Queen of the Scalpel - Volume 1 - Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

The Challenge: Part One

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At that very moment, the Emperor and Marquis El were having a conversation.

A servant approached them and brought them fresh tea.

"Marquis Childe is showing suspicious movements."

The Childe family was part of the nobility and a power directly competing with the power of the crown.

"How is it?"

"The Third Prince's movements are getting smaller."

"A bunch of useless lechers like rice bugs who don't help the country at all."

The Emperor tsked.

The Marquis spoke.

"I will just observe his surroundings for now."

"Yes, but take care not to investigate too far. After all, they think of your house, the Clarence family, as a thorn in their eyes."

Marquis El smiled.

"Do not worry, our Clarence family is not that weak."

The Marquis Clarence noble house was the current Emperor's right hand. Even if they were part of the noblest of nobility, as long as they weren't mad, they couldn't touch the Clarence family directly.

"Your majesty."

"Huh, what is it?"

"I greatly apologize for Elise's behavior earlier. Everything is my fault. I will make sure to punish her severely later."

But the Emperor shook his head.

"Why punish her? Isn't she sweet?  The fact that such a preciously raised child would have such admirable thoughts..."


"However, I was surprised. She reminded me of Theresa."


The Marquis' eyes widened.

"Didn't the child's mother, Theresa, do the same thing in the past? There was a time when she said she would leave the family name to become a nurse, causing the whole household to flip upside down."

The Emperor looked at the distance as he basked in old memories.

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"Now that I think about it, there was an incident like that in the past."

Theresa was Marquis El's previous wife and Elise's birth mother.

In the past, during their youth, both the Emperor and the Marquis pined after her at the same time. She was part of the reason why the Emperor treasured Elise so greatly.

Elise reminded him of the woman he loved so much in the past.

"Since created a bet in order to give Elise a chance to work at a hospital... She will give up soon after suffering for a few days."

The Emperor estimated that she would give up after less than a week.

How could she endure such taxing work?

"Then which teaching hospital? Should I look into the Royal Cross hospital?"

The Emperor shook his head at the Marquis' words.

"The Royal Cross is the best medical institution that only accepts the royal family and the most prestigious of nobles. Even a Lady of the Clarence house can't be allowed to study there without earning a qualification."

"Then where...?"

The Marquis asked.

"Why are you worrying? The Clarence family owns another hospital."


The Marquis' face stiffened.

Just as the Emperor said, he did own another hospital.

It was big too.

"Theresa Hospital. Let her study there."


Theresa Hospital!

It was a medical institution built to the maximum scale in the country that the Marquis secretly founded without telling anyone.

"But, but... That place..."

"Why? I think a place like Theresa Hospital is an excellent place to study and learn."

The Emperor gave a bitter smile.

The Marquis simply shut his mouth.

What the Emperor was saying was accurate.

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The Theresa Hospital was a place where all sorts of patients with different illnesses gathered and was honestly the ideal place to learn, but there was one problem.

Marquis El internally sighed.

'Theresa Hospital is a place to rescue the poverty-stricken...'

Marquise El secretly founded and sponsored Theresa Hospital which targeted the poor instead of the more affluent clients. (T/N Free clinic)

Therefore, there were a lot of patients who couldn't afford to take care of themselves to the point that it got serious and there was a lot of difficult work there.

Elise, who had never let a drop of water touch her hand, would never be able to endure it for a week,

No, not even for half a day.

'That what he is aiming for.'

The Marquis then realized the Emperor's intentions.

"It will be a good experience for our Lady."

The Emperor gave a smile, but it was a rather villainous smile.





As a result of the Emperor's actions, the decision that Elise would go study at Theresa Hospital was made.

"Elise, you are going to be a doctor?'

When the Clarence family heard about her decision, their response... um... was not very good.

"Not only are you not satisfied causing trouble at home, but you want to go to the hospital to cause a ruckus there too? Restrain yourself a bit."

Elise's eldest brother said in an irritated tone.

His face seemed to say, "Restrain yourself. This needs to stop."

"Um...Lise. If you want to be a doctor shall we play hospital? Your big brother will be the patient."

The second elder brother tried to appease her to salvage the situation.


Stepmother couldn't find the words to say anything.

No one in the family took her words to become a doctor seriously. Instead, they were just flabbergasted.

'It won't last long and she will stop eventually.'

As such, everyone thought she was being her usual impulsive self, but Elise didn't care much for what they thought of her.

No, she didn't have a moment of peace to notice what they thought of her.

It was because her heart was beating way too fast!

She was only thinking 'Finally! I am going to a hospital.'

She thought back to when she first went on her practical study on earth when she trained under a supervising (attending) physician to assist with the coordination of care.

Her heart fluttered when she put on her white gown.

The reason she decided to walk down the road of a doctor on earth was to pay for the sins from her previous life, but the moment she felt the feeling of having saved a person's life on the surgery table... Surgery became her fate.

No, to be more accurate, it became her addiction.

As an artist can become addicted to art, a conductor can become addicted to music. That being said, she became addicted to the sensation of saving the life of a patient. She became addicted to both the patient and the surgery itself.

Elise spoke to her second elder brother, Chris.

"Second elder brother."


"Could you take me to the Brittia Library on your way to work?"

Chris worked as an executive bureaucrat, and his work was right next to the empire's greatest library.

"Sure, if it's for our Lise, anything. But oppa (big brother) is busy lately so I will get off late. I don't think we can go home together."

"No, it's fine, I think I will be there until late too, so come after finishing your work."

The first thing she did after arriving at the library was study surgical books.

'I have about a week before I start at the hospital, so I need to study as many medical books I can.'

Of course, she wasn't studying it because she lacked medical knowledge.

After all, in her head was an incomparable amount of medical knowledge that couldn't be compared to the empire's greatest doctor. There was only one reason why she was studying.

She wanted to know how advanced the medical field was in the empire so she could match their level and provide treatment.

'I need to know how far the medical field is in the empire so I can match their level and be able to provide the correct diagnosis and treatment.'

Her current knowledge was matched to the level of modern earth.

'The surgical tools I can use, the medicine I can provide and the skills I can use will be completely different here compared to earth. There should be a diagnosis that wasn't discovered yet.'

She found a corner in the library and started to study surrounded by mountains of books.

Without a single movement.

Just focusing.

After skipping meals and studying for half a day she thought, 'The medical field is more advanced here then I thought it would be, and they have most of the medical equipment I need.'

It was actually astonishing how advanced they were in the medical field as they just invented the railroad, and trains were just starting to travel across the empire.

'Especially surprising is the pharmaceuticals field, not only do they already have antibiotics but to think that they already have anesthesia too!'

On earth, antibiotics weren't discovered until 1929, yet antibiotics were used widely in the empire already. It was a really big deal.

It wasn't just that.

'X-ray examinations are possible, and simple chemical examinations are possible too with the exception of molecular genetics. They already developed anesthesia for surgeries too?'

Elise was moved by this unexpected level in the medical field.

There was only one person who caused the empire's medical field to advanced this much.

The great alchemist, Fleming!

 Fleming, who was called a crazy alchemist, was a genius in the medical field.

'They called him an alchemist, but to be honest it's way closer to a scientist or a chemist.'

He used his study of ancient alchemy, no- to be more accurate, he used his knowledge of chemistry and throughout his life, developed the pharmaceutical field and focused on developing numerous medicines that peaked in the medical field.

'Maybe Fleming was a person who lived on earth and came back to life like me?'

His achievements were so great it made her wonder.

'If this was on earth he would have received the Nobel prize twenty times.'

The only sorry thing was the fact that the current doctors in the empire didn't know how to use his achievements very well. You could say, for example, there was a certain medicine but they didn't know what it was for.

'You could use that medicine to treat irregular heartbeats but it didn't even cross their minds. This medicine too. That medicine is good at stopping swelling. That one is good for infections.'

They didn't seem to know what effects the medicine Fleming had developed or what to use it for.

'It's no wonder since they lack medical knowledge.'

You must first know about the illness before you could treat it with the correct medicine.

Elise took out a big notebook and pen. Then she started to organize what medicine went with what illness.

'This is medicine for irregular heartbeats. This one for swelling. For that illness this...'

In that way one hour passed, two hours passed, half a day and then finally the whole day passed.

After the sun rose in the sky, it was soon the moon's turn and the darkness deepened, but she didn't notice.

She was that focused on her studies.