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Published at 30th of June 2019 06:25:19 PM

Chapter 200

I won’t allow this tragedy to happen again in this lifetime . I’ll make sure to give you a peaceful world . We’ll fill it with your favorite flowers, raise your favorite animals, and live a life you’ll want to live .  Leaning on XunMi’s shoulder, Ye MingYe closed his eyes too .

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The corners of XunMi’s eyes suddenly wettened with tears . Ye MingYe didn’t see them as they disappeared quickly disappeared into her long dark locks .
. . .

“Ahhhhhhh! Where did my abilities go? Tell me . Where did it go? Did you still it? Give it back! Give it back! Give it back to me!” Early in the morning, everyone woke up to screams and curses . Before they could figure out the situation, they saw a bald woman in a white dress run around crazily while pointing at everyone and repeating the same words .

No one could understand what was going on . What did they do?

XunMi woke up in Ye MingYe’s arms . She took the water glass that her husband was offering . She took some water and a pinch of salt to rinse her mouth . After a simple cleansing, she used a wet towel to wipe her face so that she could at least pass as clean .
She then leaned on the car window, watching as Ming Mei shouted and pointed everywhere .

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Ming Mei couldn’t accept the current situation . Before yesterday, she was still the person that everyone was jealous of and needed to please .  When she woke up, she had lost all her abilities .
The panic in her heart spread . Did someone find out that they could take someone else’s abilities? So they came to steal hers?

No, healing abilities could only be hers . She needed to become the person that everyone envied . Damn it, who was it? Who stole her abilities?
Ming XunMi! Yes, it was definitely her . Only she would be so shameless .  She looked everywhere, her eyes finally landing on XunMi off in the distance . She immediately charged over .

XunMi sighed . This person was definitely looking for trouble . Damn it . She didn’t even do anything . Why did the female lead always blame her when something happened?

Ling Chen grabbed Ming Mei as she almost reached XunMi . “Go away . ”

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Ming Mei bared her teeth at this tall man, her eyes filled with hatred . “Your just one of Ye ge’s dogs . What right do you have to speak to me? Get out of my way, or else I’ll have Ye ge kill you . ” The still hallucinating Ming Mei had always felt that Ye ge was hers . Even though he was with Ming XunMi right now, he’ll be by her side in the end .

Meanwhile, everyone looked at Ming Mei as if they were looking at an idiot . Where did this person get the confidence? Ye MingYe obviously had a partner already . Moreover, the two seemed to be on incredibly good terms . Everyone could see that they were in love .

Perhaps the eyes of the audience were too sharp . Ming Mei erupted . “What are you looking at? If you keep looking, I’ll carve out your eyes . ” After shouting, she returned to her warm, careful expression . And looked pitifully into the car at Ye MingYe . “Ye ge, look at them . They dare try to hold me back . ”
Pfft . Ling Chen almost threw up . “Sorry, I really can’t watch . What is this? Why is she so shameless?” Ling Chen really felt disgusted . He was willing to just hold it in when she was yelling at him . But this was too much .

XunMi glared as fists formed . Ming Mei was really more and more disgusting by the day . Looking at this kind of person made her entire body feel uncomfortable .

“MingYe, let’s go . ” She can’t fight her right now . But she could still hide from her, right?

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Ye MingYe didn’t even spare a glance in Ming Mei’s direction . Ling Chen sat in the driver’s seat as the three of them took off . Ling Chen very generously sent a small small present for Ming Mei before leaving . He laughed gleefully when he saw the person that had fallen into a hole in the ground . If you upset someone with earth abilities, you can expect to trip and fall into a hole at any time .

“Another mind energy stone . Why are there so many people with mind abilities?” Ling Chen looked at the energy stone that Ming ge had dug out while everyone else had been sleeping . Ye MingYe held up the energy stone while pondering . He hadn’t heard of this many mind ability zombies in the last life . Maybe it was because he hadn’t come on this path in his last life, so he never knew?

“Is this from Little Five?” XunMi took one look and lost interest . They were already far away from that group of people . They didn’t need to worry about them catching up .

They truly wouldn’t chase after them . After one night and one day of chaos, there were no longer many people that wanted to interact with that so-called healer . Although her ability was rare, the person herself seemed to be crazy .

Song ZiQian didn’t have the spare time to care about them . His only job was to bring them to B city . He gestured for his people to get in their cars, completely ignoring Yu WenBo’s group .
As soon as Song ZiQian’s group set off, Yu WenBo slapped Ming Mei .  “You bitch! I thought you would be useful but now? It’s all because of you . The military has cut ties with us . When we get to the base, we won’t have any stable standing!” The rest of the group didn’t step forward to stop him . Before, Ming Mei had seemed fragile and weak, beautiful and in need of support . But now… her image had been completely shattered .

Men were like that . If you lose the side of you that made them protective, they wouldn’t have much sympathy for you left .   Ming Mei hugged her head, her eyes falling in streams . Why did it become like this? This was completely different than what she imagined . No, she can’t give up . These were all tests . As long as she was able to bare through, she could still be the winner in the end . Ye ge would still be hers .

Ming XunMi will never win over her . She needed to make sure Ming XunMi suffered a fate worse than death .

“Yu ge, please give me an energy stone . My ability just weakened . It’s not gone . My energy stone hasn’t shattered so I can still restore my ability . ” Hate and unwillingness to accept the current situation made her want to keep climbing up . Even if she had to beg now .
Yu WenBo thought she was right . Restoring her abilities was their priority . Luckily, those with healing abilities could consume any type of energy stone .  This lowered the difficulty of the task, as well as increased the group’s hope .

Immediately, his attitude towards Ming Mei did a 180 twist . He carefully supported her off from the ground . He gestured for a man with glasses to go grab her things while he helped her into the car . He dusted the dirt off her clothes .
“Ming Mei, don’t blame Yu ge . I was just a little overtaken with anger just now .  I lost control . It’s all my fault . Don’t put my actions to heart . ”

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