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Published at 1st of November 2016 11:05:20 PM

Chapter 29

Chapter 29 The desire to Rise in Chaos

On the 7th day of February, the atmosphere was awful and stars were circling Yu Zitian’s head . Meanwhile, Zhu Luan, was worn out .

  At the same time that Zhuge Yue learned Chu Qiao was captured by Zhuge Laotaiye, in  the Ancestral hall of the Wei Clan, Wei Guang was personally handing golden arrows to Wei Shu Ye . The old man’s face was serious, “ Shu Ye, do not disappoint this Uncle and the Ancestors of Wei . ”

   Wei Shu Ye lifted both of his hands up, palms flat, only looking at the golden arrows, his eyes staring intensely at them . He opened his mouth, wanting to say something, but like a dehydrated fish his mouth just moved, with no sound coming out .

   “Ye‘er, the ancestors of Wei and your father too will visit you . Your duty, is to put your best into it .

   Wei Shu Ye frowned for a long time, then only slowly nodded: “Who?”

   Wei Guang faintly smiled, he moistened his finger in the tea and with the fragrant liquid wrote    down a single character .

   Wei Shu Ye’s eyes widened, he could believe what he read but he still looked at the elder in his eyes, trying to seek an answer .

   “This is the meaning of Sheng Jin Palace . Child, go . You do not need to know the reason, you just need to know that everything you do is for the Wei Clan, for our history . That is enough .

   The young figure gradually disappeared as the light of sunset along the big open door irradiated into the room covering it in red, like blood . Wei Shu You stepped out from behind, and arrived at the old man’s side, saluting respectfully, “Uncle . ”

   “Are you ready?”

   “Uncle, rest assured, everything has been arranged properly . ”

   “Hmmm,” the old man lowered his head slightly, as he turned it to kowtow at the ancestor’s spirit tablet and incense . His magnificent and expensive clothes touched the ground as the incenses ashes flickered on the ground .

   Wei Shu You, compared to Wei Shu Ye, was old, very steady and experienced . Seeing the old man getting up, he quickly stepped forward to hold Wei Guang’s arm, then lightly spoke, “Uncle, do you have any thought or stratagems that can ensure success in the north?”

   “Haa … …” the old man quietly laughed, this laughter was not without irony: “Do not have . ”

   Wei Shu You frowned, puzzled, “The northern land is very wide, and there the people are sturdy, although the climate is bitter cold, it connects to the Western Regions, and has a bustling business . After they implemented several regulations, they started to have an abundance of capable people . Wang (title) Ye is a great person, and he is very kindhearted to the populace, thereby he gained their confidence . They deeply love him thus he won them without a fight . ”

   Wei Guang wrinkled his face and took a deep breath, then stated indifferently, “Ignorant persons may be innocent, but treasuring a jade ring is a crime . Do you know the reason for Sheng Jin Palace to be determined to eliminate him? A person not making an error for too long, that itself is a mistake . The right technique to navigate the path of politics is to focus on balance . Flourishing while Sheng Jin Palace is in decline, Yan Wangye is too blessed by the heavens,  no wonder why they have the desire to kill him . ”

   Wei Guang turned around and looked the child he was the most proud of and earnestly continued, “Shu You, people say that the elders of the Church dominate the Xia Dynasty, but the seven families are officials under the Emperor . In fact, in the imperial family, uncle told you that, this man in the palace is the true master of the Great Xia Dynasty . You must forever remember . ”

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   Wei Shu You knew that it was rare for Wei Guang to speak in this manner so he immediately bowed his head and respectfully promised .

   Wei Guang let out a long sigh and slowly said: “Prince Yan will not have the chance of winning, because he never thought not making a single slip was incriminating . Haha . ””

  The scarlet sun was setting, on the streets of Zhen Huang City, a sudden shout surprised the people walking . Everyone looked up and saw in the distant horizon, the weeping of a blood-like red star twinkling in a strange yet completely dark sky and magnificently flickering . There, was a strange awe-inspiring person .

   Outside the door of the Zhuge Residence, the evil Zhu Shun was carried out . He noticed Zhuge Yue riding a horse, and suddenly forget all his pain, howling in tears, he tried to catch up to him, and pulled Zhuge Yue’s leg . Tragically exclaiming, “4th master, listen to this slave’s explication ah, this is a misunderstanding!”

   “Shua” A line of blood shot to the sky . All you could hear was a man’s pitiful scream as his ear fell to the ground, dripping in blood .    

“Keep your life and wait for me to come back . ” The youth’s face was black but his tone was indifferent, actually for a person listening you could hear the gloominess in his voice . Zhuge Yue’s eyes were cold as he turned around and rode away, the guard looked at Zhun Shun with sympathy, and rapidly followed Zhuge Yue .

   Just a few days ago this man was beaten to the ground, and his so-called trusted confidant didn’t dare to come forward to help him . Especially now .

   By dinner, snow began to float down from the sky, at Chishui Lake Yan Xun was wearing  white fur coat with a hood . Holding on a horse standing by the lake, he looked indifferent from afar . One could see a youth in magnificent and expensive clothes, with delicate and pretty facial features looking quiet . He reflected in the frozen lake snowscape, unexpectedly the different, natural setting had an elegant bearing .

  The sun set progressively behind the mountain in the direction of Sheng Jin Palace, ten thousands of years, the mountain dazzled in the twilight . Yan Xun turned his head, looking at the direction of the palace gates, gradually giving congealing eyes .

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   “Crown Prince!” Fengmian ran over, panting at Yan Xun before crying out “The event is not good!”

   Yan Xun lifted his brow, “What happened?”

   “That Xing’er girl, it is said she has been captured by Zhuge Lao Tai Ye . ”

   “What!?” Yan Xun’s pair of straight eyebrows suddenly wrinkled, : “When did you hear this? Is the message accurate?”

   “I was listening to the various servants in the Residence, they didn’t tell her name but they were from the Qingshan Courtyard and Xing’er Girl lives there . ”

  Yan Xun frowned, pondered a long while, to suddenly jump back on the horseback and declared: “Fengmian, let’s go to the other Zhuge Residence . ”

   “Ah?” Fengmian paused for a moment then exclaimed, “Crown Prince, you really want to go ah!! What if you aren’t allowed? Would we have to wait again?”

   Yan Xun shook his head: “If we are not allowed to come back, it’s no big deal . ”

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   “Then what name do we go by? We won’t rush with so much fanfare, right?”

   Yan Xun eyes turned and remarked: “Master said to visit Zhuge Master before leaving, we might as well go . ”

   Hooves pounded through the snow fog, not far from the direction of the west,  three hundred troops were quietly waiting . Scouting horses hurried back and faced the young commander in chief “Reporting to Rear Admiral, with my own eyes, I saw Yan Shi Zi directing toward Zhuge’s fu, not toward the Courtyard .

   “Zhuge’s fu?”

   Wei Shu Ye frowned, : “Yan Xun went to Zhuge home, for what? Does the Zhuge family  want to intervene? Zhuge Mu Qing did not join the Church . Is it that they intent to avoid this matter?

   “Rear Admiral,” Mu He rushed forward with a  respectful bow said, “This subordinate does not think that Zhuge MuQing is on good terms with the Bathu Family . This time, I cannot do several things concurrently, because of the flood of the east side manor . This subordinate thinks that perhaps this is only a coincidence . ”

   Wei Shu Ye nodded and said: “If so, things will be a lot easier to handle . ”

   With the cold moon in the sky, Sheng Jin Palace suddenly lit up, Wei Shu Ye looked up and slowly voiced, “It is time . ”

   The army heard the rapid development, and started to go towards the second in charge of the Zhuge Xi mansion .

   The stars were flashing, the fate of their paths bit by bit opened, the youths did not know how huge the events of tonight would influence their lives . The dense fog masked the roads ahead of them, so they could not see clearly the stars in the sky . However, a new chapter would begin as the years pass .

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