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Chapter 33

{T/N: in this section, XunMi is referred to as 美人, meaning beautiful lady, a lot . I’ve shortened that to just belle}

She wasn’t worried at all that this dude would faint again in some desolate corner .

No one noticed the hidden man in purple, his face filled with killing intent . He looked at the man still sitting on the floor, feeling bloodthirsty . If not for consideration of his belle, he would have already killed the person that dared touch his belle’s hand . But the future is long, there will be other chances . He brushed off the dust on his clothing, turning to leave .

Belle, you aren’t good . You can’t attract so many bees and butterflies {T/N:
招蜂引蝶 is used to mean attracting the opposite sex, flirting} .  Such a pretty flowerlike face should only be seen by me .  {T/N: he calls himself benwang, which is a term used by nobles/princes to refer to themselves}

The secret guard by the man’s side shivered, giving a moment of silence to that beautiful woman . He really didn’t know if it could be good luck or bad luck to have raised his prince’s interests .

XunMi had walked away confidently . But as soon as she exited the alleyway, she rubbed her eyes . Where the hell was this now? Someone please provide some directions .

BaoBao tried to hide himself away to the best of his abilities, afraid that his host would be out to get him again . He decided that he urgently needed to level up soon .

“Belle, is something worrying you?” While XunMi was feeling dejected, a clear yet rough voice from behind sounded . His voice was upright and honorable, while carrying a tone of light laziness .

XunMi turned and looked at the man through her muslin veil, her eyes flashing with shock . The handsome man had a pair of endlessly deep peach blossom eyes and a playful smile . More importantly, this man was very dangerous . His full aura had been hidden away . He should look flamboyant in his purple clothing, but he was able to give off an air of magnificence instead . He held in his hand a weapon purely for faking coolness: a fish bone fan inscribed with extensive drawings of majestic landscape .

“BaoBao, is is him?” XunMi asked in her heart . Thinking about how shameless that fellow was, BaoBao unwillingly responded: [He’s Host’s man . ] 

“Why are you staring at me? Have you fallen for me? What a lucky coincidence, I have fallen in love with you at first sight as well . ”

Zongzheng MuFeng waved his fan, his eyes smiling as he stepped closer towards the woman at the intersection . From the moment that he had seen her, he knew instantly that this person had walked into his heart . Now, seeing her eyes up close, he suddenly felt a sense of familiarity in his heart, as if she had gazed at him with that same pair of peach blossom eyes a hundred years ago . This thought made him feel even more urgent . He wanted her, he wanted her whole world to have him only .

XunMi curved her lips up and slightly curtsied: “So it’s An Wang . It’s a pleasure to meet you . ” The man that she had found interesting was actually her own husband . The skies really did care for her after all . The skies had seen how lost she was and immediately sent her man to rescue her .

But she wasn’t dumb . She wasn’t going to run up yelling “darling!” . This was ancient times . One small misstep could topple everything . Her reputation was already pretty bad, she couldn’t add another stroke against her own name .

Zongzheng MuFeng leaned forward, playfully saying, “Oh, then you know me? But could this belle tell me your name so that I can propose marriage to the right household?”

XunMi made a 囧 face in her head, and resisted the urge to roll her eyes .  My husband’s personality in this world is really strange . Why does he seem like a pervert that seduces good girls from good families?  _(:зゝ∠)_

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Zongzheng MuFeng’s secret guard was also stupefied . His prince seems to have been possessed . Nonono, that’s not it . He seems to have met his true love?

Over the years, countless men and women have tried to climb into the prince’s bed . All of them failed and were ruthlessly punished by the prince . Now, after just one meeting, the prince was acting so urgently . But he believed it when the prince said it was love at first sight . Hahaha, how great! Now, the prince estate will have a female master . Does that mean they don’t have to constantly face up against this eccentric prince?

“Ah! It’s the crown prince, he’s so handsome!”

“The crown prince is so outstanding, the Prime Minister’s Second Miss is really lucky . ”

“But it’s the Eldest Miss that’s more outstanding than the Second Miss, why isn’t the Eldest Miss marrying?”

“Right, I heard a servant at the Prime Minister estate say that the Eldest Miss is the pretty one . She’s also extremely nice to all the servants!”

“Well I heard that the crown prince actually likes the Eldest Miss . The Eldest Miss also likes the crown prince . But it’s just that the Eldest Miss isn’t the legitimate daughter . ”

“Hey! I also heard that . It seems like it’s that Second Miss that’s shamelessly clinging onto the crown prince . ”

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“What a shame for the crown prince . Poor Eldest Miss . ”

After the crown prince’s noisy ceremonial entrance, the mob of people stuck around to gossip, their conversation falling into the ears of those in the alleyway .

XunMi coldly laughed, “How ignorant . How pitiful . ” What the hell was that crown prince supposed to be, and what the fuck is that Wenren Yunfei? Her inner emotional rollercoaster accidentally slipped out onto her facial expressions .

In the ancient times, being caught in bed with another man was a fatal blow to a married noble woman . She was reminded of her mother that had been plotted against, reminded of how the Prime Minister estate had exiled Wenren XunMi, reminded of everyone’s malicious words, and reminded of how she felt like there was no other choice than to hang herself outside of the city .

Unfairness and hatred flourished and intertwined in her mind . Squeezed her hand into a fist, XunMi could completely understand the original body’s despair .

“Belle, don’t be angry . It’ll hurt your body . If there’s a problem, tell me . I’ll help you . ” A pair of warm hands grabbed her fingers that were digging into her own palm, blowing softly on the palm’s markings with concern as his eyes filled with viciousness . How can he permit the woman that he’s fallen for to be bullied?

XunMi sensed the strong chest behind her, her body suddenly feeling worn out .

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“Could this prince please take me in for a night?” In the moment, all she wanted was her husband’s company .

Zongzheng Mufeng pulled her entire body into his embrace . “Your wishes are my commands . However, if you enter my estate, then you are my person . Even if you regret it now, it’s too late . ”

He held her hand, turning to walk far away from the crown prince’s ceremonial entrance . XunMi obediently followed, her muslin veil hiding the smile on her lips .

An Er, who had been hiding in secret preparing to report his news, watched stunned as his shrewd, ruthless prince tenderly treated a girl . An unbelievable thought merged in his head: The prince’s estate was getting a female master?!

By the time the returned to the prince’s estates, it was already nightfall . XunMi raised her head to gaze up at the starry night, a darkness flashing in her eyes .  By this time, that scum man and woman must have already completed their wedding ceremony . She couldn’t wait for tomorrow to come .

“What are you thinking about?” Zongzheng Mufeng came over holding a fox cloak, softly draping it over XunMi’s shoulders before sitting down next to her side .

XunMi didn’t protest their closeness .   She took off her muslin veil, revealing her pretty face . Playing with the teacup in her hand, she carefreely said, “I assume Prince has become aware of my identity by now . Then, is there anything that Prince wants to say?”

Zongzheng Mufeng took the teacup out of her hands to refill it . “It doesn’t matter to me who you are . If I’ve taken a fancy to you, then even if you were a married woman I would still snatch you away . ”