Queen of the Scalpel - Volume 1 - Chapter 17

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Chapter 17

The Challenge-6

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"The disease I just named, could it possibly be related to Imperial Father's symptoms?"

"Yes, I must check first, but the chances are, you're likely correct. However, what kind of person told you about the disease in the first place? We didn't even know this existed until it was recently announced in the Franciase Republic. In the Empire, only around twenty doctors know about this, including myself."


'It's so difficult that only twenty people know about it in the Empire?'

The Crown Prince furrowed his eyebrows and opened his mouth.

"The one who told me about this disease... Isn't a known 'Master'..."

However, it was at that moment... The Emperor smiled and cut off his words.

"Why does it matter who said it? Go and work hard at studying our(my) disease and then cure it."

Viscount Van was taken back at the Emperor's words. He was obviously trying to hide something, but he bowed his head and obeyed without question.

"I understand, your Majesty! Please just be patient for a while longer!"

Then he stepped away from the Emperor and left towards his laboratory. Afterward, he cocked his head to the side and thought.

'Why is he trying to hide it? The person who's aware of the existence of this disease must not only be knowledgeable in the medical field but must also be up to date with the latest developments and breakthroughs in the Republic.
We could gain a lot of help in treating his Majesty's illness.'

As he took out the Republic's paper, he considered to himself.

'Anyway, there are not that many doctors that are capable of achieving that level. It must be a doctor I already know.'

In his head, he thought of a list of possible suspects.

For now, he considered the medical professors he was head of at the Royal Cross hospital. Since it was a place where the most skilled doctors gathered, there was a high chance it was one of them.

'No, after hearing the Emperor's symptoms, we held many medical meetings but not a single doctor mentioned this disease. Then, is it a doctor from Rosedale Hospital?'

Rosedale Hospital was an upscale hospital for nobles. However, he shook his head.

'No, those guys only care about money and there are barely any doctors there that seriously care about medicine.'

Then the last possible candidate entered his mind.

'Rather than them... There are quite a few skilled doctors at Theresa Hospital.
Theresa Hospital was made by the Clarence family as a form of charity to help save people, but overall, the medical 'quality' was lacking compared to the other hospitals.
However, was it because they saw a lot of patients? There are, after all, still some skilled doctors there.
Doctor Goethe should know this disease. That young genius doctor, Graham, I met for a bit should also know about it. I should take my time and check with them later.'

He knew his own abilities well.

Diabetes was a mysterious disease that was still in the unknown category. There was a limit to how much he could do by himself in order to treat the Emperor.

Therefore, instead of rushing to treat the Emperor, he wanted to discuss it with the Doctor who diagnosed it just by hearing the symptoms.

'This person must be an incredibly skilled esteemed Doctor. I wonder who could it be?'




"I really wish for Imperial Father's illness to be cured."

"We (I) wish for that too."

The Emperor and Crown Prince were having a conversation as father and son.

"However, after seeing Viscount Van's reaction it seems like that child, Elise, must have been right."


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"It was only recently discovered and announced by the Francaise Republic, how did that child discover that truth?"

The Emperor mumbled as if he found this very mysterious.

"Imperial Father."

"What is it?"

"Why did you hide the fact that it was Lady Elise who told us about that illness from Viscount Van?"

The Emperor replied.

"She's going to be the Crown Princess anyway, is there any need for her to keep entangling with the medical field? In fact, I want her to come back right now from the hospital she's currently in."

The Emperor wanted Elise to become the Crown Princess not a doctor in the first place.

'The doctor title doesn't suit a girl who will be Crown Princess and later Empress.'

It wasn't as if being a doctor was a bad job.

No, even the Emperor knew that being a doctor was a worthy and respectable profession. However, the child who was going to be the Crown Princess couldn't do the job of a doctor.

"What do you think?"

"What are you talking about?"

"The marriage with Elise."

"I am simply following the commands of Imperial father."

"Really? Whether you dislike it or like it you must have your own thoughts. So how about it?"

However, the Crown Prince just answered numbly.

"I am a member of this Empire's Royalty. I think my personal feelings are not important."

At those words, the Emperor shook his head.

'To be that hard (rigid)...'

His son, Linden de Romanoff was a Crown Prince that was worthy of inheriting the throne, but it was as if his emotions have dried up and turned incredibly cold.

'How unfortunate.'

He knew what kind of heart his son lived with so he felt that it was even more unfortunate.

'Will there ever be a day where his dried up soul becomes warm?'

The Emperor changed the subject.

"However, what is going on with the Crimean Expedition?"

"The second squad is marching towards the Crimean Peninsula and is expected to reach it in a few days."

"Then what about the movements involving the Moncelle Kingdom Elise talked about?"

The Crown Prince lowered his voice and answered.

"I was just about to report regarding that..."

"What is it?"

"I have heard that a private envoy from the Francaise Empire been seen coming back and forth from the Moncelle Kingdom."


The Emperor's face stiffened.

"Are those words true?"

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"Yes, this information was double checked with the intelligence agency and is accurate."

"Then as that child predicted, there could be a high chance that Moncelle would join in as well."

"Yes, after the Envoy left, Moncelle has been showing suspicious movements. There's a large chance they will hit us from the back at our most critical moment."


The Emperor exclaimed.

"If we didn't know about this what could have happened? I, no we the Empire have received great help from that child."

He once again marveled at Elise.

If it wasn't for her advice, the army that was in the middle of the Crimean Peninsula would have been hit from the back without knowing anything.

'No, it wasn't going to end with "getting hit in the back ." It would've been a fatal injury where your hips would break and our neck would fly off.
How amazing.'

The Emperor recalled the last time he met Elise.

The modest attitude that seemed to have completely thrown away her old childish ways.

That wise insight and kind heart.

In the past, he cherished her as if she was his own niece but that day he liked her so much he felt greedy.

'I must have her as Crown Princess. I need her to quickly leave the hospital.'

After that, the Emperor and Crown Prince continue to talk about this and that of the Empire.

The Emperor made himself comfortable on his chair and asked.


"Yes, Imperial Father."

"When are you doing your next inspection?"

"I am planning to go on one soon."


This was a secret tradition and duty of those who ruled the Empire. An "Inspection" involved them disguising themselves and hiding their identity in order to blend in among the people and watch how the commoners lived their everyday lives.

"Where are you planning to inspect now?"

"I was thinking of going to Heranloe."

After Heranloe's feudalism collapse, a new wind of business flew in and a new class rose within. It was a new commoner class, the Bourgeoisie and they gathered to live there.

However, the Emperor shook his head.

"Instead of Heranloe, how about going to Pierre instead?"

"The Pierre area?"

The Pierre area was where the poorer common people gathered to live.

"I understand. I will do so. However, is there a special reason to do so?"

The Emperor gave a big smile. "Isn't Theresa Hospital there?"

"There has been no news... Elise, go see with your own eyes if she's doing well."


Elise was an official apprentice who now followed Baron Graham's back as she received his teachings. Well, it was called "teaching", but Graham wasn't teaching her new knowledge or skills.

To be more accurate, it was observational learning.

She followed him like a shadow and watched him treat patients.

Graham would sometimes look as if he just recalled her existence and would sometimes turn to look at her and throw a question.

"Do you know what this patient's illness is called?"

Elise would answer him as if he was her teacher in a polite voice.

"It is bacterial pneumonia."

"Why is that?  Are the lungs not just filled with water?"

"After examination, the patient is seen to be coughing out greenish-yellow mucus. It's highly likely that the lung sacs are filled with mucus instead of water. As such, there's a high chance it is bacterial pneumonia."

An accurate answer.

In this way, after a short talk was finished, Graham would stop caring about her and immerse himself with treatment and Elise would watch him wordlessly.

'I feel as if I went back to my medical student days.'

She thought to herself.

During her Seoul University days when she was training for practical experience as an intern, she would continuously follow her professors back like now. During that time, she would be tense as she met new patients and would often get surprised...

As she became lost in her memories she gave a small smile.

'If only my license would quickly come, I want to do my own diagnosis.'

She enjoyed watching, but she wanted to directly care for them herself. She also wanted to do surgery.

'There will be a chance.'

During that moment, her teacher, Graham, was also watching without a word.

'What in the world is this kid?'

Even if he looked like he had no interest in her he was watching her carefully without missing a single detail.

'How can this be?'

At first, he started with questions about medical knowledge, however, they were not easy questions.

You had to know exactly what was going on to give an accurate answer.

However, this girl gave an accurate answer to every question. It was as if she was answering while reading a medical textbook.

'So I raised the level of difficulty and gave questions concerning the diagnosis of the patients...'

The results were outrageous.

She gave an answer after hearing the patient's symptoms, and she was accurate, as if she was a doctor who had already worked for a long time.

She even gave answers immediately to patients he had to think about, and there were times that they didn't agree on the patient's diagnosis but after examinations, she was proven correct.

'How is this possible?'

Graham fell into chaos.

'Did she treat patients in the past?
However, there was no way that that young girl could have diagnosed and treated patients, right?
If not... then a genius?'

Sometimes people like that appear in the world. A genius of the century who could leap over age and experience.

The great alchemist Flemming was like that as well as Count Graham who, 80 years ago, redid the basics of the medical field.
(E/N: OK, so Myling said that there are TWO Grahams, Graham [Baron and Elise's mentor] and Graham [Genius Count, possible transmigrator, writer of the basics of medicine])

'I don't know. I really don't know. Is that girl that kind of genius?'

Graham let out a sigh.

He had long ago threw away the idea that a young noble lady came out to play at the hospital out of curiosity. He was just so confused by this young girl who leaped over common sense.

"Sir, what should I do next?"

After the diagnosis was over, Elise asked.

"There's nothing special planned today. You can go home."

"Yes. You have worked hard (Otsukaresama desu). I will see you tomorrow."

She gave a greeting and left.

Then it was at that moment.

"Wait, Rose."



However, Graham didn't speak right away and hesitated for a long time.


At the moment, Elise made a perplexed expression as Graham spoke in a husky voice.

"...I'm sorry."


"Until now I held extreme prejudice against you and thought you were annoying."


She was taken back by the unexpected apology that she never even thought of receiving.

"Ah, no it's nothing, Professor."

"No, I only judged you by your outward appearance and misunderstood you. I am sorry."

Unlike his first impression of her, she wasn't a spoiled noble lady.

'In fact, she is...'

He recalled what she did in the vagrant's ward. Even in Theresa Hospital they had practically isolated and ignored that ward. In what world was there a doctor who could do that much for those vagrants like her?

"Anyway, let's work well together."

She felt herself breaking out in a smile as she felt the sincerity in his apology.

"No, Professor. I will work hard from now on so please take care of me."
(Korean culture politeness)

Graham seemed to be embarrassed as he gave a few fake coughs.

"Tomorrow, don't come to this examination room but come to the critical center instead."


Elise's eyes widened.

"The critical center?"

"That's right."

The critical center, if you compared it to modern earth terms, was a place like the emergency room so they would treat patients with external injuries or in critical conditions. In other words, it was a place for serious patients to gather.