!”

   That servant quickly answered, “Zhu Guanjia, from the other Courtyard, Laotaiye asks you to come . When will you send that little slave you have promised?”

   Startled, Zhu Shun jumped up at once, he had no words to say as he collapsed on the ground . He was still shrieking as he howled wildly, “That girl, I fear, is not good, she is 4th young master’s people . He won’t let his people go, there are other pleasant young slaves who I am prepared to buy . If you understand, then withdraw . ”

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   “Yes, this one knows . ” The man promised as he turned and ran out .

   Zhu Shun yelled, “I remember Laotaiye has a serious illness . When I get better, I should go greet him . ”

   Gradually she put down the window and her crossbow . Her eyes turned bright as an idea struck her .

   Perhaps she could use another way to get rid of these two people, without touching blood, neat and clean .

   A secret dungeon was just opened and an unpleasant smell came wafting out . Zhu Guanshi (a different housekeeper) wrinkled his brow as he brought the prisoner out before the court pinching his nose : “What thing is this? Can such goods be given to Laotaiye?”

   The servant next to him quickly bowed, “Recently, it is not easy to buy slaves . I heard that the ones sold to our Zhuge Residence have their prices crazily raised, our Zhu Guanjia should be  rest assured though . They will be cleaned and washed, these slaves are various young beautiful women, Laotaiye will certainly be pleased . ”

   “Come on, do not speak nonsense, and pull them out . I did not come here to dawdle . ”

   Inside the dungeon, the children did not see the sun for a long time . Being brought inside, they were all disheveled, with their hair in disarray and faces covered in dirt . They seemed absolutely frightened as they covered their eyes, flocking together like small beast and roaming about in the same place .

 Zhu Guanshi looked at them and then frowned “Isn’t it to be only 10? How are there eleven?”

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   “Is it?” The servant hastily counted again, and soon after spoke: “Perhaps Zhu Guanjia remembers incorrectly, I’ll go back and ask . ”

   “Well, do not ask, I do not have spare time, get on with it!”

   Several powerful armed men came up pushing the children’s bodies, angrily howling: “All of you follow!”

   The children were very afraid then suddenly someone cried softly .

   “Whoever dares to cry, I will cut you down! All of you rebels!”

These type of male servants relied on the power of their masters, while holding a slightly clean child, the child suddenly nipped the man maliciously . The man called out pitifully then let go of the child who was like a rabbit and quickly ran away!

   “Ah! Run! Catch her, catch her!”

The Zhuge Residence servants saw the direction the child ran and were suddenly frightened . They pulled over Zhu Guanshi and pleaded, “I beg Zhu Guanshi, that is the 4th masters’ Qingshan Courtyard, we must not!”

   “But to catch the slave, why can’t we?” Zhu Guanshi, irritated pushed the servant out of the   way, running in the direction of the child that ran away to catch up .

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