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Published at 13th of July 2019 12:50:05 AM

Chapter 250: 250

Ch 250 There’s a Mermaid at Home (10 . 11)

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Everyone walked around with masks on . There were some that even wore black coaks to cover their silhouettes, creating a full-fledged camouflage . The space itself was not too large . Only a few hundred people would be able to fit .

On all four sides there were hidden doors, each door numbered . One could imagine only distinguished guests could occupy those spaces .

The waiter brought their group to the room labeled ‘3’ . Inside, fruits were already displayed . The pillows on the chairs were freshly plumped to provide the best viewing experience .

August sat XunMi in the middle, facing the screen in the room .

Anson and John naturally walked around the parameters of the room . After making sure there were no cameras, they took their seats .

To XunMi’s left was a remote that had options, such as ordering food . Clicking on the ‘menu’ button, however, revealed an itemized list of tonight’s auctionings . XunMi found the deep sea mermaid in there as expected . There were actually two deep sea mermaids tonight, both placed towards the end of the auction .

XunMi lightly raised an eyebrow . In the original plot, there was no mention of two deep sea mermaids . Was it because of her butterfly effect again?

“Major general, everything has been arranged accordingly . ” John checked the communications line and reported .

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August peered up at the screen without a word . John then turned his attention back to his messaging board .

XunMi curled up in August’s arms and closed his eyes . While appearing to rest, she investigated the current situation in this auction house . Would such a long lasting mysterious auction place really be so easily killed off?

In the original book, it only said that the general arrived just in time to carry the female lead away . The general didn’t make any other movements about the auction’s livelihood . She rubbed her index finger and thumb together . She diligently stretched her soul energy and scanned through the crowds . There was mental strength in this world . Some had strong mental strength, like her husband .

August was level 3S in both mental strength and physical strength . His mech was also the only 3S level mech in the empire .

When XunMi’s soul energy reached underground, her entire body stiffened . After calming down, she amalgamated her energy to thoroughly search underground . When she was sure of what she was seeing, her eyes widened with surprise . How could there be such large bugs . That was so… so disgusting . They had gray bodies, reaching a height of over ten meters, with sixteen arms waving irregularly .

She alarmingly contacted BaoBao . Why was this world consciousness so weird? After searching again with her soul energy, she couldn’t help but gasp . “Ah!”

It was actually eating people! It’s large gaping mouth was overflowing with blood as it slowly crunched down . Dark red blood splattered on body parts .

XunMi couldn’t hold back the urge to gag . What the hell was that?

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August already noticed her strange actions . But seeing her seemingly engulfed in her thoughts, he didn’t disturb her . But what was happening now?

“Mi’er, what’s wrong? What do you see?” August patted XunMi’s back . When her gagging stopped, August passed her a cup of water . XunMi gulped it down, trying to settle to nerves in her stomach .

Anson and John also stood worriedly on one side . “Are you alright?”

Her complexion had suddenly gone ghastly pale .

XunMi shook her head and tightly shut her eyes, trying to erase the image in her mind .

“I’m fine . Don’t worry . I just saw something unsettling . ” She blinked for a second . “August, have you ever seen really large, men-eating bugs?”

BaoBao had suddenly disappeared without a trace at a critical moment . She had to figure out what they were herself .

“The bug race . ” John’s face darkened with disbelief .

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August also frowned . “Mi’er, did you see a large bug eating someone?” His mermaid had seen such a disgusting image . No wonder she wanted to throw up . How dare they make Mi’er feel bad!

XunMi nodded her head . She really was dumb . Why didn’t she just use her soul energy to strangle that disgusting thing? (╰_╯)#

“No way . Norma City wouldn’t have those things . ” john was still in disbelief . He didn’t want to believe this . Anson was also in disbelief . If there were really such bugs here, then… something had definitely gone wrong with the empire’s defense . And since no one had reported such a grave problem, that could only mean that there was a traitor . They could be in the royal family or they could be in the military!

XunMi pointed to the floor . “I saw it . It’s right below us . The first timeI saw it, it was just moving it’s many legs around . Then, suddenly, it was eating someone . ” She turned and threw herself into August’s arms .

“That bug was so large, so disgusting . ” It made her want to throw up . She thought that the zombie apocalypse was disgusting enough . After experiencing that, XunMi thought that her tolerance level had increased . But, sigh, she was still that easily affected .

“Wait . You saw it? Is your mental ability higher than 2S?” Anson Eyre’s focus was different than the others . He spoke up in surprise . He thought that today was a very educational day for him . First, the iron tree August finally blossomed in love . Then, there a purebred beautiful mermaid appeared . Finally, this purebred mermaid had high mental abilities . How OP could this girl be!

If even a mermaid possessed 2S abilities, what were the men supposed to do?!

August gave a judging glance at Anson . “You are too weak . ”

The always gentle Anson finally couldn’t hold it in anymore . He was a 2S warrior too, okay? His physical strength too! How was he weak? Where was he weak? ! ! Don’t hold him back, he must hit someone .

“The auction is about to start . ” XunMi watched the screen . She wanted to know if that bug really had something to do with this auction .

“John, notify Jeremy to bring his group of militarymen and a mech group over . ”

“Anson Eyre . ” Right as August called for him . Anson Eyre immediately answered .

“I know, I know . ” Anson took a seat next to XunMi and turned to August . “Don’t worry, I’ll protect your treasure . ”

XunMi judgingly swiped a glance at Anson Eyre . “Are you sure you can protect me?” I’m just hoping when the time comes that I don’t have to protect you .

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